Wyatt McMurtry is the cousin of Clay [1]. Wyatt also has a relationship with Georgie.

Wyatt is Casey's Nephew. Wyatt later confesses to Georgie in season 11 episode 8 that he actually has a girlfriend and he doesn't know how to tell the other girl that he no longer likes her.

Wyatt first appears in late season 10, when he and Clay bump into Georgie out on a trail ride. He then later shows up at Heartland claiming that he needed Georgie, and then asked her to go and test drive a cool car for sale. Amy lets Georgie go, saying it will take her mind off her recent break up with Adam. Georgie and Wyatt head off for a drive, and stop at a cafe. Wyatt notices a Photo Booth and him and Georgie have fun trying on the different outfits. As they were putting away the costumes, Wyatt told Georgie that he liked her and thought she was cool. Georgie responded with "you're okay.. i guess" and laughed. Wyatt then kissed Georgie and she pulled away. She starts to walk off but Wyatt stops her and says it's okay, and most girls around here would rather be with a rodeo guy like his cousin, Georgie tells him that that is not the case, and starts telling him about Adam. She then asks to put the convertibles roof up because it was so cold. Wyatt confesses that the roof wouldn't go up, he wanted to take her out so bad that he took it anyways.

The next day he shows up at heartland once again, and says to georgie that she should go for it and tell Adam how she feels, because he must be pretty fricking special.