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Tyler "Ty" Borden was Amy's husband, father of Lyndy and son of Lily Borden and Brad Borden.

Ty was abused by his stepfather Wade. He was arrested and sent to juvenile detention after attacking Wade when he was assaulting his mother, Lily Borden. For his probation, he was sent to Heartland to work. He soon began to enjoy his life there and decides to stay.

Season 1

1x01 Ty


We first see Ty when Amy is out for a trail ride, he drives fast past her close by the horses. She chases him down to berate him and he tells her Marion hired him. Jack shows Ty up to the Loft where he's be staying. He asks about the "babes". Jack warns him off Amy and Lou telling him that he's not to get within 10 feet and any part that does will be removed. Jack shows Ty the ropes of jobs around the farm. After a long day he see's Amy heading off for a party at Briar Ridge, so he takes off and crashes causing interest for Ashley. When Jesse starts to get drunk and upset Amy he punches him and she leaves to walk home. He picks her up on the way back and they start to bond. When he arrives back at Heartland Jack tells him to pack his things and leave the next morning. The next morning, he's loading his truck when Jack tells him to get to work. (Coming Home) Ty's having a hard day at work, not finding enough time to do everything alone. Amy snaps at him and gives her the cold shoulder. When working in the barn Amy and he start chatting about show jumping and she reveals that she's worried about doing it without her Mom. Ty convinces her to give it a try with Spartan. When Amy is disappointed that she won't be able to train as Spartan refuses to go in the trailer, Ty get's an idea. He starts a project in a nearby field, he gets frustrated when Mallory shows up and consistently talks. Ty takes Amy to the brand new jumping course he built for her so she wouldn't have to trailer Spartan, however he's unnerved when Clint Riley drives past them on his way into Heartland. When Amy has a dream that helps give her an idea of how to help Spartan she enlists Ty's help. They move the trailer as a bridge between the barn and the paddock, his favorite place. Ty see's his sponsorship papers and starts to apologize to Jack about everything, he reassures him that he already signed them. (After the Storm)

1x03 Ty


Ty goes to Briar Ridge to help Jack collect the net for the open house. Although, when he's there he see's a motorcycle, Ashley tells her it's his brother's bike and asks him to take her for a ride. When Amy is working with Promise she spooks and he grabs Amy to prevent her from being hurt. When they're looking intimate, Ashley arrives. She invites Ty over to hers later that night but he declines. He tries to cheer up Amy and tells her not to listen to Ashley. Amy later asks him why he went for a motorcycle ride with Ashley if he doesn't like her, she tells him that it was his favorite bike so of course he went. Mallory then grabs him for a dance. (Breaking Free) Ty is having riding lessons from Mallory. He doesn't get on well with Ben because he's not happy with how he treats his horse and the fact he doesn't do any work. He talks to Amy about intervening when Ashley arrives and offers Ty a job at Briar Ridge. He's upset when Amy mentions his probation to Ashley, but tells her he might take the job as both places aren't actually different, they both are in it for the money. Val calls Ty about the job, the next day he goes to Briar Ridge and Ashley shows him around. He asks her is the probation is a problem and she assures him it's fine. On his way back to Heartland he finds Red and rides him back. He has another go at Ben and points out the marks on Red from how he treats him and if he really cared should treat him better. He asks Jack to call Clint Riley so that he can change jobs to Briar Ridge. He later packs up his truck and leaves. (Taking Chances)

1x05 Ty


Ty joins Ashley at Maggie's and sees the new commercial for Briar Ridge. When he's working Jack comes by and tells him that Val will need to take over as his sponsor now he's working there, and he seems upset. When jack returns with his papers for Val he chats to Amy when Ashley interrupts and invites her and Ben to her field party at the weekend. Ty is furious with Ashley when Val fires him for being a criminal because she told him it was sorted. He turns up at the party and ignores her initial flirty to ask why she lied, she tells him that Val wouldn't have hired him if she knew. Amy finds him at the party and asks why he left Heartland, he tells her it was because she told him to leave. He goes back to Heartland to pick up his helmet that Mallory gave him and Amy tells him to stay. (The Best Laid Plans) Ty isn't happy when Carl has to share the loft while he's there. He's trying to get to sleep at night at Carl's being noisy saying he's on vacation, annoying Ty more. When Carl proposes to Lou and finds the ring gone he starts checking the loft. Then he starts to check Ty's things upsetting him that they don't trust him, but Lou defends him. (One Trick Pony)

1x07 Ty


Ty is, reluctantly, helping put together Ben's new jumping course. When Amy goes to check on Melody in the middle of the night, Ty is already there. He suggests taking shifts, but they end up both staying there together. Jack invites Ty on the round-up he's going on. Ty get's really excited and asks Mallory for some more secret riding lessons. As they're leaving, Amy gives him one of Jack's old hats so he looks the part for the round-up. When they get to the round-up Ty recognizes the trail boss, Tim, from the open house. He stays with Jack and teases him when he goes off the path to try and find more cows. Jack asks Ty to stay with some cows while he gets a straggler. He's trying to impress Jack and hears another cow just off by a river, but he falls and his horse bolts. Jack comes back and finds him and they set up a camp in the woods. Ty starts to get freaked out by the wild animal noises when Tim appears with their horse. Tim helps bandage Ty's ribs and offers them both sandwiches, but Jack declines. When Jack and Tim end up arguing and then fighting he gets confused and Tim admits who he is. The next morning, they get back to the group , Ty thanks Tim for his help last night. Jack tells him that he isn't happy that they have become friends, but tells him he can keep the hat because he earned it. When they arrive back at Heartland he tells Lou about the fight between Tim and Jack. He finds Amy and talks to her about her dad and that if it was him he'd try and get to know him if he was so close by. (Come What May) Ty help Jack by fixing his truck, while doing so Mallory rambles about telling the people you like how you feel before it's too late. She looks as though she's about to tell Ty how she feels but backs out. He tries to help Amy with Gallant Prince until he gets charged by him and Amy helps clean him up. They have a nice moment when he tells her to see her dad. He drives Amy to Ryan's house, for her to try to get through to him again. When she comes back to the truck she looks upset, she tells Ty that she told Ryan about her mum and she starts to cry remembering what happened. Ty comforts her and tells her that he's there for her and that he wish he knew her before. They almost kiss but Amy pulls away, scared that things will change between them. He later, overhears Amy giving Ryan advice about things changing for the better and he tells her to take her own advice. When they are listening to Lou read out the article about them from the paper he talks to Amy and tries to convince her to give people as many chances as she does horses. (Out of the Darkness)

1x09 Ty


Ty find a letter in the mail regarding a visit from Clint. He gets nervous and shows it to Amy who tries to calm him down. When they leave the barn he sees Kerry-Anne looking for him, she runs up and kisses him. They talk about the last time they saw each other, she was running off to LA with her boyfriend. She tells him that they broke up but she kept is car and now has a job at Briar Ridge she goes to leave and her car fails to start. Ty tells her he'll fix it when Mallory tells them dinner is ready. Kerry-Anne begins to tell everyone how they met and Ty looks uncomfortable. They lived in the same group home when they were younger. After dinner, Kerry-Anne follows Amy to the barn to wind her up and tell her Ty will never stick around. He overhears and takes her back to Briar Ridge. Kerry-Anne tells Ty about how she swindled $20 out of Maggie's He's disgusted at her behavior and that Soraya is Amy's best friend. He drops her off at Briar Ridge and she kisses him, Ty stops it and leaves. The next day, Ty goes to Maggie's to pick up supplies and see's Ashley with a new necklace. When he gets back to fixing Kerry-Anne's car when Amy comes in to tell him about the rumors being spread about him at the Diner, he wants Amy to believe him. He goes to talk with Jack to see if he can put a good word in with Clint on his visit. Ashley turns up at Heartland, furious believing Kerry-Anne and Ty stole her necklace. He rushes off on his bike to find her. Kerry-Anne's car has broken down and he bargains with her that he will put in the new starter for the necklace. He arrives back just in time to see Clint then takes the necklace back to Ashley. (Ghost from the Past) Amy and Ty are out looking for the mustangs when they stumble across Wes at Big River, who kicks them off the property. At dinner, Scott invites Jack to help with the mustangs and he brings Ty along to help. He talks to Amy about her jumping and understands she's under a lot of pressure to jump with Spartan when everyone knows about the accident. He encourages her to try and helps her practice. When he and Jack get to Big River he tells the others that when him and Amy were there they saw more horses than there are now. When Wes shows up and starts beating the horses, Ty steps in and starts a fight to protect innocent things being hurt. Jack steps in to defend him and takes him back home. Jack starts to complain that the jobs around the ranch haven't been done, Ty takes the blame as he was out all day. They get interrupted when Amy calls for back up with the mustangs at the feed lot. When they get there Amy is in danger so Ty and Jack starts a fight, it's only broken up when Lou fires a shot into the air. Tim finds Ty at Maggie's to tell him he's fired Wes. (Born to Run)

1x11 Ty


Ty is intent on impressing Tim so practices roping...Mallory. Tim arrives and brings a horse, Payback, for Amy to work with, a cutting horse that's scared of cows. When they go out after lunch he ropes Mallory into helping him. He goes to the Vanderhavens' place and steals a dairy cow, he ties it up with Payback so they can learn to get to know each other. Amy sees him when she gets back and goes to sit with him. She likens them to the cow and horse, they need to just be with each other to get to know each other not talk about it. (Thicker Than Water) Ty is enjoying coach Amy and Spartan. When Ashley arrives, she invites them both to an after party at hers after the school formal. He later talks to Amy about the formal and asks if she wants to go with him, she agrees. At Ashley's after party she starts bragging about her jumping and coaches so Ty rises to it and tells her and Ben that he's coaching Amy. They leave and head to Maggie's when Maggie gets a call about the barn fire. They rush back to Heartland to see Jack being taken to hospital. Mallory arrives the next morning in shock, she asks if they know how it happened and Ty leads her into the barn. He asks if she used the heater last night, she's adamant she didn't and gets upset and runs off. When Jack ends up back in hospital he tries to comfort Amy when she gets upset about what might happen. The phone rings and she's too scared to answer it. He picks up and delivers the news that Jack's awake and he's going to be OK. Once the barn is re-built he and Amy are putting the horses back in she agrees to let him be her coach. (Rising from Ashes)

1x13 Ty


Jack reminds Ty that Clint is coming at the end of the week, he tells him he'll be there for support and gives him a letter that came for him from his dad. Amy tells Ty about Ashley blackmailing her to help with Apollo or Ben will take the jumps away. Ty's against her helping the competition but she goes anyway. He starts to become frustrated that Amy isn't sticking to his training schedule which leads to an intimate moment between the pair. Clint arrives and tells Ty he's passed his probation and wishes him luck for the future. Amy's happy for him and admits that she'd getting nervous about the pressure of winning the Fall Finale. He takes her out to the jumping course he built for her to remind her it's not about winning she and Spartan love jumping. After Mr. Mallen shows up Ty helps support Amy and gives her tips to make a tough jump and Amy wins. Amy and Ty are in the barn celebrating when he tries to talk to her about his dad but can't find the words. They agree that talking's overrated and they kiss passionately. Jack walks in and wants to talk to Ty, he tells him that now his probation is finished he can leave but he can stay and he wants him to think of Heartland as his home. Ty shows Jack the letter from his dad and explains he's thinking about going to see him. Amy tries to find him later to find his things gone from the loft and only his cowboy hat and a letter remains. (Coming Together)

Season 2

2x01 Ty


Ty is walking through the streets when two guys grab him to beat him up, he manages to get away and the chase him on motorcycles. He manages to get away and they find him again telling him to pass on a message to his dad that he pays them back the money or either he or Ty is dead. He calls Jack for help who turns up while he's being beaten up again and jumps in to help him. Jack drives him back to Heartland and he tells Ty that the loft and his job are still there for him. They arrive back and Mallory runs and hugs him glad he's back while Amy doesn't have any words for him being gone for 4 months. She goes inside and Ty see's Ghost in the pen, they share an instant connection as Amy watches from her bedroom window. (Ghost Horse) Ty wakes in the Loft hearing a commotion outside with Amy and Caleb trying to wrangle Ghost. He tries to help but Amy gives him the cold shoulder. He takes Spartan out to the pen to exercise him when Caleb tries to ask about him and Amy. He tells Caleb that he will take advice about horses but not about Amy. He's out watching Ghost and is able to talk to Amy, he tells her that he can hear a mate that's why Ghost doesn't want to stay. He talks to Scott when working with Ghost and he explains that Ghost doesn't like Amy because mustangs don't like mares being in charge. Jack later gives Ty his cowboy hat back, telling him he found in in the rubbish. Amy tries again with Ghost and Ty helps her out when he charges her knocking her over. Caleb shows them both his gentling method, tying up a leg to get them to the ground. He believes it's harsh and tells Amy to let Ghost go. Caleb later goes to Ty, when Amy's not around, and tells him he believes they should let Ghost go. Amy rushes in to find Ty when she realizes Ghost is gone, he tells her he let him go and she goes after him. Caleb arrives and undermines Ty by offering his help to find him. When jack is looking for Caleb, Ty tells him about Ghost and Jack explains that it was a bad idea to let him go because ranchers will shoot him, he'll have to get far before he's safe. They go to help him move on by shooting, Amy isn't happy with it but she heads home and lets them help Ghost. When he gets back Amy finally talks to him and asks why he never called while he was away, he can't give a reason and she walks away. (Letting Go)

2x03 Ty


When Amy returns from her show he congratulates her and she tells him about the plan to join the A-Circuit. He becomes concerned at the level of commitment and offers to help out with her chores but dismisses him insisting they managed for 4 months while he was gone. When Amy is up late studying and wakes up late for school, she goes to the barn and finds that Ty has already helped do her morning chores. Caleb is concerned about Shorty when he gets injured, Ty tries to help by telling him about the things Amy can do to help. Caleb dismissed them and Ty starts to get frustrated at him underestimating her. Caleb goads him and they start to fight, promptly being broken up by Jack. After Amy decides to stop show jumping, she tells Ty that she's decided to let Nick jump Storm but soon realises that seeing someone else jump him would hurt too much so let's Nick buy him. (Gift Horse) Ty helps out on the cattle drive, taking the Dude Ranch horses for a test drive. He gets jealous when he see's Amy spending time with Caleb. He starts struggling with his horse, Betty, and Amy circles back to help him out. She checks her over and quickly realizes that she is blind. She tells him that as Betty is sticking with Slick if they keep them together they'll be fine. Ty later tells her that she can catch up with Caleb if she wants, inadvertently making her feel bad for spending time with Caleb when he left for 4 months and didn't call, she goes off ahead. In the evening, Ty finds Amy and finally tells her about what happened with his dad. He tells her that his dad was in and out of prison while he was growing up, but he would teach him magic tricks which he enjoyed. Brad told him he got a new job in Vancouver, which turned out to be a lie. They moved to Calgary and Ty got a job and brad spent all his money on a poker game. Amy is upset that he was so close and didn't say anything, he tells her that the one thing he wanted to say she didn't want to hear. She kisses him. This makes him late for his shift with the cows, he shows up and Caleb gives him grief for being late. He then goads him telling Ty he's going to go and see Amy, leading to another fight between the pair accidentally letting the cows out. After the cows have been rounded up Jack asks them what happened had they make excuses. He also asks about their injuries which they blame on the cows. In return, jack gives them the job of staying up all night to make sure the cows don't get out again. They get back to Heartland and tells Lou that it was "the best cattle drive ever." (Dancing in the Dark)

Ty 2x05


Ty is taking horses to the Dude Ranch when he spots someone, Kit Bailey, naked down by the pond. They appear to be flirty with each other and he leaves. He tells Amy how excited he is for them to have the house to themselves tomorrow when they leave for the trail ride, he offers to make dinner for them both when Caleb interrupts them. He's disappointed when he learns Amy is going on the trail ride. Mallory asks for help setting up the ground poles, he reminds her that Amy has taken Copper for the trail ride so suggests she help him in town. She declines and takes Spartan jumping without Amy's permission. She then takes him out and loses him and finds him grazing on a recently sprayed road. When Mallory spots Spartan lying down she rushes to get Ty for help. He asks her what happened and she confesses she lost him on the road by Big River. He starts to panic realizing that he has pesticide poisoning, he goes through Amy's mother's journals and finds what they need to do. He immediately starts mixing charcoal and water. Kit arrives looking for Caleb and joins them help Spartan. They try to get him to drink the mixture and Caleb arrives and helps. The next morning, Scott checks Spartan out and tells them they did the right thing and Spartan should be OK. He thanks Kit for helping and they get chatting. (Corporate Cowgirls) Ty goes with Amy to exercise Pegasus and Spartan, she asks him about Kit and he tells her that she is a friend of Caleb's. After meeting Mark, Ty believes he's hiding something. He helps Amy work with Venture and tries to build up his resistance of water. When Jack makes Ty go on a supply run Amy tells him that she and Caleb managed to get Venture across the stream. When Amy learns more about mark she shows Ty the article about mark and the accident with his brother at Sheep River. She, Ty and Mark go to the river but Mark becomes furious and leaves. When mark comes to pick up Venture Amy gets him to do join up, when he refuses Ty goads him into doing it, which proves successful. After Mark leaves Amy thanks Ty for his help and he suggests celebrating with a movie but is disappointed when she declines. (Holding Fast)

Ty 2x07


Ty is teaching Amy to drive, when they're out she tells him that she's team roping with Caleb. Outside Maggie's he runs into Caleb who goads him into trying the mechanical bull. He does well and Amy is impressed, they start to get close and Caleb gets jealous so interrupts and asks Amy to join him for roping practice. Ty and Amy go out for another driving lesson and she tells him that Caleb ditched her. He asks what her plan is and she asks for his help. They practice roping together and Caleb tells her he changed his mind and leave to sign her up. At the rodeo Ty asks Tim about bull riding. After Amy and Caleb come in 3rd, he congratulates her and is left disappointed when she seems more interested in watching Caleb. He decides to take on the bull while everyone else gets worried he'll get hurt or killed. Everyone congratulates him except Amy who is still concerned. At the party, Ty and Caleb sit and have a drink together talking about the buckle Caleb won and Ty's decision to ride the bull. Amy tells Ty that he didn't have to ride a bull to impress her and they laugh. Amy is annoyed when Kit interrupts and drags Ty away. They stumble upon Amy and Ashley's crash and he and Kit help them out. The next morning Jack asks what happened and as Amy is about to tell him the truth when Ty jumps in and takes the blame. Later, Jack hands Ty one of his old buckles, telling him he earned it and that his dad and Lyndy started to take him seriously after he won that one, giving him hope. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Ty finds Mallory sleeping out on the bench, due to the heat, so creeps up on her at 2 am to make her jump. They are shocked when they see a truck pulling into Heartland. He's surprised to see his dad, Brad get out of the truck and tell them it's full of sick horses. Jack offers to throw Brad out if he wants, he declines stating it's something he needs to do. Brad tries to apologize to Ty about what happened in Calgary. Ty Tells him about the guys that beat him up due to the stolen money. Brad tells him that if he'd have known he wouldn't have left Calgary. Ty blames him and says it's the same as he did when he was younger, leaving him to get beaten up by Wade. Brad tries to convince Ty he's changed by bringing the horses here but Ty's still not sure. Ty talks to Amy, she asks him how it's going with his dad. He tells her about how Brad's convinced he's changed but he hasn't. Ty prepares to go into town for supplies and Brad jumps into his truck adamant about going with him. Ty finishes up at Maggie's and Brad is determined to stay and order a drink with Ty. Kit arrives and he calls her over, seeing that she and Ty know each other. He introduces himself to her and she sits with them to have some ice cream. When Brad goes to pay Ty tells Kit to take the opportunity to run. She admits that she was happy to bump into him since he didn't call her after the rodeo. He tells her that he doesn't have her number so she gives it to him and leaves. Amy and Ty talk and he tells her that it's been a weird day as he spent it with his dad and it wasn't a bad day. He stumbles upon brad in the barn checking on the horses, Brad wants to name one of the horses Lily, after Ty's mum, he's not sure about it. Brad admits that he can't stop thinking about how everything went wrong when Ty was younger and Ty comes round. Brad tells Ty that he doesn't want forgiveness but just wants to be a part of his life. He invites Ty to go with him on a run to see the Grand Canyon, Ty isn't sure at first but says he'll think about it. The next morning, Ty talks to Brad and says he'll go with him to the Grand Canyon one day. When Ty's asleep in the loft, he wakes to the sound of a truck starting and driving away. Amy tries to talk to him about his dad leaving but he refuses. Lou bursts out of the barn to announce that Brad also took the $2,000 for the horses and Ty takes off in his truck. Ty sits silently with Kit, she tries talking to him since he sounded upset when he called her. They sit quietly holding hands. Jack gives Ty a letter that's arrived for Ty. He opens it and finds a postcard from the Grand Canyon saying "I Promise". Amy tells Ty that she doesn't pity him, she cares about him. He admits that he's worried he's like his dad, she tells him he isn't because he came back. They hear the rain start pouring so rush outside to enjoy it, they kiss and Ty tells her he's not willing to hurt her. (Summer's End)

Ty 2x09


When one of Stumpy's cows wanders onto Heartland's field, Amy takes it back. Ty offers to help but she refuses. He goes to help anyway and tries to apologize for the other night, but Amy doesn't want to hear it. Ty and Jack go to help Caleb when he crashes his truck into a ditch. Jack tells them about Paul Bailey, Kit's dad, had cows stolen the previous night. Ty goes to see Kit concerned about her, she tells him that they had 50 head stolen and she's now out checking fences to make sure no more get stolen, Ty tries to comfort her. Amy sorts out the schedules for Ty and Caleb to make sure all the work gets done when she goes back to school, she talks to him about it and he's annoyed that she's been talking to Caleb not him, admitting he was wrong the other night. He joins the others saying goodbye to Mallory, when she heads off to boarding school, she can't control herself and kisses Ty. Realizing she's mortified she declares she can now never return. Ty sees Caleb kiss Amy later in the barn, seeing her potentially moving on. He sits with Kit in his truck talking about studying and online school. She tells him that she spoke to Amy who said there was nothing happening between her and Ty, and they kiss. Ty goes over to Big River to swap with Caleb and they both sit for a while watching the cattle. Caleb starts talking about Amy, much to Ty's jealousy, when they spot the rustler truck pulling onto the field. They have no signal so they can't call the police, they come up with a plan to get to their trucks without being seen. They spot Spartan running across the field and he gets scared for Amy. They find her being marched through the woods with a rustler pointing a gun at her. They go to help her and distract the rustler telling her to run. they manage to get free to see Tim getting shot by protecting Amy. (Showdown!) Ty and Kit are happy together and organize the new horse, Boxer into his stall. Kit leaves and teases him about his hat. Ty suggests that Amy call Caleb because he's acting weird and hasn't been at work. Ty checks on Boxer and tells Amy that it doesn't seem like he's settling in, she calls his owner to come and visit. Ty picks him up at brings him to Heartland, he causes concern when he starts to become confused and thinks Amy is his daughter Ruth. Kit drags Ty outside and gives him a present, a new hat. He defends his old one but she's adamant he should accept the new one. (True Enough)

Ty 2x11


Lou hands out confidentiality agreements to everyone for the new guest at the Dude Ranch, famous actress - Mindy Fanshaw. Ty and Caleb bond over their mutual appreciation of Mindy's work. Ty tells Amy that he's going to see Kit, both pretending they are OK with it. Mindy overhears and is convinced that they like each other. The next morning, Ty sees Mindy coming out of the outhouse. They she starts talking to him and trying to play him to try and get him to show her affection. He doesn't and she gets bored quickly. He tells Amy that he's not happy she has been talking to Mindy about them, and tries to warn Amy of her. Mindy asks Caleb and Ty to take her to Mustang Meadow, Ty tells her Amy will be back from school soon and then can go but refuses to wait so Caleb takes her. When they tack up Pegasus Ty warns them Amy won't be happy but Caleb takes them anyway. Amy returns from school and asks where Pegasus is and Ty tells her that Mindy and Caleb took him on a ride. (Starstruck!) Ty sees Diva Girl and Amy tells him about her, he helps to separate Diva and Spartan when they become an issue for each other. Amy and Ty work together with Diva, Amy tells him that she has missed them working together and he agrees, when Caleb interrupts to tell Amy he'll got o the wedding with her. Amy later, brings a stubborn Diva into the barn as Kit drops Ty off at Heartland, Amy becomes jealous and Diva bites her. Ty helps treat her wound and tries to convince her to tell Lisa that she can't work with her. Amy refuses and says she wants to help her. The next day Amy works with Diva again, as Kit drops Ty off, Amy becomes jealous again and Diva starts to act up as if enjoying the misery. Caleb and Ty watch Amy with Diva, Caleb suggests turning her out so she can enjoy being a horse. Reluctantly, Amy turns her out and Diva seems happier. Caleb invites Amy to Maggie's later with him, Ty and Kit. At Maggie's they talk about Diva Girl the Divorce Horse and Caleb brags about being the one to fix her as turning her out was his suggestion, when he gets a call from Ashley and leaves the group. Ty enjoys the wedding with Kit, although has a few looks between him and Amy. (Divorce Horse)

Ty 2x13


Ty helps Amy work with a new client horse, Acorn who's scared of noises. Mallory arrives shouting and spooks him, she's happy to see Amy and Ty together. When they hear a nearby explosion he, Amy and Mallory go looking and find Bedford Oil testing their land and that they've broken their fence. Ty is determined to go over but Amy stops him after the showdown with the ranchers. Amy and Ty finish working with Acorn and he comforts her when she tells him that she and Caleb have ended things. (Seismic Shifts) Ty works on his truck with Amy and Kit, when Clint arrives he covers up who is not wanting to tell Kit about his probation. Ty and Amy go to the Dude Ranch and are surprised to see a chair on fire. They put it out but there's no sign of the kids until they steal his truck. When Clint has an allergic reaction to nuts, he tells Ty to help with the kids as he's his poster boy for success. While Mallory gives Badger a riding lesson, Tara talks to Ty and Amy she tells them that she doesn't want to ride and isn't a fan of Mallory's. Ty finds Badger smoking by the barn and tells him to stop, when he flicks the butt at him Ty grabs him up against the door Amy has to break them up. She asks him what's going on and he gets angry saying that he's not an expert because he had a problem when he was younger. Tara finds Ty fixing his truck and tries to engage him in conversation, they talk about music and she tries to find out what he did to get on probation, he remains tight lipped. When they hear a commotion with the horses they arrive to see Badger releasing the horses. While Amy goes to round them up, he goes to tell off Badger who grabs a nearby hook and starts swinging at him. Tara manages to calm him down, just in time for Jack to arrive and ask what's going on. Ty tells him that he has it under control. Jack asks Ty again what's going on and he tells him that it will be better when the kids leave. Jack confesses he felt the same way about him but he proved everyone wrong. Ty studies with Kit at Maggie's, she tries to get him to stop since it's Saturday and asks him why he never finished High School the first time. He tells her that he wasn't a good student but she doesn't believe him. When he seems disinterested Kit tells him that with mats you can always find the answer but Ty always leaves her with more questions. At night, Amy finds Ty by the fire at the Dude Ranch, she asks again what's going on. He finally confesses that Clint believes he's the poster buy and Amy tries to justify that Clint's proud of him. Ty finally confesses how he got onto probation, he was beating up and nearly killed his stepdad, repaying him for everything he did when he was younger.He doesn't think that he's changed that much because he would do it again if he could. Amy ties to cheer him up by telling him that she's happy Clint brought him here. In the morning, Ty's shouting because he can't find Badger, he and Amy head off to find him. Ty finds him in a nearby lake, having fallen off his horse. He tries to help him but he refuses telling Ty to leave him alone. Badger tells Ty that he thinks it's too late for him and no one cares but Ty convinces him that Tara would care if he spoke to her. Ty and Jack tell Clint that Badger went for a smoke and got lost taking a spill on his way back. Clint's happy that the weekend was a success and tells them he'll bring more kids in the future. Amy finds Ty in the Loft watching Tara and Badger, she asks him why he never told her about his stepdad and he admits he's never told anyone. They hug. (Do or Die)

Ty 2x15


Ty shows Amy the horse, Money, that Kit has given him to re-home for her. He asks her if she has any history on him and tells him Money used to be a chuck wagon horse. Ty tells her he's excited to go with her to the rodeo this weekend, Kit tells him that Amy and Caleb are also going, to Ty's surprise. Jack tells Ty about the Hudson Derby race, Tim cheated and won the race. Jack tells Ty that his knee is stiff but he's still determined to beat Tim, he tells him that he's going to work his horse slowly so he doesn't peak before the race day. After Jack takes his horse out for a training session, Ty finds him near Heartland walking his horse back, he tells Ty that the horse is the problem and needed a break. Ty offers to walk the horse back and Jack can drive. Scott comes by to vet Money, he tells Ty that he's in good condition and finds a tattoo showing that he's an ex-racehorse. Scott tells him to check his stats before getting Jack's hopes up. Ty checks Money's stats online and is surprised by what he finds. He tells Jack who gives him a trial run, almost flying off the back of him when he takes off. Jack and Ty agree to work together to condition Money ready for the race. Scott helps advise Ty on feed at Maggie's they stay for some pie and coffee when Kit arrives. He breaks it to her that he can't go to the rodeo this weekend as he made a promise to Jack. Kit thinks it's convenient that both he and Amy have cancelled on the rodeo this weekend and walks off. Amy sees Ty feeding Money "the good stuff" and they both tease each other about helping the competition and learn that they are both staying this weekend. On race day, Ty advises Jack that he come from behind as that's how Money's won his previous races, Jack refuses saying he likes to get the lead early. Lou tries to make Amy be the spotter for the halfway marker but since she's been helping Tim Jack's against it so both her and Ty go to keep each other honest. When they arrive at the marker they lose communication via the radios and Ty teases Lou about being the most competitive, Amy says she's more competitive so they put it to the test with a play fight. They get close again and almost kiss as they hear the rumble of hoof beats and quickly jump out the way as the racers run through almost trampling them. (Dark Horse) Ty's with Kit in the barn and they both apologize for being jealous and make up. Amy arrives putting Spartan in the barn, he asks if she wants him to turn him out but she's determined to keep him in the barn. Amy wakes in the middle of the night and rushes out to check on Spartan and is devastated to find him gone, she shouts up to wake Ty who comes down to see him gone. Amy and Ty go to another auction he tells her that maybe it's time to stop but Amy's adamant he'll be back. Amy spots a horse that could be Spartan, when she goes to check she realizes it's not him. Ty tells her that maybe she should buy another horse but she refuses as she has Spartan. Ty spots a horse nearby that he likes the look of, he goes to check him out. Amy and Ty watch the auction when Harley is brought out and Ty starts bidding. Amy is shocked and reminds him that he's saved his money for a motorcycle but he wins the bid and buys Harley. Amy walks off as another horse is bought out and Ty runs after her when he realizes it's Spartan and is bought by Wes. Ty goes to the stall and Wes arrives and starts a fight, Amy arrives with the brand inspector having told him the situation. He tells her that without the bill of sale he can't help and Wes takes Spartan. Ty punctures his tires to stop him from leaving, Wes becomes angry and says he'll pick up Spartan later. Amy and Ty arrive home with Harley and Jack tells them that he can't get an identity on the seller. He tells them that Wes is out of prison on good behavior. Ty tells Jack and Lou that he bought Amy a colt to help take her mind off Spartan, Jack tells him that he knows his heart was in the right place but can't just replace him, she needs time. He later finds Amy in the barn, she's crying and tells him that Spartan was the last link to Marion that she had so now it feels as though he's dead too. She cries in Ty's arms as he comforts her. Ty finds Wes and offers to pay double what he bought, triple but he refuses causing a fight to erupt between the two. Ty finds Amy gathering tools in the barn and tells her that the cut came from Wes, he got a favor from Clint to find out where he was. He then sees that Amy has tools, binoculars and a flashlight, she lies saying she's fixing fences but he knows that she plans to get Spartan back. After trying to get her to change her mind, he finally offers to go with her and they agree to leave at 9:30pm. Amy waits anxiously in her bedroom at 9 pm, when she hears a truck leaving and sees that Ty left without her. Ty sneaks around the auction house when Amy grabs him, startling him, angry that he left without her. He tries to tell her that it's too risky and convince her to leave but she refuses. They break into the barn and try to get Spartan, he's spooked and refuses, when Wes arrives they jump out the stall and hide. They overhear Wes and Dutch saying that he's late to meet him, as they leave to load the other horses Amy and Ty jump up to get Spartan. They realize he's spooked by the flashlight, when they turn it off they manage to wrangle Spartan but the barn door is bolted. Ty stays with Spartan while Amy goes to open it, he gets caught by Wes and arrested. Jack drives Ty back in silence, Ty asks him to say something but he tells him he won't like what he wants to say. Jack and Ty arrive at Heartland, Jack is furious, Amy apologizes and takes the blame from Ty. Jack shouts that they could have both been arrested and Ty could be facing jail with serious criminals. Amy apologizes to Ty and he admits that he would do it again and he'd do anything for her. Amy and Ty figure out that Wes stole Spartan so that he could re-buy him to legitimately own him, they tell Jack but he order them to leave it to the "grown ups". He brings Spartan home and Amy and Ty are thrilled. Jack announces that he spoke to Rodriguez and after 2 months of community service Ty's file will "disappear". (The Ties That Bind)

Ty 2x17


When Amy limps back into the barn with Spartan after a ride, Ty asks what happened. She tells him that approaching a branch to jump Spartan stopped causing her to go flying. He tells her about a new client horse coming in and she gets annoyed, she feels she can't fix her own horse so has lost confidence in fixing other horses. Ty starts talking to her about it and thinks the problem is more with her, when she was riding previously she was leaning back and jerking her reins, which she refuses to believe. Amy tells him that Spartan is scared after he was taken in the middle of the night with him asleep upstairs, being blamed he walks away. Ty starts working with Harley, Jack offers to help but as it's his first horse Ty tells him he wants to do it alone. Mallory watches him and asks if he's happy now Caleb's gone. Ty tells her he is, she goes on to ask when he's going to break up with Kit which he doesn't justify with an answer. As Amy leaves for Victor's Ty hides in the barn until after she's left. Mallory tells Lou that they both need sorting out as they're being too stubborn. When Ty and Kit are preparing trail ride horses, Lou runs in and tells them that they don't need all the horses and don't need their services. She explains that there's only one guest that's rented out all cabins and has requested total privacy so they're not to go down there. Kit's happy they have free time now and suggests they do something together, Ty instead tells her he wants to work with Harley some more, Kit tags along telling him she'll help. Kit shows Ty her method, she ties a soft rope around Harley's neck and leg so that he can't kick or walk off that way they can do what they want. Ty's not keen as it seems cruel and Kit takes it personally that he's choosing Amy's method over hers and storms off. Ty's working with Harley when Jack arrives back from Victors, Ty tells him that Harley doesn't listen to him and is disappointed that he won't be broke by the time "she" gets back. Jack realises that he wants to impress Amy, he advises him to take his time. Ty manages to mount Harley but then starts to buck and he's thrown, much to jack's amusement. The next day, Ty works with Harley again as is able to ride him, Jack praises him and tells him that he's gained Harley's trust but still has a lot to teach him. Ty sits nervously in the Loft looking at a picture of Amy on his phone when Kit arrives. She apologises for what happened and tries to kiss Ty but he backs off. As he tries to find the right words, Kit realises he's breaking up with her and guesses it's because of Amy. He's adamant it's not and says they should be friends. Kit gets angry that he was leading her on and storms out. Ty goes to Victor's and picks up Amy. When she asks why he came he tells her that he needed to talk to her and it couldn't wait. Amy takes him to the spirit wheel and as he tries to tell her that he wants more that he doesn't want them to be friends, Amy cuts him off telling him that something with her has changed and she knows that no matter what they'll be ok. (Full Circle) Ty tells Jack about some bad snowfall nearby, he tells him that the wild horses are starving up near the Fishing Cabin, Amy overhears and insists on going. When Jack says no, she organises with Ty to go up there without telling him. When Mallory starts to stick her nose in about his love life now he's split up with Kit, he deflects by telling her to focus on her own love life since Jake is coming by. At dinner, Mallory teases Ty by telling everyone she wants to spill a secret and then tells them that he's graduated High School finishing in the top 10%. After everyone leaves Amy asks him why he was being secretive, he assures her Mallory just told them before he had a chance to. The next day, Amy and Ty prepare to go when Jack tells them that after talking to Scott agrees they should go up there. Ty and Amy are elated, until Jack tells them he's going too. After Jack has to change the plans and stay, Amy and Ty prepare to leave and Jack tells Amy to set up the radio when they get there to communicate. Amy and Ty arrive at the fishing cabin, they begin unloading hay when Amy asks if he was going to tell her about Kit. He assures her there's nothing to tell and asks about Caleb. Amy tells him that she's heard nothing from him but Ashley has. They have dinner and celebrate Ty's diploma, but Ty hasn't eaten much. Amy asks about what he said when he picked her up form Victor's about not being friends. He tells her that he can't just be friends but now he has his diploma it's the first time in his life he has choices. He tells Amy that he's been talking to Scott who said he can intern/apprentice with him, she asks about them and he tells her it's up to her. They hear horses outside and go out to watch, Ty's not looking so good and points out Ghost, Amy can't see him and Ty starts to become disoriented and passes out. Amy manages to get him inside and notices he has a fever, he tries to get up saying he can drive but Amy manages to stop him. Amy looks after him and managed to radio through to Jack and tell him what's going on, he tells her that the road's closed and they'll have to stay put. In the morning, Amy wakes up and tells Ty he looks better and that his fever has broken. As she goes to maintain the fire he watches her end early and tells her that she's beautiful. They go outside and watch the horses, and see Ghost with his mare and foal. Ty approaches him and Amy's able to get close. Amy tells him that they could be friends but she wants more than that since she's in love with him, he also declares his love and they share a kiss. Amy and Ty are able to get back to Heartland by following a Bedford Oil plough. Ty's sitting in front of the fire and Jack goes to talk to him, he reminds him what he said before about getting near his granddaughters and reminds him not to kiss and run this time. Amy joins Ty on the sofa as they're about to kiss they're interrupted by Mallory. Amy checks that Ty wasn't delirious when he said he loves her and they both confirm their love for each other and kiss. (Step By Step)

Season 3

Ty 3x01


Amy finds Ty and they kiss before Amy runs off as to not be late for school. To prevent her being late, Ty gives her a ride to the bus on Harley. Ty continues working on his bike, when he hears on the radio about the accident involving a school bus. He and Jack rush off to make sure Amy's alright. As jack and Ty arrive, they witness Amy helping Caesar with a gathering crowd. Ty runs up to her after glad she's ok, Scott calls for his help with horses in the trailers. When Amy and Ty go to do night check, Ty seems upset and confesses to Amy that he's shaken by what he saw with the horses today, one having to be euthanized on the spot. Amy convinces him that he wouldn't be human if he didn't feel anything, but he starts to question his ability to be a vet. The next day, Ty and Scott tell Amy that Caesar's physically healthy but he's not ok, Stewart Forrest has asked for her to go and see what she can do. Ty later helps Amy work with Caesar, he tells her about a new equine water therapy place nearby and suggests that she start writing her own journals. When Caleb arrives, Amy makes herself scarce, he goes to talk to Ty and punches him for hurting Kit. Ty's also not happy when Jack suggests Caleb shares the Loft since he's been kicked out of his trailer. After Amy finishes with Caesar, he finds her in the office looking upset. She tells him that she's overwhelmed by the emails she's received. He tries to comfort her by telling her he'll help but that makes her admit that she's scared that he'll be leaving if he gets accepted to college. He gives her a gift, a blank journal to write in. They're interrupted by Caleb and they vow to get him to move out, Amy suggesting setting him up with Ashley. (Miracle)

Ty 3x02


Amy and Ty are happy with there plan, they manage to get Caleb to go to Maggie's which means he'll bump into Ashley. They go back to Heartland to greet the new clients, Kate Kennedy and her daughter Taylor, Kate tells them about how he bolted one day and Taylor ended up in the hospital. As Tim gets Trooper out of the trailer he starts to charge at Taylor but Ty luckily manages to grab her out of the way just in time. Caleb complains to Ty about Ashley, but he stands up for her and as he lied and took the money and now isn't helping her fix the water heater. Ty keeps an eye on Taylor while she sits with Trooper. She tells him that she knows that it's not about her getting to know Trooper but him getting used to her. Ty goes to the office and hears Lou on the phone with a potential client, he tells her that Amy doesn't think there's anything wrong with Trooper but the problem's with the girl. Ty complains to Amy that Caleb is getting worse as he's constantly talking about all the DIY he needs to do but Amy tells him they need to stop as Ashley has figured out what they were doing and made her feel bad. Ty catches Caleb and and tells him to forget playing handyman, despite Caleb telling him it was good advice as they're talking now. Ty comes clean and tells him that he and Amy were just trying to get him out of the Loft and apologises. Ty drops Taylor off at the Dude Ranch and gives her Kate's fax she was waiting for to pass on. The next day, Ty's helping Jack with the fences when Caleb rushes off praising Ty's advice because now Ashley's calling him and leaves. When Amy checks with Ty about what happened with the fax, they see Trooper charge with Taylor riding him Amy rushes off to catch her. As Taylor and Kate are leaving, Amy tells Ty that she told them she'll keep Trooper here until someone who can care for him can take him. (Little Secrets)

Ty 3x03


When Amy reminds Ty about the school formal he's hesitant and doesn't seem interested. After Jack's truck breaks down he asks Ty to have a look at it, he does so after suggesting letting it die. Ty's working on the truck when Amy asks him if he really wants to go to the dance, he tells her she should go and celebrates when the truck starts and then dies. She asks him again and he tells her he does want to go but still looks unsure. When Jack hears Ty fire up the truck he rushes out and says he'll take it for a spin to help the battery, Ty tells him the battery's fine it's everything else under the hood. After dinner, Lou tells Ty how excited Amy id about the dance, Ty finally admits that he can't dance so Lou tells him she'll help. Amy, Lou and Ty fawn over the new trucks in the brochure trying again to convince Jack to get a new truck, he avoids them by going to bed. Amy asks Ty to watch a film together and he tells her he's tired so is going to bed early. Closely followed by Lou saying she's going to lock up the Dude Ranch. Lou and Ty practice dancing down at the Dude Ranch, he tells her he can't do it and doesn't want to embarrass Amy. Lou tells him that they have a great relationship and he won't ruin it for her. He decides he can't do it and leaves. A few days later, Amy tells Ty that Jack finally let her drive the truck and suggests he ask to borrow it for the formal. When he tries to tell her he doesn't want to go she thinks he's talking about the truck, he sees how excited she is and leaves telling her he's picking up his suit. As he's leaving he helps Jack who can't get the seat back to normal after Amy drove the truck. Jack continues to complain about it but Ty suggests giving it a chance. Amy, later, asks to see Ty's suit but he tells her not now as he needs to go out. She starts to get suspicious that he's always going out and avoids talking about the dance. Ty goes to the Dude Ranch and finds Lou and Peter asking to continue his lessons. They continue dancing and he's starting to get it. In the morning, Amy tells Ty she hoped to see him last night but he tells her he went to bed early excited about the dance. When Caleb interrupts asking where he was since he didn't get in until 2am, Amy gets upset that he lied to her and tells him not to come to the dance. Ty arrives dressed in his suit surprising Amy and tells her he's going with her, they try to leave but Lou insists on taking pictures first. Amy's annoyed when Ty's Truck breaks down saying that he willed it to happen because he didn't want to go. He finally admits that he didn't want to go but not because he didn't want to be with her. He lifts her into the back of his truck and surprises her with his dancing. He gifts her with a promise ring and they dance happily in the back of the truck. (Man's Best Friend)

Ty 3x04


At Maggie's, Ashley, Soraya, Amy and Mallory tell Ty about Mr. Hanley and the ghost story about his farm. When it was owned before Hanley's father bought he farm, the farmer's daughter was dating the stable hand and didn't approve, he burned down the barn and all the horses and the stable hand died. When the Hanley's took over they re-built the barn on the exact spot the old one stood, and it's now haunted by the stable hand, he wears a long black coat and when his hood is removed his face is burned off. A hooded figure enters the Diner and they all watch in fear as Caleb removes his hood and tells them about the bad weather blowing in. Ty gets back and finds Badger waiting for him in the barn, he asks if Clint knows he's here and realises he ran away. When Ty tries to make him see that when they find him he'll be in big trouble but he asks for a place to stay for the night. Clint arrives and asks Ty if he's seen Badger, as he's figuring out what to say Mallory arrives and tells him that he was there but talked about hiking to the bus station, Ty and Clint leave to try and find him. When he gets back, Jack asks about Badger and he tries to tell him he's Clint's problem now. Jack convinces him that if he came to see him he should help him. Amy and Ty go to Maggie's to prepare for their night at The Hanley Place, Soraya and Caleb are surprised they're spending the night there as Mr. Hanley seems crazy. They're both happy to have some time together and soon hear a noise in the barn, they go to check it out and Caleb jumps out with an axe. Caleb and Soraya are laughing when they all turn and see a hooded figure at the door branding a hook, Caleb protects them with his axe and Ashley pulls her hood off laughing at them all scared. After they all leave, Amy starts to think they're right as they haven't seen anything with the horses. The lights suddenly go out and Ty goes to check the breaker box, when he hears a noise from the loft. He goes up to have a look around, not seeing anything, he looks out the window and sees a hooded figure slowly walking towards Amy. He shouts but she doesn't hear him so he runs out to her and finds no one there. Amy shows him the graves she's found of the horses and the stable hand, they head back into the barn as the storm starts worsening. Back inside, Ty asks Amy if she's ok and she tells him she's letting the place get to her. They both hear a creaking from upstairs and go up to check, they see someone hiding and pull the sheet to reveal...Mallory. When they ask why she's there she glances towards someone else, Badger jumps out and Ty chases him. After he catches him they all stand in shock as the hooded figure looms over Badger, pulls his hood down and Mr. Hanley thinks he's the one who's been aggravating his horses. Amy apologises and tells him they're her friends, Ty orders them to get into the truck when they turn to see another hooded figure. The horses start to get spooked and as they go in to release them Ty spots something in the hay, he goes to grab it and Brent jumps out and the pair fight. Amy comes over and finds the glycogen loader he was using, a sugar bomb used to energise racehorses. The lights come back on and Mr. Hanley finds out what's been going on. The next morning, Ty talks to Badger by the lake and asks what happened. He tells him that he wanted to visit his parents and found an empty house, they moved and didn't tell him so he ran away not wanting to go back to the group home. Ty tells him that in future he come to Heartland to cool off but doesn't run away, he agrees. Ty gives him advice on what to say to Clint, which goes smoothly receiving minimal punishment. (The Haunting of Hanley Barn)

Ty 3x05


Ty goes to work with Scott, he tells him he's been accepted to two colleges and hasn't told Amy yet, although receives teasing about one of his choices. They arrive at the Bailey Farm and Ty's annoyed he didn't warn him. Scott tells him that Kit's mare is in foal and need to check her out. As Scott checks on Daisy, Ty tries to apologise and make conversation with Kit, which doesn't go well. Later, Ty tells Amy about his day, she's upset when he mentions being at Kit's but he tells her she works with Caleb and he's fine. She jokingly blames it on him leaving and forcing them to spend time together, as they hug he looks nervous about his impending news. Scott and Ty go back to check on Daisy, they tell her that the foal's in a bad position but Ty reassures her. As she notices his new found knowledge he tells her he's been accepted to two colleges and she's happy for him. The next day, Ty gets a call about Daisy and rushes off, Amy's excited for him and gives him advice before heading out. He arrives at Kit's and she looks stressed and concerned saying Scott needs help as the head and right front legs are stuck. During the delivery Scott tells her that he can't feel any movement and unfortunately the foal's gone. Later, the foal's under a blanket and Ty tells Kit that Daisy's ok but won't let them take the foal out. Scott tells them he has a lead on an orphaned foal that she might accept, he goes to pick it up and Ty stays with Kit. After Scott delivers Merlin he leaves them to try and bond, Kit worries that she won't accept him and he'll go hungry so Scott leaves bottles. Ty stays to help and tries to comfort Kit when she gets angry at him for pretending to care. He admits he does care for her and didn't mean to hurt her, she asks why he never told her the truth but he admits he didn't know. Scott returns and they tell him Daisy still won't let Merlin nurse, he tells them that in the old days he'd call Marion for help, so Ty calls Amy. Amy arrives and suggests putting the blanket on Merlin to transfer the scent of the dead foal so Daisy might pick it up. After they watch for a while Scott takes Ty to show him how to make up a bottle, before Daisy accepts Merlin and lets him nurse. Ty and Amy talk about their difficult past couple of days, he tells her that he'll never get horses like she does but is starting to learn what vets go through. Amy confesses Kit told her about university and he tells her that it was easy to tell her as nothing changes but he's going to miss not working and seeing Amy everyday. They agree to make it work no matter what. (Glory Days)

Ty 3x06


Ty and Amy are happy to hear that Caleb is moving out when they run into him, they act as though they're going to miss him but he knows they're lying but doesn't mind. Amy and Ty work with a horse when Scott arrives and brings Merlin, he tells them that Daisy rejected him and wants them to look after him until he finds a new home. Mallory teases them that they're like new parents. As they take Merlin into the barn, Scott tells Ty about a job opportunity at the racetrack as a part-time stable hand five times a week in the morning, he considers. Through the night he and Amy take turns at feeding Merlin, she goes into the stall to find Ty sitting there, he tells her that he wouldn't go back to sleep. The next morning, Jack tells them about the Cougar reported nearby so to bring the animals in at night leaving Ty concerned about Merlin. Amy starts complaining that Ty's spending more time with Merlin, she suggests that he start getting him used to a halter but Ty doesn't want to as he's only a baby. Later, Ty's trying to get the halter on Merlin, whose fighting it, when he finally gets it on he praises him. Mallory tells him he shouldn't reward bad behaviour but he dismisses her. That night, Amy and Ty are watching Merlin, Amy convinces Ty to leave but but as soon as he hears him "cry" he turns on his heels and stays with him. In the morning, after the cougar attack on the Chickens, Ty continues to worry about Merlin being outside but Amy ensures he'll be fine in the round pen. Ty and Amy continue to argue about how to treat Merlin and Amy's not happy that he's being to soft on him causing him to start to act out and walks off. Amy's later in the barn at night, when the cougar appears, she calls to Ty who runs down, grabs a pitchfork and manages to scare it off. He tells her that he'll do the rest of the feeding, as he's already there, and will make sure the door's closed. Amy thinks he's blaming her for leaving it open, Ty stops her from leaving and tells her he doesn't he knows they're both exhausted. The following morning, Mallory tells Amy and Ty she'll watch Merlin so they can have some time away, Amy goes to tack up Spartan but Ty refuses to leave him. Mallory tells him, that from reading the parenting book, he needs to have time away so that his relationship doesn't suffer, causing him to change his mind and heads out with Amy. On their ride they talk about their "parenting" styles, Ty explains he promised himself if he ever had kids he would give them nothing but love. Amy tells him that they also need boundaries, her Mother loved her but would tell her off when she needed it. As they turn back the cougar jumps out again ready to attack Amy, they turn and hear a gunshot. The wildlife warden tells them it's only a tranquilliser and they'll take it to a wildlife reserve a few miles away. Jack arrives and tells them that Mallory was coping... sort of, so they rush back. When they get back, Ty comforts Amy when Mallory bursts in complaining about Merlin, they tell her what happened. Jack returns and shows them the cougar kitten he found in the bushes nearby. Jack tells them he spoke to Scott and said he can pick it up in a few days and take it to the mother, he proceeds to sit and bottle-feed the kitten, much to Ty's amusement. Jack tells him that he knows about the job offer and tells him that when Lyndy went on tour they would miss each other but when she returned they would love each other even more. Amy and Ty offer to help with the kitten just as Caleb, Ashley and Soraya arrive ready to help with the orphans. In the morning, Amy and Ty watch over Merlin as he gets used to other horses, Ty tells her that he's accepted the job at the racetrack so he has more money for school and gives them a bit of time apart, Amy's supportive but looks disappointed. The next morning, they watch as Scott takes back Merlin and "Tuffy". (Growing Pains)

Ty 3x07


Ty's working at the racetrack when some of the jockey's, including Liam go up to him. Liam shakes his hand and shocks him with a buzzer claiming its just an initiation. He and Amy arrive home and Ty's shocked when he see's he has a visitor, his Mum. They go for a walk around Heartland and talk, she tells him about a new job she has lined up in Vancouver and that she's left Wade. They go and see Amy and when Lily goes to look at some of the horses, Amy asks why she's here. He explains that she left Wade and has a new job but Amy feels it's too little too late. After dinner, Ty drops Lily off at the cabin at the Dude Ranch and he tells her that as he has work early he won't see her in the morning. She goes to stroke his face but he backs away. When Lily receives a phone call and quickly declines it he asks who it was, she tells him it was her friend Susie that she's going to see in Vancouver. As Ty's about to leave, Lily stops him and asks if he's embarrassed of her, he claims not to be. Joking, she asks even if she flaunted his baby pictures. He asks if she has any and she doesn't reply. The next day, when he gets home form work, he finds Lily sitting looking upset. She tries to convince him not to go to the racetrack as that's exactly what Wade did and gambled all their money. He tells her he's only working there and she tries to tell him to quit and he yells at her that she has no right telling him what to do. Later, Ty and Amy talk and he feels bad for yelling at his mum, he tries to convince himself to give her another chance but Amy tells him all she can see is someone who caused him a lot of pain. Ty goes to the Dude Ranch to talk to Lily, as he arrives she receives another call, this time answering and telling them to stop calling her. She again tells him it was Susie and tries to apologise saying she was out of line. She explains that when Brad left everything was a mess, when Wade came along she thought he would help her but actually made things worse and she didn't want him around that. Ty later finds Amy reading her mum's journals, he tells her things are better with Lily but still weird. Amy tells him about seeing Liam and Ty says he's a jerk as he buzzed him when he shook his hand. Giving Amy food for thought she believes Liam is buzzing Lightning Dexter to get him out the gate faster, which is illegal. They both go to the Fairfield trailer, upon finding it empty they start looking around only to be caught by Liam. Lisa arrives and asks what's going on, Amy tries to explain but due to a lack of evidence Lisa doesn't believe her. The next day, Ty goes to see Lily at the cabin and finds her packing in a hurry, he gets upset that she was going to leave early and not tell him claiming she hasn't changed. He asks if the new job is and real and she admits it's not, and she didn't come to see him, Wade found her and had no where else to go. Ty tries to convince Lily to stay saying he's not a kid anymore, adamant to protect him Lily is determined. They get in Ty's Truck to leave and are greeted by Wade arriving claiming it's a "family reunion."(The Starting Gate)

Ty 3x08


Ty tells Wade to leave but he refuses, he tells them he wants to leave the past behind and talk to Lily. As Ty and Wade are about to fight, Mallory comes out the house and asks what's going on. Wade leaves and Ty says he just took a wrong turn. Ty and Lily are in the Loft, Amy comes up but he dismisses her, Lily tells him they haven't talked in months but may have mentioned Heartland. Ty's angry since he could have easily found them with the website and map. Amy's in the barn, angrily brushing Spartan, Ty tries to talk to her and tells her about a tree fort he had in Vancouver he would take his Mum to to try and keep her safe. he tells her that he's leaving with her now. Jack tries talking to him but he's determined to take responsibility for his mum. jack tells him that she'll be safer here and he's family so she's their responsibility too. He tells Ty he's even going to lock the gate so no one can leave. In the morning, Ty checks in on his mum sleeping before heading into Amy's room. She promises to keep an eye on Lily while he's at work. He tries to sneak a kiss when they hear car horns honking at the gate, shocked Jack actually locked it. Tim see's Ty at the racetrack and asks Ty to sit with Lightning Dexter for the night to make sure nothing happens to him before the big race. That evening, when Amy sees Wade and Lily go into a bar together into she goes straight to the track to tell Ty. He rushes over there and drags Lily out of the bar. Dropping her at Heartland he gives her an ultimatum; him or Wade. He returns to the track and sits in the next stall from Dexter with Wade watching him from the shadows, unbeknownst to Ty. He goes in and spooks a horse that gets out, Ty rushes to help round it up. Wade sneaks into Dexter's stall and scatters salt over his hay and empties his water bucket. He sneaks off unseen. In the morning, Tim checks on them and Ty tells him everything was fine. After Dexter loses to Alberta Comet, Tim lays into Ty for letting him get water logged after someone salted the hay. Later, Ty's brushing Harley when Lily tells him that she knows who salted the hay. He guesses it's Wade and tells her she can go and be with him if she wants but she tells him she's choosing Ty. Wade breaks the lock and gets into Heartland, he approaches Ty with a tire iron goading him into fighting him. They start bustling and Ty stops when everyone comes out the house telling him he's not worth it. Jack then kicks Wade off the property. Ty and Lily say their goodbye's at the bus station, she apologises for the trouble and gives him the money back so he can go to university. Back in the loft, Ty's pleased to find that Lily did have a baby picture of him. (The Fix)

Ty 3x09


It's Ty's last day at Heartland before heading to university, he doesn't want to make it a big deal whereas Amy wants to do something big. He tells Amy he'll miss her and Harley before heading out to work with Scott. Ty admits to Scott that he's not sure what to expect since he hasn't been in a classroom for a long time. Scott tries to put him at ease with the idea of frosh, but reminds him he'll also need a clear head for his first sheep brain dissection. Scott receives a call about a wild horse in B.C. that's been injured, he intends on dropping Ty off before flying over there. Ty insists on coming with him, he's still his assistant for the rest of the day. Scott does final checks on the plane and the pair fly out. When they arrive, they drive with Jane to the spot on the hilltop where she saw the injured wild horse. Ty praises her for noticing since most people wouldn't have. Ty and Scott work their way closer to the stallion, when they're close enough Scott shoots him with a tranquiliser dart. The trio head over and manage to cut the arrow out successfully and fix him up. They wait up on the hill, keeping an eye on him. Scott wants to leave to get back in time for "dinner" but Ty wants to wait until they know the horse is ok, amusing Jane that Scott's assistant stands up to him. Before too long the horse jumps up and is looking better so Scott and Ty prepare to leave. At the hanger, Jane shows Ty one of her paintings, in awe he asks how much it is but Scott tells him he could never afford one. Jane gives it to him as payment for helping with the horse, amazed he rushes to the plane ready to give the picture to Amy. After they leave to go home, the plane is found crashed in the forest broken and smoke pouring out. (Broken Arrow)

Ty 3x10


In the plane wreckage, Ty and [[Scott Cardinal|Scott]] both lie unconscious. Ty slowly starts to come around before being consumed with worry for Scott. He eventually wakes but they notice a chunk of metal embedded in his leg. Ty makes him a tourniquet before trying to salvage any supplies from the plane. Although the first aid kit, radio and transponder is broken he's delighted that his picture for Amy survived. Scott convinces Ty too look for higher ground to try and see where they are, he takes gloves and ties them to various points to be bale to find his way back. He climbs up onto a nearby mountain, devastated to find they are in the middle of a forest and can't see anything recognisable for miles. Back at the plane, he tells Scott they're in the middle of nowhere while Scott tries to apologise for getting them in the position. That night, Ty sets up the tarp of the plane to give them some shelter when he's startled by a wolf howling nearby. In the morning Ty's fixing the tarp when they both get a glimpse of promise from a passing chopper. Ty sets off the flare and are both left devastated when it passes them by without spotting them. Ty realises Scott's in more pain, he tells him he must remove the metal as his leg is now infected. Ty pushes through his nerves of operating on a friend and successfully removes the metal and stitches up his leg. Later, Ty collects firewood nearby and is again startled by a nearby wolf. He rushes back to the plane and starts the fire. While Scott tells him about his Grandfathers beliefs about wolves Ty tells him that they scare the crap out of him. As Scott seems to be in more pain, Ty jumps up to check on him, Scott tells him and Amy to stay true as letting Lou go was the dumbest thing he's done, Ty look sat a photo of Amy on his phone to keep him going then gets scared when he notices Scott's passed out. He tries to wake him shaking him and crying, not wanting to be left alone. He becomes more terrified by the wolf coming close to them by the fire growling ferociously. The next day, Amy, Peter and Lou find the pair and Amy and Ty share an emotional embrace. Back at Heartland everyone is pleased to see him and he and Amy finally share their gifts for one another. She apologises for their fight before hand and he kisses her grateful to be back. (Eye of the Wolf)

Ty 3x11


Ty awakens with a start from a nightmare, imagining the wolf was chasing him through the forest. He goes into the house and gets some water, Jack hears him and goes to check on him. He tells him he's heard him up every night this week, Ty tries to play it down and heads back to the Loft. In the morning, he tells Amy that he has a call with his student advisor as he's missed some classes and ensures his plans to go haven't changed. When Amy puts the horse back in the barn she finds Ty asleep, she gently tries to wake him up which terrifies him and he grabs her up against the wall stunning them both. He again tries to shrug it off and play it down but Amy's worried about him and knows he hasn't been sleeping. he tells her it's because he's worried about school. After Jack insists Ty goes fishing with him, Ty prepares to leave feeling he couldn't say no, being waved off by the girls. They arrive and hike into the woods to find a spot to camp with Tim and Peter, Ty pauses before going into the woods but quickly follows Jack when he realises he stopped. They find a spot and wait for Jack's conformation before they all hurry around setting up camp. That night, Ty has another nightmare about the wolf, he wakes finding the wolf staring at him in his tent only to be woken up properly by Jack coming in to get him out to fish. Ty's out fishing with Jack, who's giving him pointers. Trying to get him to open up but Ty shuts him down just wanting to fish. Ty later gets his line caught in a tree and goes to collect it, when he spots a wolf running through the trees, Peter comes over to give him a hand and Ty jumps. They both head back to camp to get some lunch. When Jack and Tim later get into a fight, Ty watches on as Peter asks if they should break it up, as it gets more violent they rush in to stop it leaving Tim to elbow Peter in the eye. Later that night, Ty's sitting by the fire when he hears a wolf growl and some noises coming through the trees. He picks up Jack's shotgun in a panic and points it at the noise, he's stunned when Jack emerges. He talks him down and manages to get him to put the gun down. In the morning, Jack talks to him about it and Ty finally admits he's been having dreams. Jack encourages him to talk to Scott but he refuses as he doesn't want the reminder of the accident. When Ty arrives back at Heartland he goes to see Amy but tells her he has to go out again and leaves. He goes to meet up with Scott at Maggie's and is finally able to talk to hi about the accident, Scott also admitting that he also has dreams every night. Amy and Ty find a secluded spot, Ty takes out some tobacco and throws it on the ground and tries to leave. Confused, Amy asks what's going on and he explains Scott told him to make an offering to the wolf. She helps him and encourages him to do it properly not just throw it down. He takes his time and places it down, when he looks up he see's a wolf that watches him before running back into the woods. (Catch and Release)

Ty 3x12


Ty watches Kit practice after getting his job back at the track. Things are a bit awkward at first but Kit soon gets telling Ty about Daisy and how she hasn't been the same since she lost her foal. He watches her practice and runs over when she gets thrown off. She tells him about how angry Daisy has been lately, being mean to the other mares and trying to steal one's foal, Ty suggests letting Amy help. Ty helps Kit unload Daisy at Heartland when she starts asking questions about the plane crash. He eventually tells her that it happened quickly but when he woke up he thought he was on a beach. Amy approaches and Ty tells her that he told Kit she'd help. Later, Amy's short with Ty and he tries to apologise for bringing Daisy without warning. After dinner, he tries again to apologise but she admits it's not the horse it's the time of year, 2 years since Marion died. The next morning, Amy's working with Daisy, watched by Ty and Victor. Victor asks ty why Kit isn't here helping if she's concerned but he explains it's complicated. When Kit comes by to work with Amy and Daisy, she's offended when Amy tries to suggests she change bits as it takes the pressure off. Kit storms off but Ty catches up to her and tries to reason with her that Amy's making progress. When Kit comes by to pick up Daisy she sees Amy riding her. Ty convinces her to watch and sees Amy drop the reins and Daisy runs freely around the barrels. Ty supports Amy through the memorial for Marion, they find a spot and watch as Victor burns sweet grass to mark the spot as sacred. After, Amy and Ty make up after their disagreements on Kit and kiss. (The Reckoning)

Ty 3x13


When Amy and Ty notice Daisy sweating, they call Scott to check her out. He tells them that he has to wait for the results but is sure she has strangles, placing them under quarantine. Once it's been confirmed, Ty tells them that the length of quarantine will depend on how many horses get ill. The next morning, everyone gets busy disinfecting everything Daisy has touched. Ty decides to isolate Pegasus too since he was drinking and grazing with Daisy. At night, Ty's in the office reading up on strangles and goes to check on Pegasus. When he notices a cough he also puts Pegasus in the Quonset Hut with Daisy. Tim's not happy with the decision as he thinks this will guarantee Pegasus getting ill, and at his age won't be good for him, so he's put back outside. Tim and Ty spot that Pegasus isn't in a good way and move him into the Quonset Hut. Scott comes to check him and tells them they need to get him to eat something. Ty defends Kit when Amy blames her for causing the outbreak after attending a rodeo where there was an outbreak and not informing them, causing a rift between Amy and Ty. That evening, Ty's doing more research but Jack tries to justify his actions as he acted with the best interest of the animal so shouldn't blame himself. Amy and Ty are with Tango when Victoria arrives, Ty notice's his breathing difficulty and cuts a pustule on his windpipe to help him breath better. Kit eventually tells Ty that she did know about the outbreak but thought Daisy was fine so didn't say anything, she leaves. He gets ready to take Copper to the Quonset Hut when he starts to have symptoms. Amy finds Ty with Pegasus, who's not in a good way. The all rally around as Amy, Lou and Tim comfort him while he passes. Scott tells Ty he did a good job with Copper and also backs him up with Tim as he tells him he'd have done the same thing. He apologises to Amy for sticking up for his friend but informs her that Amy's the most important person to him so is always on her side. (Quarantine)

Ty 3x14


Ty and Caleb enjoy watching bareback broncs, when Caleb invites him to go with him to his next rodeo. After Caleb, Ashley and Soraya leave he tells Amy how fun it would be to go to the rodeo with Caleb and do some travelling. The next day, Ty's out and drives past a motorcycle for sale and stops to check it out. He convinces Jack to go with him to see it as the can both fix it up together. They go back to look at it and Ty attempts to haggle, buying the bike for $850. He and Jack drive back to Heartland happy, singing along to born to be wild. They get the bike back and unload it when Amy sees and isn't happy that's how Ty's spending his money for school. Ty goes after her and starts to tell her how he misses his old bike before realising he doesn't need to defend his purchases to her. Ty and Caleb both complain to each other about their respective girlfriends, they decide they don't need permission and are determined to go to the rodeo on Ty's bike. The next day Ty and Jack work on his bike when Amy arrives, she and ty start to talk when Kit arrives to pick up Daisy. She sees Ty's Norton and gets excited, she tells him her brother has one and has some parts he could use. After Kit leaves Ty and Amy try to talk again but she's put out and leaves. Caleb asks if Ty's coming to the rodeo but he tells him the bike's not ready. They realise their not talking about the bike but actually women and Ty decides to stay to sort things out. He and Amy finally talk and she tells him that she's worried after the crash of losing him and he reassures her that he's not going anywhere. Ty joins the others watching Caleb at the rodeo, on tv, and watches in horror as he's slammed up against the railings and collapses to the ground unconscious. (The Happy List)

Season 4

Ty comes back from his trip with another girl named Blair Conner, who kisses him the night before she leaves, saying he led her on and knows there's something there. This leaves Amy jealous but pretends nothing has changed. Ty and Amy hug and say they missed each other and kiss. Amy feels left out as Blair and Ty reminisce about their trip. While Ty was away, he finds a vet program at the University of Calgary so he doesn't have to leave, making Amy really happy. They begin fighting as things are different again, and since Blair is always there they have had no time alone since he got back. After Blair helps Amy in an accident, Blair kisses Ty and tells her that she thinks she is in love with him. He tells her that they should just be friends. After Blair and her boyfriend Grant leaves, Ty starts all over with Amy. This makes Amy happy.

During a clinic, Chase Powers kisses Amy. When she tells Ty he is really upset but forgives her.

In Graduation, Amy gets into a university on a full scholarship but doesn't know what to do. Amy almost misses her graduation because Spartan colics and Amy blames herself. Mallory and Badger come so that Amy doesn't miss her own graduation. Ty then drives her there and onto the stage on his motorcycle so she can get her diploma. She decides to take the year off to figure out her next step.

Their relationship continues to go really well until she finds out Blair kissed Ty and he didn't tell her, causing them to breakup (Mood Swings). Ty is heartbroken but tries to be there for her still.

In the finale, Ty and Amy help two horses that belong to Lisa. Amy and Ty argue on how to help them. Then Lou is in labor and Ty and Amy figure out their differences. This brings them back together.

Season 5

Ty and Amy are together in the first episode. Ty decides to move out from the loft as he needs a place of his own. Amy doesn't want him to leave, as she doesn't want everything to change. But he tells her he can't be the guy in the loft forever, and she asks why because she loves the guy in the loft.

Ty moving out proves to be a good thing for their relationship as they grow closer together.

After a near death experience (falling off his motorcycle and hitting head on a rock), he has flashbacks of everything he and Amy have been through and realizes that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

In the last episode, Ty decides that he wants to propose to Amy, but every time he is about to he backs out. He has a talk with Jack and asks for his permission to propose. Lou overhears this and confronts Ty about it and he is second guessing it because he doesn't want to hold her back. After Amy's audition, Ty is prepared to propose, but Amy mentions something about not tying each other down so Ty doesn't go through with it. He goes outside to get more firewood. Inside his phone rings and Amy goes to answer it finding the engagement ring.

Season 6

Ty's heater and water pipe in the trailer break so he temporarily moves back into the loft. Amy, having found the ring, is wondering what is taking so long for Ty to propose. Ty takes her on a fancy dinner and loses the ring. Georgie gives Amy the ring, but when Amy goes to put it back in the dresser Ty catches her and she says that they should talk about it. They get into a bit of a fight because she's known for months and he never asked her. She asked what she did to make him change his mind. He goes to tell her and is interrupted. He later finds her and tells her why he didn't. They both decide to wait. Also Ty got into vet school and Amy is worried about that.

During a fishing trip to help out an old friend, Ty and Amy help a foal. Then Ty proposes to Amy and Amy saying yes leaves them engaged. Ty has problems with Jeremy. He has a lot of problems and he keeps on threatening Amy, and Ty gets sick of it. Jeremy also sneaks booze into Amy's drink at a party, trying to mess with her mind so she will sell him Phoenix.Ty gets fired from his job because Jeremy killed his own horse, and had it look like Ty did it.

Season 7

The season begins with Ty and Amy happily engaged, Amy continuing what her mother started, and Ty studying to become a veterinarian. They discuss buying a ranch nearby together, but it eventually sells. Half-way through the season, it comes back on the market and they begin to make plans to buy it.

In episode 10, Amy is left blind after a horse accident, and because they are uncertain whether her vision will ever return, she tells Ty she won't hold him to any promises he's made. He tells her they will still get married no matter what and her sight eventually returns.

In the season finale, Amy leaves to go on tour with an Arabian prince's race horse team as one of his trainers. Ty supports her decision fully, though is sad for the months they will spend apart. He is shown with a solemn expression as he watches her helicopter lift off and flies away.

Season 8

Ty must mediate after some horse training issues that have Amy and Caleb at odds.

Ty questions his career prospects.

The Prince returns and declares his love for Amy, shaking up Amy and Ty's relationship.

Georgie tries to reunite Amy and Ty.

Ty enlists Scott's help in busting a dangerous poaching ring.

United in their attempt to save the wild horses, Amy and Ty grow closer.

Season 9

The beginning of the season finds Ty maturing as he embraces married life and settles into the new position it affords him in the Heartland family. He also reaches a personal milestone and launches his professional career in earnest. He is forced to reconsider his future when faced with an offer that is difficult to refuse, but may jeopardize his work with Amy.

Ty and Amy finally take possession of a place to call home and make additional plans for their future. He also comes into his own as he steps up to play a pivotal role in helping Jack deal with a tragedy.

Ty is forced to confront his painful past when a mystery package arrives that leads to new insight.

In the season finale, Amy announces to Ty on their first anniversary that he is going to be a father.

Season 10

Ty has an opportunity to travel to Mongolia with Bob to help save the endangered Gobi bears. After mulling it over, he decides to tell Amy about it, only to find that Georgie had accidentally slipped the secret. Amy lets him go, willing to support him and be happy for him, but Tim and Jack are not as happy.

In Mongolia, Ty successfully helps save Gobi bears, facing danger along the way. Amy is getting closer and closer to her due date, and calls Ty everyday. But when Ghost comes to Heartland, after a concerned Amy calls Ty, it is revealed Ty is sick. Bob calls back Amy telling her Ty is too sick to come home and they will have to wait another day.

When Ty comes home, he is immediately admitted to the hospital. He has a rare case of pneumonia from a tick. While in cardiac arrest, he dreams of his father discouraging him about fatherhood, but Ty promises to be a good father. As he walks out of the door of his house in his dream, he wakes up from his cardiac arrest.

Ty gets better, but the hospital, despite specialists confirming he is fine, won't let him go. Amy is due any day, so Caleb springs him out by pretending to be a nurse.

Meanwhile, Georgie and Jack find Ghost and in an attempt to tame him, Georgie has Jack get him into the pen.

At Caleb's wedding, just as the limo Amy and Ty are pulling up in (which Caleb let them ride in), Amy's water breaks and she goes into labor. Caleb stays in the limo with Amy, forgetting his own wedding with Cassandra. Lou and Peter quickly rush home. Lou is against Amy having a home-birth, and is frantic when the midwife is late. Caleb ends up almost missing his own wedding.

After a grueling labor and birth, Amy has a beautiful baby girl, Lyndy Marion Borden.

In the end, as Amy and Ty are shown watching from the window, Ghost returns to check on them.

Season 11

Amy tries to mediate between Ty and his mother, who arrive to visit her granddaughter, Lyndy.

Ty and Amy try to have a social life.

Ty and Amy prepare a Mongolian horse for international transport.

Ty returns overseas to Mongolia.

Amy travels to Mongolia to join Ty, but finds that Ty's life is in danger when she arrives.

Season 12

Ty and Amy go into business together after the strains of parenthood become a problem when Amy and Ty are both working.

Jack and Ty find a wild house and its baby in trouble, they call Amy in to help. Ty and Amy bring the wild horses back to Heartland to check out. After the horses are doing well they need to find a place to home them, so they call up Pike River.

Season 13

Amy and Ty disagree over whether or not to take on a disgruntled horse owner as a new client.

Ty finally confronts the disgruntled horse owner when a severe storm comes.

Amy and Ty worry about the effect a surprise visitor, Luke's mother, will have on Luke.



Jack Bartlett

He starts off by not liking Ty too much or trusting him too much. He enjoys bossing him around the ranch and giving him jobs to do. He later takes over his sponsorship and allows him to continue working at Heartland. When Jack invites Ty on the cattle drive, he tries hard to impress him. Jack appears to soften towards him and allows him to keep the hat Amy gave him. Ty starts to open up to Jack after he showed his aggressive side by trying to stick up for innocent people. When Ty's probation is over Jack tells him that he would like him to think of Heartland as home and can stay. After Ty leaves to see his dad he calls Jack for help who brings him back to Heartland telling him he can come back to Heartland. After Ty's mum, Lily, shows up it's clear that Jack sees Ty as a part of the family and tries his best to help and support him. When Ty's preparing to leave for university he finally admits to Val that he is going to miss him when he leaves. After the plane crash Jack eventually admits to Tim that he sees Ty as a son when he starts to worry about him.

Lou Fleming

When Ty arrives Lou has very little to do with him. When Carl thinks he stole his engagement ring she defends him. Lou is a fan of Amy and Ty's, when Ty gets nervous about ruining Amy's school dance because he can't dance Lou teaches him. When he starts to get cold feet she tells him how great she thinks their relationship is and that she's jealous of them.

Tim Fleming

At first Ty tries to impress Tim after he learns he was a rodeo star.

The pair don't spend much time together but when Pegasus gets sick Tim blames Ty for making the decision he did.

Brad Borden

Ty tells Jack that he hasn't seen his father since he was 12 years old. He receives a letter from him in the season 1 finale and he's conflicted but decides to go and see him. Ty ends up with Brad for 4 months until he starts to get caught in the crossfire of Brad and people he owes money to. When Brad shows up at Heartland, Ty is convinced not to get close to him as he doesn't believe he can change. When he finally starts to warm to him, after spending a nice day together, Brad ruins it by stealing $2,000 and disappearing in the night. He send a postcard for the Grand Canyon with the words "I Promise" written on the back.

Lily Borden

Lily, Ty's mother, hasn't been a part of his live much after Wade's behaviour and dangerous living situation gets him taken away. He also ends up in Jouvie after he beat up Wade trying to protect Lily, even though Lily doesn't stand up for him scared of the consequences with Wade. He used to try to take Lily to his tree fort, when they lived in Vancouver, to take her somewhere safe. He always does his best to try and protect her even from herself and especially from Wade.


Amy Fleming

Amy & Ty

Amy & Ty (1x13 - Coming Together)

Amy and Ty don't get off to the best of starts, she tells him off for driving to close to the horses. He later crashes a party she's at and when he sees Jesse upsetting her he steps in and punched him. Upsetting Amy further and causing her to walk home. He finds her on the way back and gives her a ride, they then start to bond. When Amy opens up to him about show jumping, and Spartan refuses to be trailered, he builds her a jumping course nearby for her to practice on. Amy becomes jealous when Ty rides on Ashley's motorcycle, but is happy when he says it's only because it was his favourite bike. When Ty is offered a job at Briar Ridge, Amy gets upset and tells him to leave so he does. When she gets upset that he left she tells him to stay and he returns to Heartland. Him and Amy bond when she gives him one of Jack's hats for the cattle drive. He also tries to help her when he learns that her dad is nearby. When Amy is upset, after seeing Ryan Bailey, Ty comforts her and they nearly kiss. Amy pulls away explaining that she doesn't want things to change between them, Ty tries to convince her to give people the same amount of chances she gives horses. When Kerry-Anne shows up Ty is disappointed that Amy doesn't believe him, but they soon make up and he proves he's changed. Ty supports Amy and tries to help her get back to show jumping. Ty and Amy finally kiss after the Fall Finale but Ty soon leaves, without talking to Amy, to find his dad. Leaving Amy heartbroken.

Amy & Ty 2

Amy & Ty (2x04 - Dancing in the Dark)

At first, when Ty returns Amy gives him the cold shoulder but finally tries talking to him, not getting any answers. On the Cattle drive, they finally have a chance to sit and talk about everything. Ty tells her what happened with his dad and that he wanted to call but only had one thing he wanted to say, they kiss. When neither wants to take the leap at a real relationship, Ty meets Kit and his head is turned. Both having different partners, they remain friends but still have a connection that is unspoken but clear to see. When they spend time together training racehorses for the Derby, they become closer again and almost kissing. After Ty helps Amy get Spartan back he confesses that he'd do anything for her. After Ty helps Amy get Spartan back he confesses that he'd do anything for her. After Amy goes to Victor's Ty breaks up with Kit and tries to tell Amy how he feels, she cuts him off telling him that no matter what they'll be ok. When Amy and Ty share the weekend together at the Fishing Cabin, they both finally declare their love for each other starting a relationship.

Amy & Ty 4

Amy & Ty (3x01 - Miracle)

Amy and Ty share their delirious happiness with their new relationship. Amy starts to worry about Ty leaving when he waits to see if he's been accepted to college. Amy gets excited about her school formal and is happy about attending with Ty, who appears not to share the same enthusiasm. After a multitude of misunderstandings of Ty sneaking out, she learns that Ty's been learning to dance for her as not to embarrass her. On the way tot he dance the truck breaks down and instead they dance in the back of Ty's truck and Ty gives Amy a promise ring. When Ty starts to get acceptance letters for college, the pair become nervous about the prospect of a long distance relationship but agree to make it work no matter what. When Amy and Ty become "parents" to orphaned Merlin, they begin to argue a lot about their differing strategies. After they have time away they manage to understand each other and Amy learning that Ty promised himself that if he had kids he would give them nothing but love. She has to explain to him that kids also need boundaries. Amy is further upset when Ty takes a job as a part-time stable hand at the racetrack for five mornings a week, she tries to convince him that he can do more around Heartland but he also thinks it would benefit them to have some time away from each other. When Ty's Mum, Lily, shows up Amy tries her best to support Ty but also is dubious of Lily after causing him so much pain. When Ty's preparing to leave for university, Ty tries not to make their last day a big deal not liking long goodbyes. After he gets a present for Amy, from a client, he's excited to get back home to her for their last evening. After the plane crash, the thought of getting home to Amy and giving her the picture from Jane, helps Ty get back home. After the accident, Amy's upset when Ty becomes distant, until Mallory tells her he's earned it after what he's been through.

Kit Bailey

Ty 2x09

Ty & Kit (2x09 - Showdown!)

Ty meets Kit when she is bathing at the pond at Heartland. They begin talking and become friends quickly, spending more and more time together. After his Dad disappears with Lou's money, he calls Kit to sit with when he's not sure how he feels about it. When Kit helps him sign up to an online High School, they spend a lot of time studying together. After Kit talks to Amy and is convinced that there's nothing going on between her and Ty so they kiss, starting a relationship. After Ty realises he feels stronger for Amy than Kit he attempts to break up with her but she realises what he's doing and they break up leaving Kit angry and she storms out.

After their break up, Ty and Kit remain friends, sometimes to the annoyance of Amy.


Ranch hand

In the first episode Ty is found arriving at heartland having been hired by Marion. He has been placed there under his probation. Jack later takes over sponsoring him and allows him to continue to work at Heartland. When Ashley offers him a job at Briar Ridge, he considers it, when Amy tells him to leave he takes the job.

He goes back to work at Heartland when Amy convinces him to come back. He helps a lot with fixing up the trucks, having a good knowledge of mechanics. At the end of season 1 he decides to leave Heartland to visit his dad.

After things go sideways with his dad, Jack goes to help him and brings him back to Heartland. He continues to do his work, even though undermined by Caleb.

Stable Hand

Ty takes a job at Briar Ridge and works in the stables, mostly mucking out. When Jack turns up to give Val his sponsorship papers she becomes furious that she didn't know he was a criminal and fires him.

Ty takes a job at the Hudson Racetracks, helping out in mornings to try and make more money to pay for college and vet school.

Vet Assistant

After Ty gets his High School diploma, he asks Scott to work with him, with an interest of becoming a vet. He starts working with him while awaiting an acceptance letter for college. They go to work at the Bailey farm and help when Kit's mare has a stillborn and try to help her bond with Merlin an orphaned foal whom she rejects. On his last day as Scott's assistant, they head out to B.C. to help a wild horse that has been shot with an arrow. On their journey home they wind up in a plane crash.

Vet Ty starts to take an interest in becoming a vet, he starts to work with Scott to develop his knowledge and skills alongside going to university. When Heartland is placed under quarantine with strangles, Ty steps up and tries to do his best for all the horses. When he puts Pegasus in with the infected horse, as they've already spent time together, Tim blames him when he too becomes ill. He starts to doubt his decision but Jack supports him saying he made the decision with the animal's best interest at heart, the key to being a great vet. Scott later backs up Ty, saying he'd have done the same thing. He also performs a procedure on another horse to help relieve a pustule from it's windpipe, which Scott tells him he did a good job with.


At first in the series, Ty is rebellious and extremely arrogant and doesn't understand the life that the rest of the gang lives, not used to the family atmosphere. But he does give glimpses into a softer side of him every once in a while and matures as the series progresses - you start to see the impact that Amy has on him - he really wants to change. Ty is seen to be protective of the ones he loves and genuine, and is good with kids as seen with his nieces, Georgie and Katie. He shows that he will do whatever he can to help the people around him, and he keeps trying things until he finally achieves what he wants. He is an amazing and overprotective father, as shown with his daughter Lyndy.


  • He can sleep through anything, seen in; Breaking Free.
  • His dad taught him some magic tricks, which he shows Amy in Dancing in the Dark.
  • In season 6, his hairdo looks notably different possibly due to his actor, Graham Wardle, getting older.