"You ride horses, you fall off. You fall off, then you get hurt, but you always get back on."
— Tim

Tim Fleming is the father of Lou and Amy Fleming, as well as their half-brother Shane Grenier. He is the husband of Marion.


Not much is known about Tim's background. Tim Fleming married Marion Bartlett in the early 80s, and Lou was born shortly afterwards. Tim and Marion fought a lot right after Lou was born. They seemed to get on well for most of Lou's childhood. Tim would always push Lou to her farthest point, till she couldn't go farther. He spent most of Lou's childhood on the rodeo circuit, getting numerous injuries in the process and travelling a lot. When Lou was 10, Amy was born. When Amy was 5, he got in a bulldogging accident at the Calgary Stampede. He spent several weeks in the hospital, where he ended up getting addicted to pain medication. He ended up spending months in rehab, and divorcing Marion. He spent some time working in the oil rigs, which is when we can guess Shane was conceived. It wasn't until Marion died that he got in contact with his daughters again. He and Jack have some troubles, when Tim and Marion split Jack was mad and has not gotten along with Tim very well since then.