"Hey. One of these days, a horse is gonna talk back to you."
—Soraya to Amy

Soraya is Amy's best friend who works at her mom's diner, Maggie's Diner. She is always there for Amy and becomes friends with Ashley. She is hired by Lou to run the Heartland dude ranch. Soraya eventually moves to London, England to be near her boyfriend.

Season 1Edit

We first see Soraya after a trip to Quebec, she returns and visits Amy and goes for a trail ride with her. When Nick Harwell comes into the Diner she becomes besotted with him and starts to act lovestruck when he's around. She convinces Amy to start thinking about show jumping again. (After the Storm) Soraya is working at Maggie's when the Briar Ridge commercial plays. She goes out on a trail ride with Amy and when she goes back to Heartland she meets Ben and is instantly smitten. When he invites Amy and Soraya to the party at Briar Ridge she begs Amy to go so she can spend time with Ben. When they're at the party she convinces Amy to talk to Ty. (The Best Laid Plans) Lou goes to Maggie's to collect the feed order, she's surprised when Soraya brings her cubes as she tried to change to pellets since they're cheaper. Soraya tells her she thought it was a mistake since Marion never ordered pellets. (One Trick Pony)
1x07 Soraya


Soraya is enjoying watching Ben on his new jumping course, she's being obvious that she likes him and compliments his jumping. Amy tries to get her to see what she's doing and try to be more reserved. When Amy tells Ben she can't go to the jumping show Soraya tells her how happy she is that she gets to spend 2 days alone with Ben. (As long as her mum doesn't find out.) Later, when Amy is talking to Lou about Ben leaving for the jumping show, she mentions how Ben doesn't like Soraya and she overhears. She tells Amy that her mum found out and she had to come back. Amy apologises and invites Soraya to another show next weekend and they make up. Ben returns from his show and Soraya meets him to find out how he did. (Come What May) Soraya is working at Maggie's with hermum. She's reading the newspaper article piling pressure on Amy about working with Gallant Prince. When Tim arrives she tries to warn Amy, but is then awkward while they talk. (Out of the Darkness) When she's working at Maggie's Kerry-Anne comes in and manages to scam her out of $20. She later overhears Ashley spreading rumours about Ty so calls Amy to let her know. (Ghost from the Past) Soraya is impressed when Ben tells her and Amy that Nick will be coaching him. She is annoyed when Ashley interrupts and starts flirting with Ben. After the incident with the mustangs, Amy goes to Maggie's to inform Soraya of Ben moving out back to Fairfield, she was already aware due to Ashley's status updates online. (Born to Run) Soraya attends Ashley's after party with Amy and Ty. Ashley tries to make her jealous by kissing Ben. She tells them that she can't go to the jumping show because her mum won't let her after she failed biology. When they leave Briar Ridge she announces that she's over Ben. She later helps other friends and neighbours re-build the barn at Heartland after the fire. (Rising from Ashes)
1x13 Soraya


Soraya attends Amy's jumping shows and supports her in the stands. (Coming Together)

Season 2Edit

2x01 Soraya


Soraya tells Amy about her plans to be a rodeo queen, Amy encourages her. At Amy's party Ashley teases her about it and she regrets telling her. (Ghost Horse) Soraya studies with Amy in Maggie's bragging about how happy she is since the new waitress started. She later is working at the Diner totally stressed out because the new waitress is away, thus giving Lou the idea to get a job there. (Letting Go) Amy goes to Maggie's and talks to Soraya about Ty, she's happy they will be spending the evening together, but Amy starts to get nervous. Lou calls Amy telling her that Caleb has called in sick but Soraya tells her that he's not, she saw him at Briar Ridge this morning. They head over and see him helping Ashley with her barrel racing. She gets annoyed when Ashley tells her she's entering the rodeo too and wants to win rodeo queen. (Corporate Cowgirls) Soraya tells Ashley that she's worried about the rodeo queen article. Later at Maggie's, she tells Amy that she thinks she should drop out because Ashley's going to win. She also tells Amy that Maggie told her about the accident with Mark's brother. (Holding Fast) Lou is coaching and annoying Soraya for the rodeo queen competition. She complains to Amy at Maggie's about Lou until they see Ty trying out the mechanical bull. Lou tries to put Soraya's make up on but she doesn't like the outfit so fidgets. Lou continues to pick on every little detail so Soraya quits. Maggie is annoyed that she quit and tells her that she will sponsor her instead. She comes in 2nd as the rodeo queen and sees a drunk Lou at the party after. Lou apologises and puts herself down so Soraya tries to cheer her up and calls her a role model. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Soraya is working at Maggie's when Ashley's card is declined. She warns her she has to cut it so she can't pay her bill. She tells her she has to wash dishes , much to her horror. (Summer's End)
Soraya 2x09


Soraya and Amy complain after their first day of school, they are shocked they have homework on day one. When they have a rancher's meeting at Maggie's a rancher brings in a cow and causes chaos. Soraya is disgusted at the state of the place and is adamant if anyone brings in another cow she'll call her Mother. (Showdown!) Amy and Soraya gawk at the new BB Simon belt at Maggie's, Caleb tells Amy that when he wins his next rodeo he'll buy it for her. Soraya is in shock when she notices a new customer enter the Diner, Mindy Fanshaw, famous actress. Ashley and Soraya tell Amy about seeing Mindy in Maggie's, they also spot some guys sitting nearby and believe they're paparazzi. Amy plays it off and acts as though she knows nothing, as per her confidentiality agreement. The three girls talk again about Mindy on the school bus, when Amy starts to talk about how the stories are lies and how she looks different to the pictures now, Soraya and Ashley get suspicious so follow her off the bus. They manage to get her to admit that Mindy is staying at the Dude Ranch, leaving Soraya angry that she lied to her. Amy goes to Maggie's to apologise to Soraya, and tells her that she'd understand if she called the paparazzi. This angers Soraya further to think that she'd blame her and tells her to leave. When Mindy leaves, she stops off at Maggie's and gives the belt back to be gift wrapped and given to a friend. Amy arrives and Soraya passes on the gift, she gives it back to Soraya as an apology. (Starstruck!)




Soraya and Maggie have a good relationship, they work together well.



When Soraya meets Ben she becomes instantly smitten with him, with not much reciprocation. Amy points out how obvious Soraya is being and she tries to play "hard to get". As soon as ben finishes a run on his new jumping course she tells him how amazing she thinks he is.



From the Pilot, Soraya is a student of Hudson High school.

Maggie's Diner employee

From the Pilot, in her spare time, Soraya helps her Mum and works at Maggie's Diner.


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