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Here you can find the links to specific episodes where major storylines took place.


Name Episode Mother Father Information
Katie Fleming-Morris 4x18
Lou Fleming Peter Morris Amy and Ty deliver Katie at home when Lou can't make it to the hospital.
Lyndy Borden 10x18
Greater Expectations
Amy Fleming Ty Borden Amy gives birth at home in the Loft with Ty.


Name Episode Information
Marion Fleming 1x01
Coming Home
Marion and Amy get into a crash while driving home after rescuing Spartan.
Brad Borden 5x11
Fool's Gold
Ty's mum, Lily, comes for a visit with the news Brad has died.
Levon Hanley 5x15
Breaking Down and Building Up
Amy goes to help Mr. Hanley but finds him dead in the field instead.
Will Vernon 12x10
All Hearts Lead Home
Will's ex-wife shows up and delivers the news of Will's passing.
Ty Borden 14x01
Keep Me In Your Heart
Ty dies from a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis, secondary to the gunshot.


Name Episode Information
Lou & Carl 1x06
One Trick Pony
Lou's boyfriend, Carl, pays a visit to Heartland and proposes to Lou.
Lou & Scott 2x04
Dancing in the Dark
When Scott and Lou agree something needs to change they both have differing opinions of how.
Lou & Peter 3x12
The Reckoning
When Peter's plans to take Lou to Paris change, he must change his other plans.
Jack & Lisa 3x15
Second Chances
When Lisa and Jack have a disagreement, Jack shouts something lovely at Lisa.
Caleb & Ashley 3x18
In the Cards
Caleb is adamant he doesn't want Ashley to go on the circuit with him as his girlfriend.
Caleb & Ashley 4x10
Mood Swings
When Caleb and Ashley find out they aren't married, they make a decision.
Tim & Janice 5x15
Breaking Down and Building Up
Tim makes a decision to help his custody case.
Amy & Ty 6x02
Crossed Signals
Ty has been waiting to propose and finally has to talk to Amy when he finds out she knows about the ring.
Amy & Ty 6x09
Helping Hands
Amy and Ty go on a romantic trip leading to Ty proposing.
Amy & Ty 7x03
Wrecking Ball
When Amy loses her ring Ty gives it back to her with another proposal.
Jack & Lisa 7x18
Be Careful What You Wish For
Jack and Lisa decide they can't live together, so they take a different leap of faith.
Jack & Lisa 8x01
There and Back Again
Jack makes a gesture after Lisa thinks he regrets their decision.
Caleb & Cassandra 10x11
Change of Course
With Caleb being shady and secretive Cassandra is determined to break up with him.
Mallory & Jake 10x14
Written in the Stars
Jake finds Mallory back at Heartland and asks a question.
Tim & Casey 12x01
Dare to Dream
Tim realises what's important in life


Name Episode Information
Mackenzie & Ian 2x12
Divorce Horse
Lou's friend Mackenzie decides the Dude Ranch is the prefect spot for her and Ian's wedding.
Lou & Peter 3x18
In the Cards
Lou and Peter have a huge disagreement and end up moving their wedding forward so they can head to Dubai.
Caleb & Ashley 3x18
In the Cards
Caleb and Ashley decide to elope.
Caleb & Ashley 4x12
Lost Song
Caleb and Ashley hold their second wedding at the trailer with their friends and family.
Jack & Lisa 7x18
Be Careful What You Wish For
Jack and Lisa get married in secret.. with Tim.
Amy & Ty 8x18
Written in Stone
Amy and Ty finally get married, at Heartland by the fireplace.
Mallory & Jake 10x14
Written in the Stars
Mallory and Jake finally tie the knot at Heartland.
Caleb & Cassandra 10x18
Greater Expectations
Caleb and Cassandra have their wedding although without Ty and Amy.
Mitch & Maya 12x11
Room to Grow
Mitch and Maya prepare for their wedding but someone throws a spanner in the works.

Injured or Hospitalised[]

Name Episode Information
Amy Fleming 1x01
Coming Home
Amy ends up in hospital after she and her mother rescue Spartan.
Amy Fleming 1x04
Taking Chances
When Amy is helping Ben's horse he spooks and pulls her from her horse and hits her head knocking her unconscious.
Mrs. Bell 1x09
Ghost from the Past
Mrs. Bell suffers a heart attack.
Jack Bartlett 1x12
Rising From Ashes
Jack gets caught up in the barn fire and later falls unconscious and hospitalised.
Tim Fleming 2x09
Tim gets shot by cattle rustlers trying to protect Amy.
Tim Fleming 2x10
True Enough
Tim suffers with his injuries and makes others suffer.
Amy Fleming 2x12
Divorce Horse
Amy gets bitten by a horse, Diva Girl.
Ty Borden 2x18
Step By Step
Ty gets really sick out at the Fishing Cabin and no way to get help.
Ty Borden 3x10
Eye of the Wolf
Ty and Scott get into a plane crash.
Scott Cardinal 3x10
Eye of the Wolf
Scott is seriously injured when he and Ty are in a plane crash.
Caleb Odell 3x14
The Happy List
Caleb gets seriously injured at his rodeo.
Caleb Odell 3x15
Second Chances
Caleb suffers with his injuries from the accident.
Caleb Odell 3x16
Spin Out
Caleb continues to suffer from his injuries.
Amy Fleming 4x01
Amy falls from her horse when competing in a cross country competition.
Mrs. Bell 4x03
Road Curves
Mrs. Bell gets run off the road when out in her cart.
Badger 4x05
Where the Truth Lies
Badger and Mallory fall down a well.
Badger 4x08
One Day
Badger suffers an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
Amy Fleming 4x16
The River
Amy gets knocked off her horse and knocked unconscious when Spartan gets spooked by a bear.
Lou Fleming 4x17
Never Surrender
Lou is taken to hospital when she experiences pregnancy pains.
Marnie Gordon 4x17
Never Surrender
Marnie is taken to hospital when she goes into labour.
Tim Fleming 5x07
Over the Rise
Tim gets injured by falling off his horse.
Amy Fleming 5x10
Amy gets injured by a horse, Alcatraz Run when he tries to charge her in his stall.
Ty Borden 5x13
Ty is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.
Jack Bartlett 5x13
Jack and Ty are injured in a motorcycle accident.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 6x08
Do the Right Thing
Georgie hurts her ankle when she rides one of Amy's client horses.
Jack Bartlett 6x18
Under Pressure
Jack suffers a heart attack out in the field all alone.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 7x06
Now or Never
Georgie wants to try trick riding and does so without help causing her to get injured.
Jeff Crawley 7x06
Now or Never
Jeff gets into a minor motorcycle accident.
Amy Fleming 7x09
There But For Fortune
Amy is knocked unconscious and hospitalised when a horse, Zeus kicks her in the back of the head.
Amy Fleming 7x10
Darkness and Light
Amy is left temporarily blind and unsure of her future.
Amy Fleming 7x11
Better Days
Amy still suffers with the symptoms of her accident.
Tim Fleming 7x15
Smoke n' Mirrors
Tim re-injures his bad shoulder when he falls off his horse.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 8x08
The Family Tree
Georgie breaks her arm trying to impress her Aunt with her trick riding.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 8x12
Cowgirls Don't Cry
Georgie contracts chicken pox.
Katie Fleming-Morris 9x02
Begin Again
Katie gets hurt when she falls off a horse in her first riding lesson.
Tim Fleming 9x02
Begin Again
Tim's shoulder pops and when he tries to put it back he's told he needs surgery.
Jade Virani 9x03
Riding for a Fall
Jade gets injured at her first rodeo.
Ty Borden 9x06
Over and Out
Ty is knocked off a cliff by his horse Harley.
Jack Bartlett 9x11
Making the Grade
Jack gets injured when trying to locate his longhorns on a cattle drive.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 9x17
Love is Just a Word
Georgie gets caught up in the fire at the reserve.
Adam Parker 9x18
Adam suffers a hypoglycemic attack.
Amy Fleming 10x05
Something To Prove
Cassandra takes Amy to hospital to get checked when she suffers with abdominal pains.
Amy Fleming 10x09
A Horse With No Rider
Amy, Georgie and Tim are caught up in a car crash due to a rock slide.
Tim Fleming 10x09
A Horse With No Rider
Amy, Georgie and Tim are caught up in a car crash due to a rock slide.
Amy Fleming 10x10
Together and Apart
Amy is still in pain while waiting for help to arrive.
Tim Fleming 10x10
Together and Apart
Tim suffers with a concussion unable to get help.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 10x14
Written in the Stars
Georgie gets injured trying to help re-train a cutting horse to be a trick riding horse.
Ty Borden 10x15
Forest for the Trees
Ty starts to feel sick in Mongolia.
Ty Borden 10x16
A Long Shot
Ty grows increasingly worse while trying to get home from Mongolia.
Ty Borden 10x17
Ty is hospitalised and his family all come together unsure of his future.
Olivia Wheaton 10x17
Olivia breaks her leg when her horse spooks.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 11x03
Decision Time
Georgie gets injured trick riding.
Tim Fleming 11x08
Truth be Told
Tim's behaviour is suddenly erratic due to an illness he's keeping secret from his family.
Dylan 11x18
Naming Day
Dylan gets injured falling from his horse.
Jade Virani 12x04
Risk and Reward
Jade gets badly injured at a rodeo.
Georgie Fleming-Morris 12x09
Long Road Back
Georgie finally succumbs to the pressure she's been putting on herself.
Jack Bartlett 12x10
All Hearts Lead Home
Jack gets injured when he falls into the river on a fishing trip, getting knocked unconscious.
Amy Fleming 13x10
The Passing of the Torch
Amy gets shot by a poacher and Ty takes her to hospital.
Ty Borden 13x10
The Passing of the Torch
When Ty gets Amy to hospital he realises he too has been shot.
Ty Borden 14x01
Keep Me In Your Heart
Ty collapses at Heartland and we discover he had a blood clot caused by deep vein thrombosis secondary to his gunshot wound.
Lily Borden 14x04
Through The Smoke
Lily gets injured by a branch and knocked off a horse.
Lisa Stillman 14x06
The New Normal
Lisa sprains her wrist falling in the shower.