Season 3, Episode 1
Written by Heather Conkie
Directed by Steve DiMarco
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Miracle is the first episode in season three of Heartland. It aired October 4, 2009.


Amy is thrust into the limelight when she performs a "miracle" on a traumatized horse and a video clip of the event is posted online.


When a multi-vehicle accident occurs, including Amy's school bus, she hops off the bus to try to help a gelding stuck in a fence. People video this and it is presented on the news, causing Heartland to become famous overnight. Amy struggles to keep up with the pressure while trying to heal Caesar, the horse she freed from the fence. But is Caesar a horse she cannot heal? Lisa is back from France. Caleb wants his trailer back, but Ashley won't share because she found out that Caleb took money from her mom so he would stay away from Ashley.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Daniel Fathers as Stewart Forrest
  • Sebastian Pigott as Carson McMaster
  • Kira Bradley as Bus driver
  • Tim McLean as Helper


  • Dreamer - Jenn Grant (theme)
  • Some People Tell Me - Birds of Wales
  • Wall - Nat Jay
  • When You Can Fly - Victoria Banks