Lyndy Marion Fleming Borden was born to Ty Borden and Amy Fleming during the last episode of season 10. She remained unnamed until the beginning of season 11, where they named her Lyndy, after her late great-grandmother, Lyndy Bartlett. Her middle name, Marion is the name of her deceased grandmother, Marion Fleming, who died during the pilot of the series, when Amy and Spartan were badly injured, but they both ended surviving.

She was born at home in the barn loft on the day of Caleb & Cassandra’s wedding day with the wild Appaloosa Mustang named Ghost right outside.

Her guardians (godparents), should anything happen to Amy and Ty, are Caleb O'Dell and Cassandra Fay-O'Dell. Her first laugh was at Caleb's expense.

Her favorite thing is a blanket with a sheep on it, called Lambie, that her grandmother Lily gave her.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Much like her mother, Lyndy has blond hair, and blue eyes. She has dimples like Ty did as a kid and she loves horses like both of her parents. Lyndy is very sad when her father leaves for Mongolia, but she loves her great-grandparents, Jack Bartlett and Lisa Stillman.