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"Nobody move! Or the next one's got my name on it...Your name! Don't move! "

Samantha Louise "Lou" Fleming is Amy's older sister. She's the eldest daughter of Marion Fleming and Tim Fleming, granddaughter of Jack Bartlett and Lyndy Bartlett and half sister of Shane Grenier. She is also mother to Georgie and Katie.

Lou went to work in New York after attending College there. She is very organised and takes her time to make big decisions. In the pilot, when her mother (Marion) dies, she comes home to help the family and business.


Dealing with the loss of her mother after she died in a car wreck, Lou moves back to Heartland from New York to help bring the ranch out of financial troubles, as she solves them she does seem to frustrate the others. When her boyfriend from New York comes to visit (Carl), he proposes to her but later she finds out it was only for his job. Carl does deny it but she does not believe him. Lou also begins dating the ranch veterinarian, Scott Cardinal but they later break up. Later the series, Lisa sets Lou up with Peter, an oilman, and eventually, Lou and Peter get married, have their daughter Katie and later officially adopt another daughter, Georgie. Maggie's Diner is up for sale. Lou fights to have Maggie's Diner turned into a heritage site to keep it from becoming a chain food store. After it's declared a heritage site, she purchases it with the help of her father, Tim. An old friend of Lou's becomes the manager of the diner.

Season 1


We first see Lou in New York busy making deals to her boss. She receives a phone call telling her about the accident with Marion and Amy. She flies straight home to arrive at the hospital. Jack informs her of the situation and updates her on Amy's condition. Lou attends her mum's funeral and delivers a speech about the last time she was home and told a story of riding with her and Amy. Lou wants to go back to New York, but keeps herself busy trying to fix Marion's financials with the business. She goes to the bank to try to organize the re-payment for the loan for the ranch, she gives them a business plan and she's told selling may be a better plan. She's informed that they like her business plan but only if she stays to implement it. She later opens up to Scott about Marion and how she feels about he business. Lou receives a letter from Tim and goes off to meet him to catch up, she warns him that Jack and Amy aren't ready to see him or forgive him yet. She calls her job in New York to let them know she won't be returning soon. (Coming Home) Lou asks Amy about the progress of one of her client horses, Swallow. When she says he's fine she takes this to mean he's ready to go so calls the owner to have him picked up. Amy comes to Lou and is upset that she let Swallow go too early and says Amy told her he was fine. When Lou talks to Amy about a potential client, they start to rub each other up the wrong way when they don't agree on how to move forward. Lou receives a call from her boss and continues to postpone her return to New York. When she starts to get upset about Marion she starts to call Tim but stops when Jack enters. She confesses to him that she feels she's failing at everything at the moment. He comforts her and tells her to enjoy what she has right now. She reaches out to Amy and apologizes for the miscommunication, in inadvertently makes Amy think she doesn't believe in her. Her and Amy later forgive each other. (After the Storm)


Lou is working hard to organize the Open house for Heartland. She starts giving Jack lots of jobs to spruce up the ranch. She takes a break to meet Marnie Gordon for lunch at Maggie's. They talk about their partners and she admits she misses Carl. When she's leaving she bumps into Tim and invites him to the open house. Lou and Amy bask in the success of the open house when Scott asks Lou to dance. When they are she tells Scott how disappointed she is that her Dad didn't show up. (Breaking Free) Amy and Lou are trying to put off sorting Marion's room for Ben Stillman. They both admit to each other that they need to get on with it. They find pictures, Tim's last stampede buckle and a letter he sent to Marion asking for forgiveness and to come back home. Lou asks Jack about the letter and he doesn't think it forgives everything and he didn't actually come home. Lou meets up with Tim and asks him about the letter. He tells her that he didn't even know if Marion got it because she never told him. He tells Lou that he saw Amy with her horse, when Lou questions it he tells her that he works at Big River, she gets upset that he was so close and didn't get in touch. After Amy's accident, she rushes off with Jack to go and find her and take her to hospital. When she returns home she tells her about Tim bringing Spartan back and him working at Big River. Amy is upset with her for not telling her which causes Jack to tell them about him kicking Tim out years ago after his accident when he became hooked on pills and alcohol. (Taking Chances)


Amy and Lou go to Maggie's and see Briar Ridge's new commercial, this gives her the idea to do her own video. She starts to organize a director immediately and gets carried away giving everyone jobs. She meets up with Marnie who agrees that the video is a good idea. She suggests using her husband, Jerry to film but Lou declines telling her she has a "proper director". She gets a call from the director who now can't film her video and she receives a call from her boss which leaves her disappointed. Lou goes begging to Marnie to get Jerry to film her video, he accepts. She starts to annoy everyone and when she tells Ben and Mallory to move the manure pile, she's disgusted when she finds it under her bedroom window. After they film the video Lou is feeling sorry for herself when Scott comes over to drag her out to a bar. They start to get close and are about to kiss when Lou asks for another drink. She later sings karaoke "Bad timing", after the new commercial plays and she is devastated at how it turned out. Scott drives her home and she confesses that she has been fired and he comforts her. (The Best Laid Plans) Lou and Scott are deworming geese and joking around when a car pulls into Heartland, it's her boyfriend Carl. Carl tells her all about his new job in Chicago, she asks if it is with Griffin and Sharpe as she had a letter from them offering her an interview. She manages to persuade Amy to take Carl for a trail ride while he's there. Lou spends a lot of time trying to bake Jack a birthday cake for after dinner, Carl teases her about it. When she starts struggling with the icing Scott arrives and shows her, her mother's recipes … icing in a can. At dinner Carl makes a speech and proposes to Lou, only when he opens the box the ring is missing. Mallory gives it back and apologizes. Carl proposes again and she says yes. They start to talk about the next step and Carl says they can move to Chicago tomorrow and she can go to her interview on Thursday. She's suspicious as she never told him when the interview was. He admits he orchestrated the interview and proposed because he got a job at a family firm so he should have a family to work there. Lou storms out and Carl follows her to tell her how much he loves her, she responds by giving him the ring back. The next morning, Carl leaves and Jack tries to cheer her up a bit. (One Trick Pony)


Lou is annoyed that Jack has accepted a pregnant mare, Melody, because they're too much work. When Scott comes by to check on Melody he tells Lou that he's happy to come by daily to check on her. Lou tries to tell him that as she only recently broke up with Carl she's not ready for anything. He tells her he meant it's on his way to other clients. Lou starts to get stressed quickly about people not sticking to her schedule and Amy spending too much time with Melody. Scott gets her to feel the foal and she gets excited and starts to calm down. Later, Melody goes into labor so Lou rushes to get Amy to help, she calls Scott but he's too far away to help. Amy suggests getting Mrs. Bell so she hurries to collect her. Amy delivers the foal with help from Lou and Mrs. Bell. (Come What May) Lou is very excited about the prospect of Gallant Prince coming to Heartland as it will be good press for them. When she does an interview for the newspaper Amy isn't very happy when she describes her as "young and inexperienced". She apologizes and promises not to do another interview. After Amy succeeds in improving Prince she reads out the news article praising her work and Heartland. (Out of the Darkness)


When Amy finds Mrs. Bell unconscious Lou goes to help and brings Sugarfoot back to Heartland. She tells Amy that Sugarfoot won't be staying because he's too much work and she doesn't want her to get attached but Amy is adamant he's staying. Later that night she sees the barn lights on and heads over, she finds Amy sitting in the stall with Sugarfoot. The next evening, Lou is in the barn office when she stumbles across a picture of her riding Sugarfoot when she was younger. She goes to sit with Sugarfoot and starts singing to him, Amy walks in and sits with her. Lou confesses that she used to love horses like Amy and even learnt to ride on Sugarfoot. She tells her how much she misses Marion and Amy comforts her. Lou is in the shower the next morning when someone starts knocking on the door, she goes to yell at whoever came into the bathroom to find Sugarfoot. She begins feeding him his favorite caramel corn rice cakes and allows him to follow her around. She heads over to the barn and tells Amy that she's moving into the office when a woman arrives, Vanessa Bell, to tell them Mrs. Bell wants her to look after him. Lou makes an excuse that he still needs to be vetted and he can't go yet. Scott walks in on Lou talking to Sugarfoot and tells her that the tests came back clear so he can go. (Ghost from the Past) Lou is on the phone with a client about selling a horse, Mallory overhears and believes she's trying to sell Copper. Nick, who's around to talk to Ben about coaching him, talks to Lou about the idea of buying Spartan because he's seen him jump. He suggests they go for lunch when Scott interrupts. After dinner, Lou tells Amy about Nick's offer and suggests she jump Spartan herself. When the client doesn't show up she finds Mallory hiding in the stall and asks her what she said, she calls her back to re-arrange. Lou hangs around when Nick turns up to coach Ben to be around Nick more. After Mallory takes Copper and stumbles upon the feed lot, she calls Lou for her help. She rushes off with Amy to help. They're trying to water the horses when a truck arrives and they release all the horses and when a fight breaks out between Jack, Wes and Ty she grabs the shotgun from Jack's truck and fires it into the air to break it up. Lou later comes to an agreement with Mallory for them to be partners of Copper through sweat equity. Scott then later invites her to Mustang Meadow, causing her to cancel lunch with Nick to go with Scott. (Born to Run)


Amy and Lou made a deal, Amy gives her a crash course with horses to re-build her confidence and Lou tells Jack about Tim coming for lunch. She starts her course by mucking out stalls and brushing horses. While she's doing so, Amy gets a call from Soraya telling her she saw Lisa buying fishing gear from Maggie's. They rush off to tell Jack they know he's taking Lisa to the cabin. Amy makes Lou promise that she'll do all the talking for her with Tim because she's still nervous. He arrives and brings a horse, Payback, for Amy to work with. She continues making lunch and reluctantly invites Mallory when she makes her feel sorry for her standing at the window shivering. Lou starts to tell Tim about her plan for a corporate equine retreat and run team building exercises. He agrees it's a good idea and immediately changes subject to Amy and jumping which annoys Lou. After lunch, they go to the arena and watch Amy jumping. When they talk about Marion and how she would ride to show Amy how it's done, Tim goads Lou into jumping. When she does she has flashbacks to Tim's accident, she manages to make the jump but walks off when she finishes. When Tim comes back to check on the progress of his horse, Lou overhears him pushing Amy from the office and goes out to see what's happening. As Amy falls from the horse she rushes over and has a go at Tim for pushing like he's always done admitting that after his accident she became scared of horses. Amy goes to find Lou after and make sure she's OK, she takes her on a trail ride to finish her crash course. (Thicker Than Water) Lou runs into Tim at Maggie's, he apologies and she tells him, that she's been offered an interview in New York, which Scott overhears. Back at Heartland Scott arrives to deliver her ticket for his college reunion and mentions New York, to Amy's surprise. She tells Jack and Amy that she's not sure if she wants to go, Jack convinces her sending her resume is the first step and then she can decide. Lou's in her room choosing a dress for the reunion when Amy comes in and borrows a dress for her formal. She asks Amy if something is going on between her and Ty, she denies it but Lou isn't convinced. After the reunion she and Scott go to Maggie's, she tells him that she's decided to go to the interview. He's disappointed and confused when Maggie receives a phone call about the fire. She, Scott, Amy and Ty rush back to Heartland to see Jack being rushed to hospital. When they return home from the hospital with Jack he gives her the task of calling the insurance company. The next day she calls and arranges a meeting when she's told there's a problem. She meets the insurer in Maggie's and she's told that the barn isn't insured after Marion upgraded the wiring, which Val overhears. Lou, Amy and Jack talk about the insurance and Jack ensures them that they will fix the problem, he then collapses unconscious and is rushed back to hospital. Lou stays with him and Tim arrives comforting her and Amy. He tells Lou that he wants to give her the money for the repairs as Jack wakes up and tells him he won't accept his money. Jack's discharged and when they are taking him home he sees Wes and he remembers what happened. They drive back home and are amazed to see their friends and neighbours re-building the barn. (Rising from Ashes)


Lou is in New York for her interview. She arrives back bragging about how great things in New York were. She tells Amy, Tim and Jack that she's been offered the job. She's disappointed that no one seems happy for her, Amy admits that she doesn't want her to leave and that Scott won't either since he's in love with her. She goes to tell Scott about the job and he tells her he's happy for her, leaving Lou confused. At the Fall Finale, Lou supports Amy when Mr. Mallen shows up demanding to have Spartan back. She later tells him that he can have the horse after paying for his bills for being at Heartland She drives up the bill as high as she can and he leaves furious and beaten. Scott turns up at the ranch and declares his love for Lou leaving her deliriously happy. (Coming Together)

Season 2


Lou and Tim are ecstatic leaving the bank, they received a loan for her new Corporate Equine Retreat. They go to Maggie's and talk about the plans for the business. Tim asks if she's told Jack yet, but she's been putting it off. They go to Heartland and she reminds Tim about Amy's surprise party, they start talking about the new buildings when Jack arrives and overhears. They start arguing about it and Jack is against it. After dinner, Mallory asks what Amy's doing for her birthday. When Amy leaves she tells Lou that she knows about the surprise party but she'll keep it secret if she convinces Jack to let her stay for the summer. Lou tries to talk to Jack again about the retreat and shows him some prices of other places to show him what sort of money they could be getting. He gives her and Tim two conditions; 1. They build the cabins somewhere he can't see, 2. She never asks him to take any one on a trail ride. (Ghost Horse) Lou runs into Tim in town and he gives her the blueprints for the new cabins for the retreat. She rushes back excited to show everyone, but no one shows any interest except Scott. She goes out to the field with Jack where she wants to build. He asks about the old bunkhouses his grandfather built, which are falling apart, and isn't happy when she tells him of her plans to demolish them causing him to refuse her building there. Soon after, Lou begins working at Maggie's but proves to be a terrible waitress. She admits to Amy that they need the money and she needs a challenge. She enjoys being at work when Scott turns up and they flirt. Lou finally breaks when Jack goes to Maggie's to talk to her and she finally calls it a Dude Ranch, she also tells Jack that she was just fired and was described as under qualified. Jack takes her back to the site she wanted to build at and tells her she can re-build the bunkhouses and use them as the cabins, she's delighted. (Letting Go)


Lou shows Tim around the new cabins at the Dude Ranch. She points out all the little comforts she's added and Tim tells her she needs horses, he gives her a number of a friend where she can get some high end horses. Lou isn't sure about high end, but accepts the number. She asks Amy to go with her to look at the horses, but she tells her she can't as she's busy jumping. Scott goes with her and Tim's friend tries to sell all 15. She explains that she only needs 5 or 6, when he gives her a quote she realizes she can't afford it. She complains to Scott that she doesn't need high end horses for trail rides but it's hard to tell Tim her opinion. Back at Heartland she continues to moan about Tim and the horses when he walks in and overhears. Amy suggests she go to the sanctuary and re-homes some horses. Conflicted, Lou talks to Jack who tells her what she already knows. That she doesn't need high end horses she needs good trail horses. He likens the high end horses to Tim, rush in and don't think. She goes with Tim to the sanctuary and tells him that she wants to build on the Heartland brand of taking in unwanted horses. Tim tells Lou that they need a reputation of good quality horses, they disagree and Tim tells her that he maybe shouldn't be her partner. After Amy and Tim argue, Amy goes to see Lou and they talk about how neither of them want to disappoint him or say no to him, but need to tell him how they feel. After they bring back the new trail ride horses Tim admits that he does want to be her partner and they all officially open the Dude Ranch. (Gift Horse) Lou wakes up early and continues to wake up everybody else, rushing them through breakfast and ushering them out of the house, on the cattle drive. Marnie calls inviting her to lunch but she tells her that she has a full day. Scott arrives and they are both excited about their weekend together. After a short time, Lou gets frustrated when Scott has to leave because he's on-call, so she calls Marnie back and agrees to lunch. When they're at Maggie's Marnie tells her how excited she is about the retreat and suggests her services for catering. She also inform Lou that she is currently pregnant and expecting in the winter. Lou receives a call from Scott so makes her excuses and leaves, when she does she reverses into a couple in their car leaving them annoyed. She gets herself ready for Scott and shouts for him to come in, instead of Scott it's the couple she just hit with her car. She realizes that they are the booking for the Dude Ranch, arrived a week early, Kevin and Connie Miltown. When she learns they have a travel blog she insists that they stay and she tries to do everything she can to make a good impression. She calls Marnie and agrees to her catering who rushes over some food for the couple. When her and Scott are finally alone, he tells her that something has to change and suggests they break up as he's always her second priority. She, in contrast, suggests they get married. Everyone returns with the horses from the cattle drive, exciting the couple ready for a trail ride. Amy asks how her weekend with Scott went and is surprised to learn they knew all along that's why she wanted them out. (Dancing in the Dark)


Lou gets nervous about her impending guests to the Dude Ranch. She gets a call that Nadine Lipchuck, equine self-esteem trainer, has cancelled so drags Amy in to help. She greets her friends from New York, Lauren and Nicole and is introduced to Mackenzie Hutton. She starts by getting the girls to muck out the barn as "team building", then select and mount their horses. They all start gossiping about Strickland and Cooke and other employees. Lou gets jealous when they tell her that Lauren got promoted and now has her old job. After dinner, she tells Jack that she's worried she made a huge mistake leaving New York. The next morning, Caleb calls in sick so she tries to rope in Jack and Amy into helping with the trail ride. They head out and on the trail ride and it gets awkward when all the girls start arguing and trying to put each other down. She later sees Lauren trying to kiss Tim and asks her what's going on. She breaks down and tells her that she only got the promotion because her boss likes her and hits on her and her boyfriend is cheating on her. Lou also breaks down and admits her life also isn't great and that she and Scott broke up because she proposed and he said he wasn't sure. After the trail ride she goes to the Dude Ranch to apologize but they apologize to her and tell them they had an amazing experience and they'll tell everyone about it. Jack checks in with her and wonders if she wants to be going with them, she says no, she's right where she should be. (Corporate Cowgirls) Lou runs into Nick at Maggie's and gives her some comp tickets for the polo match. He also asks Lou about Scott. When Lou reads the article about Amy and Mark and starts slobbering over him when she sees that he's there. At dinner, she tells everyone about the tickets and Lisa gets excited but Jack isn't interested. Scott turns up to talk to Lou and is upset that he got a job with the polo team because Lou recommended him. At the polo match Lou talks to Scott again and tells him that he got the job because he's good she just praised him. She asks about their relationship and wants to know if they are together or not, when he doesn't answer she takes that as a break up. She see's mark when she arrives home and he praises Amy's work with Venture they have a moment before Lou heads inside. (Holding Fast)


Lou is coaching and annoying Soraya for the rodeo queen. When Lou asks Amy that Soraya isn't answering her calls, she tells her that she's scared of her. Soraya goes back around and Lou is trying to do her make up but she doesn't like the outfit and fidgets. Lou continues to nit pick and she finally snaps and quits. Lou complains to Amy about the waste of money and time, trying to get her to enter, she suggests Lou do t herself instead. She initially refuses because of the little miss rodeo incident when she was 8. Her flag was blown out of her hand and all the girls laughed at her. She then changes her mind and is determined to compete. She sees Scott at the rodeo and gets jealous when she sees him with another girl, Cherie Porter who won the little miss rodeo. Lou loses the rodeo queen competition and proceeds to get drunk after. Amy tries to cheer her up, to no avail. She talks to Scott and tells him that she's annoyed that he broke up with her and now he's parading around with a new girl. She runs into Soraya and apologizes for being over the top and starts to put herself down, she tries to cheer her up and tells her that she's a role model. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Everyone is suffering with the heatwave and can't sleep at 2am. Lou's surprised when a cattle truck arrives at Heartland Ranch. It's Ty's dad, Brad, with the truck full of horses. Lou called Scott but he can't be there until morning. Lou finds out that the horses were from an auction house being taken to a slaughterhouse. They call Mark to report them and he tells them but nothing that has been done has been illegal, the only way to save them is to buy them and then asks Lou out on Friday. Scott tells Lou that they need to move on so she should look for a new vet. Lou goes into the barn to look for Amy and is surprised to find Ashley who tells her about Apollo and begs Lou to help her save him. Lou goes to the auction house to talk to the manager about buying the horses, he demands double what the slaughterhouse paid, $2,000 in cash. She calls him later to inform him she has the money and he can come and collect it tomorrow, she stores it in the barn office for the time being. After Brad steals the money and disappears, Lou calls Ed and tells him that he needs to wait longer for the money. He tells her he can't and comes to pick up the horses. When he does Lou calls Mark for help, he comes and arrests Ed for his treatment of employees and horses leaving the horses with Heartland. She finds Scott and tells him that she doesn't except his resignation, she Jack and Amy need him and he's such a good vet, he agrees to stay. She goes out for her first date with Mark. (Summer's End)


Lou shows Ashley all the jobs around the Dude Ranch. When she checks back she's surprised to see the jobs be done so well. She meets Mark at Maggie's to eat and are interrupted by Tim complaining about all the paperwork to try to organize his cattle. He gets annoyed at Mark saying that the paperwork is important to trace the cattle after it's been stolen. She finds Ashley in the house and starts talking to her, she tells Lou that she's not going back to school and Lou tries to convince her otherwise. Mallory goes into the barn office wrapped up in a coat, she tells Lou that she's not allowed to laugh and reveals what's under her coat...her boarding school uniform. Lou joins the others and says goodbye to Mallory. Lou runs into Val at Maggie's and she tries to laugh off Ashley working at the Dude Ranch she's sure she will be back. Lou is surprised to see that Amy is still doing night check, when Ty and Caleb should be picking up the slack. She tells Amy about how after breaking up with Scott she feels more like herself. She's trying out some outfits for her next date with Mark, he's old school and enjoys seeing her dressed up, insists on paying and likes punctuality. She's with mark in the car on the way to the restaurant, he stops seeing some ranchers moving their cattle so goes to talk to them. (Showdown!) Lou and Lou are confused when Callie shows up out of the blue to help take care of Tim. Tim suggests that Callie stay at the Dude Ranch for the night and Lou thinks it's a bad idea, Tim misinterprets this as Lou giving up her room for Callie. Amy tells Lou she can sleep in her room, and stumbles upon the mix CD she's made for Mark and mocks her for it. Lou and Amy both complain about their bad night's sleep and complain about each other. When Tim rings his bell again Lou heads in and tells him to walk tot he kitchen. She asks about Callie and he tells her nothing's going on. He asks her about Amy as he hasn't seen her for a few days, she tells her that she's going through something and should talk to her. Lou gives mark her mix CD with police themed songs and bands, he tells her he thinks it's cute. He gives the family an update, they haven't found the cows and haven't been able to trace the vehicles. When Tim starts to get angry he too gets irate telling him that he should arrest him for the way he handled things. He starts to storm out when Lou follows him and and calms him down, she tells him she'll see him tomorrow but he forgot he has a meeting. She see's Amy looking upset and sits and talks to her. She tells Lou that she blames herself for what happened to Tim because she shouldn't have been there. Lou tries to get her to see that whether she was there or not it wouldn't have played out well. Callie tells Lou that she's going to help Tim at Big River, Callie asks Lou why no one likes her and Lou confesses that Tim never told them about her. When Lou is in town she sees Mark kissing a girl in his car listening to the mix CD, he follows her and tells her that they are both seeing other people and they aren't exclusive. Amy wakes Lou in the middle of the night and confesses that she can't breathe due to the guilt for Tim, she tries to get her to understand that she wasn't to blame. Amy also tells her that she feels that when she gets close to someone she loses them, like Ty. Lou tells Amy about what happened with Mark and they start to joke about Caleb kissing Amy. (True Enough)


Lou takes a booking for the Dude Ranch, she starts screaming causing Jack to rush in. She is about to tell him who the guest is but stops herself. She hands out confidentiality agreements before telling everyone the guest is, famous actress - Mindy Fanshaw. Lou guides Mindy down to the Dude Ranch and shows her the cabin, as she's telling her about the fresh bed sheets Mallory jumps out. Lou brings breakfast to the Dude ranch, Mindy tells her that the location is beautiful and she should request it to be a location for the movie, getting Lou's hopes up. Lou is on the phone to Mindy's agent and is shocked by her feedback. She storms to the Dude Ranch to tell her off for hurting Pegasus and her feedback and kicks her out. After she's left the agent calls Lou again and tells her that Mindy described it as "Heaven on earth" and wants more clients to stay but she tells them they're fully booked. (Starstruck!) Lou and Amy set up the Dude Ranch cabin for Mackenzie for her wedding. Mackenzie arrives at Heartland and she and Lou talk, Mackenzie wants to have the wedding down at the Dude Ranch by the river at sunset. After dinner, Lisa talks to Mackenzie and realizes she know her parents. She tells Lou that Mackenzie's parents are high society and a small wedding to them means 250 people. She offers to help Lou organize the wedding but she declines. Lisa instead tells her about the man she wants to set her up with and Lou's not happy. Lisa makes some suggestions for the wedding but Lou's annoyed that she keeps trying to change the plans. Mackenzie arrives back after going shopping and Lisa starts to plant the ideas for her plans of tents and tea lights. Lou continues to get annoyed by Lisa trying to take over, she then tells her that she passed on her email to her friend who passed it on to the guy. Lou is furious that she passed on her personal information to a stranger. Lou is sitting reading and receives an email, she reads it and it's from the guy. He tells her that he doesn't usually do things like this but since so many people obviously want them together he wants to leave it to fate. Lou doesn't reply. Mackenzie tells Lou the wedding is off, Lou tries to stop her from making a big decision and goes to lie down. Lisa and Jack arrive and Lou goes off at Lisa telling her that because she started to get involved she's the one who threw it off course. Lisa tells Lou that she was trying to help but Lou tells her that she doesn't want her help and Lisa leaves upset. Lou goes to the Dude Ranch to apologize to Ian, he tells her he thought it was too good to be true. He tells Lou about how they met, he went to Gramercy Park, which he never goes to and saw Mackenzie with her dog when her dog ran off he went to get it back for her. He believes it was fate that they met, stirring something within Lou. Lou tells Mackenzie that she's making a mistake, she knew what she wanted when she arrived but has been talked out of it. When her bags arrive, with her wedding dress Mackenzie realizes her mistake and the wedding is back on. After the wedding, Jack tries to talk to Lou but she tells him although he wants her to apologize to Lisa she won't Lisa needs to apologize to her. After the inspiration from the wedding, Lou decides to email Peter back. (Divorce Horse)


Lou takes breakfast to the Dude Ranch guests they both tell her they're going fishing. She tells Jack about getting new guests for the Dude Ranch and that business is going well. Lisa arrives and there is a tense atmosphere with her and Lou. After hearing the nearby explosions, Jack tells them that it is Bedford Oil doing testing nearby. Lou is furious that they can test without having given notice, Mallory realizes that she has the letter but thought it was junk mail. Lou messages with Peter who tells her he'll be in town next week and suggests they meet. She panics and shuts the computer. Lou goes to chat with Amy and explains what Lisa did and that she's been messaging this guy. Amy gives her advice and tells her that she might regret not meeting him but Lou worries that he won't meet her expectations and will turn out to be short and hairy. She reply's to the message and tells him to meet Tuesday at Maggie's. Lou and Mallory work down at the Dude Ranch when there's more explosions, Lou tells Mallory that Jack will never sell land to Bedford. Mallory reminds her of ranchers rights and that if they find oil they will go through the government, most likely getting permission as Jack owns the top of the land but what's underneath belongs to the crown. This spurs Lou on to find a way to stop it. Lou is determined to arrange a meeting at Heartland and get enough people to fight against the oil companies. She starts to hand out jobs telling Amy and Ty to sort out flyers and Mallory to get a list of people and draft an email invite. Lou tells peter that she's making a stand and calls the boss of the oil company "The Big Bad Wolf". In town, Lou runs into a guy, P.W., accidentally spilling coffee all over him, she apologizes and leaves. Lou hands out flyers in Maggie's for the meeting, Tim arrives and she persuades him to come tot he meeting. Lou kicks out the guests at the Dude Ranch when she finds out they are working for Bedford and are performing the tests on their land. When messaging Peter, they talk about their date and he tells Lou that he'll be the one without a cowboy hat. Lou practices her speech when Lisa arrives bringing her chili for the meeting. Lou rebuffs her and Lisa storms off. Tim arrives with advice for Lou, working for the oil rigs saved his life and since his cattle have been stolen if he had oil on his land he would get the money. Lou gets angry and upset that this is all about money for him. At Lou's meeting she starts when the Bedford Oil rep arrives, P.W. and delivers his speech about wanting to improve the relationship the oil companies have with ranchers. Lou stands up and combats his argument that they can't be bought that easy and demand rights and that they need to stand up for themselves. Lou tells the others that she gained lots of signatures of support, Jack tells her that they have more support and takes her for a drive. He takes her to a bridge that has a truck road block with local ranchers stopping Bedford Oil getting through. P.W. arrives and tells them it's OK and sends everyone home. he tries to make amends with Lou offering her a check but she tells him she doesn't accept bribes and he can only repay for the damage caused. Lisa arrives to pick up her chili pot and apologizes for interfering with Lou's life. She tells Lisa it's not the interfering, the fact she gave her details to a complete stranger made her look totally desperate. They both apologize and Lou tells Lisa that she actually has a date with the guy and realizes it's now then rushes to get ready. Lou arrives at Maggie's and sees a guy standing at the Juke box without a cowboy hat, she heads over and both are shocked to realize they already know each other... it's P.W. Peter tells her they never talked about work but discloses that he doesn't work for Bedford, he owns it. Lou is determined to leave but later when Peter leaves he sees her sitting outside. She tells him she's waiting for her ride and that they couldn't work as they have different opinions. He kisses her but she starts leaving anyway, she turns and kisses him again before leaving. (Seismic Shifts) When Clint arrives, he gives Lou the schedule he's prepared for the kids staying for the night, she worries about them being unsupervised at the Dude Ranch. When they burn a chair and steal Ty's truck Clint and Lou tell them off. Tara tells them that they couldn't stay inside because of the "vermin" and pulls out a snake to scare them. Lou makes it clear that she's not scared, she grew up on the ranch, although Clint is pretty scared. When Clint starts wheezing he checks with Lou that there are no nuts in the muffins, she tells him that she never uses nuts in case of allergies. He tells her that he's suffering an allergic reaction and Lou rushes around to find someone to take him to the hospital. Lou tells Amy that they need to stick to Clint's schedule so asks her to deliver the riding lessons, Amy has a better idea and gets Mallory to do it instead. Lou calls to check on Clint and tells them he has to call her back. She tells Amy that he's fine just waiting for the swelling to go down. Amy spots the flowers she's received from Peter but dismisses her, telling her that she needs to sleep out in the cabins with Tara and Ty is bunking with Badger. Lou runs into Peter again at Maggie's and spills coffee on him again. She gets embarrassed and tries to leave but Peter asks her about he flowers, telling her he'll get her something else. She confesses that she doesn't think it can work because they stand for different things and leaves. Amy sees Lou with another gift from Peter and asks about what he's like, as Lou spots Mallory dressed up as a goth, surprising them both. Lou goes to meet Peter in Maggie's and he gives her a thermos so she can't spill any more coffee, they agree to just talk like they did online without spontaneous making out. (Do or Die)


Lou visits Mrs. Bell and is worried when she receives a letter from Hudson County telling her that she's breaking by-laws by having Sugarfoot live at her house and he could be impounded. When Mrs. Bell believes she's taking about the Hudson Derby, Lou tells her that she'll sort it. Lou meets Ms Newton from Hudson Council and tells her that Sugarfoot is not livestock but a pet, and that when Mrs. Bell had her heart attack he acted as a guide animal. Ms Newton says that she'll still have to check it out for herself. Lou brings Ms Newton to Mrs. Bell's, it appears to be bad timing when Sugarfoot walks out the house refusing a bath and she realizes that Mrs. Bell is not impaired. Ms Newton instead insists that Mrs. Bell be reported to social services to move to an assisted living, Lou is in shock and refuses determined to fight her. When Jack re-tells the story about Tim cheating at the last Hudson Derby, Lou becomes inspired when she realizes that it was a charity race. She later rushes home and puts the TV on showing everyone her advert for the renewed Hudson Derby race to raise money for Mrs. Bell's lawyer to keep Sugarfoot. Lou announces to Mrs. Bell that she's running the Derby and asks her to drop the flag on the day, she accepts but warns Lou Jack and Tim will repeat history. Lou prepares the derby and is happy to see Scott arrive and believes he's there to be the standby vet, however tells her that he's a late entry. Stumpy's nearby and tells her he wants to bet on Scott to win, Lou then opens a betting ring and accepts bets on winners. Lou welcomes everyone to the race and Mrs. bell announces the start of the race. Ms Newton approaches Lou to tell her that she's heard she's been taking bets which is against a by-law and she could be heavily fined. Lou announces Scott as the winner, and awards him a weekend for two at the Dude Ranch. When Scott jokes about needing someone to take, Lou begins taking bids on his weekend partner. After the event, Lou goes to see Mrs. Bell and apologizes as they only just broke even and couldn't raise the money. Mrs. Bell tells her not to worry as she already has a lawyer on it and he's working for free because Sugarfoot is his cutest client, leaving Lou stunned. (Dark Horse) Lou sits surrounded by flowers sent by Peter, Mallory appears her make-up streaming, she blames the flowers. She tells Lou that she's in shock Spartan's gone and she wants to help Amy. Lou gives her some posters to put up at school to help. Jack arrives and Lou tells him that they need to do something about Amy as she's not eating or sleeping. Lou later receives an invite to the ballet from Peter, when he says he'll pick her up at Heartland he calls him leaving a message telling him she'll meet him there instead. Mallory overhears her talking to the "Internet Guy" and asks why they haven't met him yet, Lou guarantees he's nice but sees Mallory seems upset so offers to go on a trail ride but she refuses. Lou's leaving for the ballet and says goodbye to Jack, as she's heading out the door she sees Peter standing on the other side so slams the door shut. Jack asks if she's OK and she passes it off as looking for her keys. She heads out with Peter and tells him that they got a new puppy and didn't want to let it out. After the ballet, Lou rides in the limo with Peter on the way home, she tells them to pull over and says she'll walk the rest of the way (to keep him away from the family). Amy's waiting in the house nervously pacing when Lou arrives home, she complains about the cold and her feet hurting when Amy breaks the news that Ty's been arrested. (The Ties That Bind)


Peter calls Lou and invites her skiing, she declines as she has to stay in case she gets any guests for her new Winter Wonderland campaign for the Dude Ranch. Lou takes a booking for all the cabins for this weekend, she starts dancing she's so happy. At dinner, Lou tells Amy that she can't go as she needs her to take the guests on a trail ride. Amy suggests that Ty and Kit do it instead. Jack agrees that it's a good idea for Amy needs to get away. Lou's baking and preparing for the guests when there's a knock at the door. Peter arrives and she tells him that she's waiting on some guests, he drops hints and she realises he's the booking. Lou rushes Peter to the cabins, while he's taking in the surroundings she drags him inside and closes the blinds. She plays it off as being romantic and leaves him to settle in while she goes to tell Ty and Kit they don't need all the trail horses. She runs all the way from the Dude Ranch and tells Ty and Kit that she won't be needing them and takes two horses, she tells them that there's one guest and wants total privacy so they're not to go down there. Lou prepares a picnic for Peter, when Jack and Mallory talk about how strange it is that someone rented all the cabins and wants total privacy. When Mallory questions whether or not he's another "oil slick" Lou tells her he's not and storms out. Lou and Peter enjoy the picnic in the cabin, when Peter receives a phone call, it sounds serious until he whispers to Lou that it's is father-in-law and it's fine. He tells the person on the other end to pack up Max's things and he'll pick him up. Lou walks out before he ends his call. Peter persistently texts Lou saying they need to talk and tells her he's on his way, she tells him to meet her at the Dude Ranch. Lou meets Peter down at the cabin, he arrives in a surprise carriage, she's angry that he didn't tell her he's married. he explains he has an ex-wife, as Max jumps out and leaps on top of Lou. She realises that Max is his dog, not his kid. Peter assures her he would have told her if he had kids. They go on the carriage ride and Peter explains his situation, they were friends who got married and have been happier since they got divorced, now they share Max. Peter asks Lou now she's met Max can he meet her family, she's still unsure but tells him she will tell them about him. (Full Circle) Lou runs into Tim in town, he confesses that he's having a money flow issue. As they leave each other Peter see's Lou and waves, she pretends she doesn't see him and jumps in her car. Jack tells Lou that she's going to have to stay with Mallory and Jake while he's away at the Fishing Cabin, she tells him that she's away too with "Internet Guy". She goes to meet Peter in town and they talk about going away tomorrow. Peter is adamant he's picking her up at the house, even though she's hesitant. The next day, Jack is getting frustrated with Mallory and Jake, Lou tries to tell him about Peter when he drags them out to Maggie's for lunch. Lou's relieved that they leave right before Peter is about to show up. Peter arrives late and Lou rushes him out the door and blames him for being late that he didn't meet her family. Peter stops at Maggie's to get a coffee, Lou tries to get him to go somewhere else but he goes in anyway. Mallory happens to see him as watches as he leaves Maggie's and spots him getting in to the car with Lou and realises that he is the "Internet Guy." In the car Peter turns the car around when the radio announces a road closure due to snowfall, they stop to talk. He tells Lou that he feels they're not going anywhere and as she hasn't told her family he feels that she's embarrassed of him. She assures him that she's not and she's done skulking around, they make a plan to go back to the Ranch and introduce him to the family. They go back to the ranch and Jack's not happy, Mallory tells him that he's the internet guy. Jack starts to share his annoyance with Peter, the fact his company trespassed on the ranch and cut fences and doesn't want him in his house. He starts to hear a static noise and is interrupted by Amy on the radio from the fishing cabin. She tells them that Ty is sick and they can't leave. Jack announces he's going to get them and is annoyed when Peter tells him he can't, because the road is closed. While Peter's on the phone, Lou tries to change Jack's opinion on him by telling him that once she got to know him he's a good guy. Jack tells her that he'll need time and Peter informs them that he's got one of his team to go out with a snow plough in the morning. In the morning, Jack's getting frustrated and wants to head out so Peter tells him he's going with him. As they go outside they see Amy and Ty arrive back home. Lou is happy that Amy and Ty are ok, Mallory announces to Amy that P.W. is the internet guy and immediately wants more information. Lou apologises to Peter that she didn't tell her family sooner about him and they decide to go to a hotel now the roads open. (Step By Step)

Season 3


When Amy shoves her happiness in Lou's face, she starts complaining about Peter not being in touch and teases her about Ty being so close when Peter's so far. At dinner, Jack's bragging about what Amy did and how she helped the horse, Caesar. After Amy and Ty get back from a picnic, Mallory and Lou show her the "Miracle Girl" video online of her helping Caesar. When Amy tells Lou that she's worried about helping Caesar she tries to help her gain confidence by reminding her of the other horses she's helped. Lou tells her that Peter still hasn't called and Amy begins to comfort her until Peter calls. After dinner, Lou tells Lisa that her and Jack are lucky that they can be apart for so long but make it work, she misses Peter and blames her for starting it. She later sees Jack and Lisa kissing and calls Peter telling him she misses him. (Miracle)


Tim arrives at Heartland and Lou shows him all the new client horses. He's ecstatic and urges them to seize the moment of lots of business, he drops the idea of expansion at the Dude Ranch. Kate Kennedy arrives with her daughter, Taylor, and Lou tells her that they have no space for new horses. Kate asks if Amy could just look at him Tim jumps in saying she can. Lou takes Kate to the cabins at the Dude Ranch and she starts to tell Lou that she's been through a lot recently. Lou tells Jack that Tim's invited himself for dinner to talk about the expansion ideas, he tells her he'll stay out of it. Tim delivers the idea of having motor homes for more space at the Dude Ranch, no one seems keen. The next day, Lou's taking a call in the office about more client horses, Ty arrives and tells her that Amy thinks there's nothing wrong with Trooper it's a problem with the girl when they hear shouting outside. They see Taylor and Kate arguing, Kate telling her that her Dad's not coming and Taylor starts to blame her Mum for everything. Lou visits the Dude Ranch and see's that Kate is packing to leave, she tells Lou it was a mistake coming here and Amy's not helping. Lou explains that Amy believes there isn't a problem with the horse. Kate explains that Taylor was in hospital for a month after Trooper charged with her, she continues that her and her husband are separated. After the accident they forgot about themselves to focus on Taylor but 2 weeks after she went home he left. Lou takes Kate to the office, and tries to convince her to stay another night to no avail, she prints off her receipt when Kate hears Taylor singing and goes to see. She watches Taylor and Amy dinging while brushing Trooper and decides to stay a few more days. Lou's in town on a call with Tim and agrees to meet him later, she meets Jack and is happy that he has more fence panels to house more horses as they have three more coming. Lou starts to complain to jack that she had a schedule but Tim ruined it by letting Kate stay and now she's getting involved in Kate's marital issues and Peter hasn't called so Jack convinces her to call him. Lou see's Kate in the office, she tells her that she's expecting a fax as her husband has filed for divorce and Taylor doesn't know. When Lou goes to the Dude Ranch, she's shocked when she sees a giant motor home parked up. She tries to tell Tim that it doesn't match the look of the place but he's adamant they can use them to bring in more customers. She finally admits to him that the Dude Ranch is never going to be a huge place, but Tim fires back that he doesn't know if he can stick around if his money situation stays the same. The next day Lou tries again with Tim and suggests refinancing and building more cabins but Tim's against the idea so tells her to buy him out. She sets the record straight and tells him she's not going to buy him out, they're not just business partners their family and she'll cover his payments if she has to because she refuses to let him walk away again. (Little Secrets)


Lou helps Jack get ready for Lisa's friend's wedding, when Lisa arrives and they finally leave for the wedding. Lou tells Amy about all the plans for her and Peter when he gets in, Amy tries to convince her to not plan every minute and just enjoy being together. Amy tells Lou about the school formal coming up and she agrees to help her find a dress. After Jack's Truck breaks down, Lou tells him that no one keeps a truck as long as he as. Later Lou, Amy and Lisa try to convince Jack it's time for a new truck but he avoids the subject. After dinner, Lou tells Ty how excited Amy is for the formal and notices he doesn't share the same enthusiasm. He opens up and admits that he can't dance so Lou tells him she'll teach him. Amy, Ty and Lou all fawn over the new trucks in the brochure and try again to convince Jack to get a new one, he ignores them heading to bed to avoid it. When Amy then asks Ty to watch a film he makes his excuses and says he's going to bed early, Lou then says she's going to lock up the Dude Ranch. Lou and Ty practice dancing in the Dude Ranch cabin, he gets cold feet and tells Lou it's a bad idea. He explains he's older than anyone there and doesn't want to embarrass her. Lou tells him that he won't and admits they have a great relationship that she's jealous of. Ty's adamant he can't dance and leaves. The next day, when Lou, Amy and Ty are talking about how sad it is that Jack and Lisa had their first fight, Lou tells them how much she doesn't need a man. Just then Peter and Max arrives and she rushes up to hug him. Lou is with Peter at the Dude Ranch making suggestions of things to do when Ty arrives and asks to carry on his dance lessons. Lou continues to teach Ty, who's starting to get it, when Peter asks to cut in and has a dance with Lou. The next day, Lou tells Peter about Amy and that she's upset because Ty's been lying to her when she could have told her that she's been teaching Ty to dance. Ty arrives in his suit and surprises Amy telling her he's going with her, Lou manages to get some pictures before they leave. Lou's showing Peter, Jack and Lisa the pictures at dinner and she tells them about teaching Ty and they toast to new beginnings. (Man's Best Friend)


Mrs. Bell comes by Heartland to bring strawberries, Jack tells Mrs. Bell she can make her jam here and volunteers Lou to help, which she's not happy about. Lou's on the phone with Peter organising their day trip to Denver on his lay-over she promises she's made to plans this time. Jack over-hears and is surprised that she's going to Denver for one day but she tells him she's looking forward to it. Lou helps Mrs. Bell make jam, when Mallory comes in to raid the fridge, she tries to convince her to help so she doesn't have to hear more stories about Sugarfoot but she leaves. Lou is surprised to learn that Jack's letting Amy and Ty spend the night at The Hanley Place together unsupervised when all she has to do is mention Peter and he reaches for his shotgun. Mrs. Bell tells them that her father disapproved of her first boyfriend which she gave a jar of jam, he returned it empty with a butterfly inside. Jack arrives back at the end of the day having waiting all day for some jam, Lou tells him that she sees potential in selling Heartland jam. Jack thinks she's too busy like going to Denver, Lou argues back about Denver and tells him that she's surprised he let Amy go to the Hanley Place. Mallory arrives at the house late and asks Lou if she believes in love at first/second sight. She tells Lou that a "friend" has recently seen someone for the second time and can't stop thinking about him but her family won't agree. Lou tells her that she can change people's minds but can't change her own heart, Mallory rushes off to talk to her "friend". In the morning, Jack's on the phone happy Amy's ok when Lou heads out with her bag. He admits that he sometimes takes it too easy on Amy because she reminds him of Marion. He sometimes is too hard on Lou because she reminds him of him, she's stubborn and so independent he worries when she's going to jet of somewhere and not comeback. He also assures her he doesn't not approve of Peter, but he worries he's going to take her away, she promises he won't and they hug. (The Haunting of Hanley Barn)


Lou invites Peter to his first family dinner, which he accepts happily. She sees he has 28 missed calls about his office and offers for him to stay and work with her. At dinner, Lou's surprised that Jack accepted the cows from Tim but he tells them he was reminded of how much he enjoyed working cattle at Heartland before. The next morning, Lou and Peter are at the Dude Ranch and she tries to persuade him again to stay and work from her office in the barn, he reluctantly agrees. Tim talks to Lou and Amy that he's decided to take up bulldogging again, making the girls nervous for him. Lou is busy with her hands full when she sees Mallory lying on the sofa relaxing, when she asks what she's doing she's surprised to learn that she's on strike. Mallory tells her that Peter helped her work out that she's already paid for Copper with sweat equity a hundred times over, Lou's annoyed to learnt hat Peter has meddled and orders Mallory back to work. Lou and Peter work from the office, she starts to find him irritating when he asks her to be quiet on the phone during his conference meeting. They share dinner at the Dude Ranch and as he tells her that she was right it's great working together she tells him that she's trying to ignore all his irritating qualities like humming and drumming the desk. She also mentions him sticking his nose in with her employees but he sticks up for Mallory claiming she isn't being paid. The next morning, Peter packs up his office supplies and leaves so that he isn't a problem and they can try to move forward in their relationship. Lou apologises to Mallory for letting the sweat equity go on too long, she tells her she wants to negotiate a new contract moving forward, reminding Lou of Peter. Peter returns to tell Lou not to let this get to her, she admits she's worried that if they eventually move in together he would see some faults and would just pack up and leave, he assures her that he wouldn't and they make up. (Glory Days)


Lou goes to Maggie's and meets with Peter and shows him an article in the newspaper about the CEO of Big Sky Industries who's working on Eco-friendly pipelines. She tries to convince him to try and get a meeting with him, he's not sure as there are bigger companies with more money. Eventually he gives in and says he'll try to get a meeting when she tells him that he's staying at the Dude Ranch and has a meeting with him tomorrow. Lou goes back to Heartland and sees Scott they catch up before she asks what an orphaned foal is doing there as they're too much work. Jack isn't happy about Richard Chenoweth being there and Lou tells him she's having a cook out with him to show her hospitality. Lou and Peter greet Richard at the Dude Ranch, he tells Peter that Lou lied to get the meeting, but doesn't mind. Later, they sit and chat by the dock about business, Peter bring sup his plans for a project in Dubai. He goes to get fire wood and Lou goes to get some dessert when Richard approaches Lou and begins flirting, making her uncomfortable. The next morning, Lou tells Peter and Richard about the Cougar report and that they don't have to go on the trail ride, they're both happy to go still so they set off. When they stop for lunch, Peter ties up the horses when Richard creeps up on Lou, startling her, and tells her that he didn't sleep very well and it was her fault. When she tries to tell Peter he thanks her for bringing him here. As they're on their way back, the cougar jumps out growling causing Richard to fall from his horse, they manage to scare it away. They reach the Dude Ranch and Peter goes to get his phone to call Wildlife and Lou helps Richard. He holds her hand and asks her to kiss it better, she tells him to stop and he grabs her more when Peter re-enters the cabin. He immediately tells him that Lou was all over him, Peter and Richard begin fighting and Peter kicks him out. Lou apologises to Peter but he assures her it's not her fault and has no reason to apologise. The next morning, Lou is served with a lawsuit from Richard claiming he was never told about the cougar and has received serious injuries from the incident. Peter tries to comfort her and promises they'll work it out. Later, Amy answers the phone to Richard but Lou tells her to tell him she's not there and she goes into her bedroom closely followed by a concerned Amy. Lou tells Amy what happened and admits she feels she's lost her confidence. Amy turns the tables and suggests if it had happened to her would she let him get away with it, she's determined to to let him get away with it and heads out with Peter. Lou and Peter are sitting in his car outside Richard's hotel, she tells Peter of her plan to talk to him. She calls Peter and leaves her phone open in her bag so he can hear what's happening. She is greeted by Richard and they talk about the lawsuit, he tells her that it's his word against hers and he has more money for better lawyers. He proceeds to tell her that he can make the lawsuit go away, she clarifies that if she spends the night with him he'll drop the lawsuit and he agrees. He tells her that he'd call her a tease, she tells him he's a lecherous old fart and shows him the voice recorder with other women's testimonies of similar stories. Things become physical and Peter rushes in to see that Lou has handled herself, the pair leave. The next day, Lou tells Peter that Richard has dropped the lawsuit, he's happy and tells her he'd have to with the testimonies. She admits that she never spoke to anyone and there's nothing on the recorder. He tells her that he loves her and they share a kiss. (Growing Pains)


Lou isn't happy when she sees a friend from school, that cheated off of her tests, in a magazine with a thriving business. Giving her inspiration she see's the flyer for the Jam-Bor-ee and decides to enter. After Lily's arrival, she asks Amy about her. She tells her that Ty doesn't talk much about her and that it's been years since they last saw each other. As she's leaving Lou reminds Amy that there's a new horse to work on that can't be saddled. Lou tries to persuade Mrs. Bell to team up for the jamboree since her recipe is loved by all, especially Jack. When Mrs. Bell refuses she asks for her permission to enter using her recipe, to which she agrees but warns her it's a "nasty business". At dinner, Lou tries to talk to Lily and asks about her new job, she goes to pour some wine but Lily stops her. When Amy asks where Lily will be staying, Jack offers up a cabin at the Dude Ranch, Lou agrees. The next day, Lou tells Lily that while she's there she's going to put her to work, helping with the jam. Lily offers to go to Maggie's to pick up some more jars for her. Later they both taste the jam and are disappointed when it tastes good but not great. Lou calls Mrs. Bell, who doesn't answer. She decides to go over there while Lily stays behind to see Ty. Lou arrives at Mrs. Bell's and sees two ladies chatting to her. They introduce themselves as Pearl Arsenault and Florence Rook, they tell her that they are the head of the Women's Union and in charge of the Jamboree. They tell her that entering with someone else's recipe is against regulations, so she tells them that she and Mrs. Bell are a team therefore not breaking any rules. As they leave Mrs. bell and Lou laugh, Mrs. Bell warning her that she's now made an enemy of Pearl who's won every year. Lou tells Mrs. Bell that the jam doesn't taste right. She explains that she left out the secret ingredient so people don't think she's a lush, and hold up a hipflask. At the jamboree Lou is handing out pamphlets with her jam and both Pearl and Florence are more than happy to tell her it's against regulations. Lou grabs her file containing the regulations and reads out the section that states newcomers can hand out information pamphlets. This quickly stops them in their tracks but they continue with the jamboree and announce the judges. Later, first place is being handed out to Pearl, much to the disappointment of Lou. When one of the judges comes over to announce that he's a Hudson supermarket manager and would like to sell her jam. Lou is more than happy to gloat to Pearl. (The Starting Gate)


Lou, Amy and Jack return to Heartland and are almost ran off the road by Wade screeching past them. Lou makes up the spare room for Lily, she's adamant she doesn't want her pity. She tells her about Wade and how sometimes it was good and sometimes it wasn't. If he was winning he would would treat her well but not so much when he wasn't. One day he went out to get spare parts for his car so she packed her bags and left. The next day, Lou's trying to convince Jack about expanding and making a space for the jam making and she plans on eventually adding a dining hall for the Dude Ranch. Jack's against it all and tells her that if there's space for that around Heartland then she should show him. Lou, Lily, Jack and Mallory are going through all Jack's "junk" in the Quonset Hut. Jack's not happy with Lou trying to throw out his stuff out and keeps saving everything. Lou finds an old piano once belonging to Jack's Grandmother that no one's used since. Lily finds a "gum holder" that Amy made trying to make a sugar bowl. Once they realise how well Cody Dawson plays the piano, Lou convinces Jack to give it to him. Lou and Tim meet Jack and Lisa at the race. They all watch and cheer as Alberta Comet beats Dexter, much to the disappointment of Tim. When they arrive home Amy complains about Tim trying to blame Ty for what happened with Dexter, while Lou defends him stating he had a lot riding on the race. Lou shows Jack the completed Quonset hut, she's put everything of his back on one side prepared to split the hut now his things are more organised. (The Fix)


Lou gets some catering help for Ty's leaving party from Marnie, who brings her son Jerry Junior with her. After talking with Lou about craving anchovies she accidentally plants the idea in Lou's head that she might be pregnant. Marnie recalls craving anchovies and forgetfulness as the first signs. Lou agrees to babysit Jerry Junior while Marnie goes and gets all the ingredients she needs. As soon as Marnie leaves, Lou rushes to look in the calendar and realises how late she is before rushing back to Jerry Junior. Scott arrives and checks when he needs to bring Ty back for, for the surprise party, and is surprised to see her with a baby claiming she's not the "baby type". Later, Lou's getting Jerry Junior to sleep when Mallory bursts in loudly. She returns with the cooler Lou asked her to bring and Lou's shocked to see that she has not only forgotten the ice but also the beers. Lou's changing Jerry Junior when Peter arrives and helps her change him, finding it easy telling Lou there were 7 kids when he was growing up. He mentions that a part of his plan is to have children in the future, concerning Lou that she's not a part of that future. Lou asks him to go on a beer run and tells him which beers are Jack's favourite to help grease the wheels between them. Marnie returns to find Jerry Junior crying, Lou tells her it's typical as he's been great all day. Once again after being called not maternal, she retorts that Jerry Junior's the only one complaining. Mallory tries to get a lift from Lou to get a cable from the computer store but she says she's too busy. Lou's gardening when Amy starts complaining to her about Val saying Ty will dump her by Thanksgiving. She also offloads that not only does Peter's plans not involve her but she thinks she might be pregnant. Amy convinces her to take a test so she can find out for sure. Lou and Mallory arrive in town, much to Mallory's surprise they're not going to the computer store yet as Lou tries to go into the drug store. She gets stopped by Caleb who tells her Jack fired him, she convinces him to go and talk to him whilst not getting close enough to get hit. She heads back to her car , so as not to be seen going into the drug store and drives around the block to remain un-noticed. She tries again this time Val running into her complaining about Amy's lack of people skills. Lou tries to rush off again leaving Val shocked by both sister's lack of people skills. In the car Lou admits to Mallory that she's trying to buy a pregnancy test, for a "friend". Mallory tells her people don't buy pregnancy tests for their friends but she does for her mum all the time since they started trying for a boy. She tells her she can get one on her account as she won't notice another one. Back at Heartland, Lou takes the test and is shocked by the results. She apologises to Marnie, who's trying to cook and look after Jerry Junior, when he starts to cry Lou takes him and they both look happy and content. Marnie tells her that when the time comes she will be maternal. (Broken Arrow)


Lou tries to talk to Peter asking about his life plans when the phone rings, it's Amy calling to tell her about Ty and Scott. After the police tells them that they are working on finding them but they can't search yet as the area is too large. Lou starts to cook for everyone trying to help look after them, she tells Peter that Scott only got his license a few months ago so if something happened he wouldn't be very experienced to come down safely. He reassures her that they will find them. The next morning, Amy tells them all of her plan to drive out to the nearest road then take Harley into the forest to try and help find Ty, after some persuasion everyone agrees to go too. When they get there, Peter and Tim start arguing about why Peter is in charge, Lou tries to stop them but inevitably it's Jack that gets them to stop. During a break of searching, Lou tells Peter about her history with Scott, that they both had crushes as teenagers and almost got engaged when she moved back before Scott broke it off. She assures him she loves him but would be devastated if anything happened to Scott, Peter comforts her. After Peter gets news of reports of smoke not too far from them, he Amy and Lou head off. Peter wants to turn back when they find a glove tied up that Ty had used as a way of not getting lost earlier. They follow them and eventually come across the wreckage, Peter goes in first finding Ty emerging from the plane. As he and Amy rush to each other, Lou and Peter go to check on Scott, who's not in a good way. Scott gets airlifted to hospital while the others ride back to Jack and Tim. Back at Heartland, Peter wants to continue their conversation from before all of this happened. Lou tells him that she was devastated to think she was pregnant but after spending time with Jerry Junior she wanted to be, she took a test which was negative and devastated her all over again. She finally asks and he tells her that his plans involve her so wants to talk about having kids one day. (Eye of the Wolf)


Lou tells Tim about a magazine that wants to put the Dude Ranch in the next issue. When she hears of Jack's fishing trip she suggests Tim goes too. Lou's recruited; Amy, Mallory and Caleb to help make some touches to the Dude Ranch before the photographer arrives. Amy tells her she's busy with the horses and Mallory has plans at a friends house for the weekend, leaving just her and Caleb. She tells him that Peter is free so he'll be stopping by to help too. Peter then tells her that he's going fishing with Jack and Tim to try and get to know them better, he also asks her to watch Max for him while he's away, which she agrees to reluctantly. After they wave them off, Lou suggests they have a girls night with the three off them (after Mallory's plans fell through). At Maggie's Mallory lays some rules; they don't talk about their partners, Amy adds they order whatever they want but no salads. They're laughing and joking when Mallory starts to hide behind her menu, she tells them that the friend that cancelled their plans is now here with the popular girl from school. Lou and Amy try to help her out but she ends up leaving embarrassed. The next day, Lou and Caleb are working at the Dude Ranch when she notices Caleb on his phone rather than doing work, she hangs up and orders him to sort out the pumpkins. They then notice Max has gone and can hear yelping nearby. They rush him back to Heartland as he tried to befriend a porcupine and is now covered in quills. They call Scott, who comes to help Max. Lou checks in with him after the accident and he says he's been thinking about regrets lately, she tells him life's too short. The next morning, Lou rushes to the Dude Ranch only to find Tim's cows on the path after Caleb failed to check the fence. She calls Caleb but he doesn't answer. At the barn, Lou tells Amy and Mallory about it and they all rush off to help round up the cows. After they finish getting the cows back to big river, Lou tells Amy that she's fed up of missing Peter with him being away a lot. She heads back to the Dude Ranch and Caleb starts clearing up all the muck just as the photographer arrives. He notices one cow that got left behind and loves it, asking fi she can bring in some more. The guys are back and Lou asks what happened to Peter's black eye and Tim's split lip, they both lie and say it was a branch or a fish. Later Peter says they should go on a trip just the two of them when he gets called back into work and has to leave again, disappointing Lou. Later, Lou finds Jack and tries to get the real story but he starts to tell her another tall tale about catching a large fish. (Catch and Release)


Lou finds Tim repairing his wire fence, she demands he change to a wooden one for a better aesthetic for the Dude Ranch. Lou later tells Peter how good things have been at the Dude Ranch since the article, he's pleased and invites her to Paris for three days. Mallory finds Lou packing and is shocked that she has become a "kept woman" keen to go shopping in Paris on Peter's cards. Lou tries to organise everyone for while she's away reminding them all of odd jobs they'll need to do while she's gone. At dinner, Lou continues to talk about Paris and having a special time with Peter, when Victor arrives and joins them. Lou offers a Dude Ranch cabin, which he accepts. After dinner, she drives him out there and he's very impressed with what she's done. He also tells her that it seems she's the "fire" of the family, giving comfort and warmth, now Marion's gone. The next day, in Maggie's Lou and Peter talk about Paris when he tells her he's already got a room booked as it came with the conference. She's disappointed that it was a work trip and that they won't actually spend time together. Back at Heartland, Lou finds Tim in the office and he asks about Victor, wanting to know what went on with him and Marion. Lou tells him that she was 14 or 15 and doesn't really remember, but he's sure something went on as both Amy and Jack have been acting strange since his arrival. Later that evening, Lou's trying to find a flight outfit when Amy comes in to talk to her. She tells her that she's thinking about a memorial for Marion, Lou agrees it's a good idea for when she gets back. Amy pushes for it to happen sooner as she wants Victor to be able to go explaining they were more than friends. Peter arrives in the morning to pick Lou up and is surprised when she doesn't have any bags ready, she explains that Amy wants to do the memorial as she couldn't go to the funeral so feels she should stay instead. Mallory tells Lou that Victor is leaving, she soon adds up that someone must have told him to leave. She rushes over to see Tim and tells him that Amy wants him here and that if he doesn't want to see him he doesn't have to go. Everyone gets their horses ready for the memorial, as they're about to head off Lou's shocked when she see's Peter arrive. he tells her he wanted to be here with her instead of working, and he joins them. They all go to the memorial, finding a hill with a beautiful view. Victor burns sweet grass to mark the location as sacred. Peter and Lou are at the dock at the Dude Ranch, he apologises for Paris being a business trip but wanted to have time with her. He gets nervous and decides to change his plans. He gets down on one knee, astonishing Lou, and proposes. The pair are delighted when she says yes. (The Reckoning)


Lou excitedly shows Tim her model for the expansion plans for the Dude Ranch, a dining lodge. Lou goes to check on a guest at the cabins and the guest, Victoria is annoyed when she interrupts her morning equestrian Pilates. She asks how Amy is getting on with her horse, Tango. Later, when the strangles has been confirmed, Lou is annoyed to have to clear out her jam from the Quonset Hut to make space for isolation pens. The next day, Lou's checking her calendar for the Dude Ranch with some more business coming their way, Jack suggests she's honest about what's going on as not to hide anything. Lou goes and tells Victoria and her coach Linda what's going on, they're not too happy. Tim, on the other hand, suggests not saying anything until they know what's going on, no need to worry anyone. Lou goes to the Dude Ranch and finds Victoria throwing up in the outhouse. She suggests that she got flu from the sick horse even though Lou ensures her that's not possible, Victoria leaves for a hotel. With Pegasus now ill she asks Tim how he is and tells him about the news article from him sending away a reporter. She tells him it looks like they're hiding something and should have been honest. Lou's later looking at a photo of Marion and Pegasus when Tim returns. She receives a phone call, the new business cancelling on her and she gets annoyed. Amy's in shock about how ill Pegasus is and Lou complains to her about the businesses, they begin arguing until Lou admits that she's scared to lose Pegasus. They all rally around Pegasus and comfort him while he passes. They all go out for the memorial to say goodbye to Pegasus. (Quarantine)


Lou and Peter arrive back from his work party, she starts to complain about a woman called Poppy Meadow who kept reminding her about Peter's first wedding and telling her how amazing it was. Lou starts to think she needs to out do his first wedding. Lou's preparing a picnic for herself and Peter while Mallory looks for ideas in a bridal magazine. Out with Peter, Lou starts quizzing him on his first wedding like; where he had it, what dress the bride wore and where they had their honeymoon. When she agrees to not be competitive she suggests the got o Paris for their honeymoon as they never made it there, Peter gets uncomfortable and suggests a cruise. Lou asks if his first honeymoon was in Paris and when he doesn't respond, she has her answer. The next day, Lou tries to talk to Peter about flowers but he has no interest, she tells him that she wants them both involved so that he remembers this wedding more than his first one. Peter arrives at Heartland and tells Lou that he's starting to have flashbacks to his previous wedding, and it's not a good thing. he has to go away for a few days for work so thinks they should take the time to think about what they want from it all, leaving Lou thinking he's having second thoughts about getting married. She goes to offload to Amy and admits that she's worried when he sees her walking down the aisle she wonders if he'll be seeing her or thinking of his ex-wife. Amy reassures her that he loves her and has been divorced for a while. She then expresses her own concerns about Ty and his new motorcycle. When Peter comes back from his trip Lou tells him she wants to elope, as not to compete with his first wedding. Peter admits he's been getting excited about a wedding with friends and family and they decide the big wedding's back on. Lou watches Caleb at his rodeo on tv with everyone, they watch in horror as he gets slammed into the railings and collapses unconscious. (The Happy List)

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Amy Fleming

Amy and Lou start off with a tense relationship, Lou has been in New York for the past few years and only visits for a few days at a time. When Lou tries to help organize the business after their mother dies Amy questions why it matter since she's never normally there for very long anyway. They suffer a few teething problems when it comes to running the business, however they eventually find themselves on even footing and are able to work together more smoothly. Lou is very protective of Amy and is worried whenever she is in danger or might be hurt. Amy initially wanted Lou to leave but when the opportunity arises for her to leave she tells her that she actually might not like it if she left. Lou is always proud of Amy's achievements and praises her work to others around her. Lou and Amy often confide in each other and comfort each other when most needed.

Jack Bartlett

He acts as a confidant with Lou, she is able to open up to him about how she's feeling and chooses him to talk to. Lou and Jack often have differing opinions but they are always able to come through it.

Tim Fleming

Lou has some great memories with Tim, before he left. She hasn't seen him for 10 years until after Marion died. She reaches out to him and tries to integrate him back into their lives. Things get off to a rocky start when she has to admit to him that after his accident she became scared of horses. A fact she's been trying to hide from him. In Season 2 they go into business together for the Corporate Equine Retreat. Both Amy and Lou have trouble telling Tim how they really feel, they don't want to disappoint him and let him down.

Ty Borden

When Ty arrives Lou has very little to do with him. When Carl thinks he stole his engagement ring she defends him. Lou is a fan of Amy and Ty's, when Ty gets nervous about ruining Amy's school dance because he can't dance Lou teaches him. When he starts to get cold feet she tells him how great she thinks their relationship is and that she's jealous of them.



Lou & Carl (1x06 - One Trick Pony)

Lou and Carl are together before the pilot, they have been together for about a year. They met working together at Strickland and Cooke, Carl is a Financial analyst. When Carl visits her at Heartland he tells her about his new job in Chicago and proposes. She says yes until she realizes he only proposed because he got a job at a family firm and already told them he was engaged to work there. She gives him the ring back and he leaves.

Scott Cardinal

Lou & Scott (1x05 - The Best Laid Plans)

Scott and Lou have a close connection and unspoken history. When Lou films her commercial Scott tries to cheer her up by taking her out and they almost kiss. This leads to Lou admitting to him that she got fired from her job in New York. Scott is devastated when Carl arrives and tries to stay as far away from them both while he's there. He tells Amy that he's sorry how things turned out with Carl and Lou but they both grin. After Carl leaves, things are awkward with Lou and Scott. Scott supports Lou when she gets upset about Sugarfoot leaving to go with Mrs. Bell's niece. Scott invites Lou to Mustang Meadow, it proves to be a magical moment for the pair and leads to them holding hands. When Lou gets offered a job in New York Scott takes the opportunity to declare his love for Lou before she leaves. They then begin a relationship and can be seen flirting a lot but also struggle a lot to find time to spend together. When Lou and Scott try to spend an entire weekend together, they are both disappointed when the other can't make them a priority. Scott is still on-call and leaves for a call out, while Lou's first guests turn up a week early and she tries to impress them for their blog review. Scott suggests they break while Lou suggests getting married. They take a break and when Lou goes to talk to him to establish where they are within their relationship, Scott can't give her an answer so Lou takes it as they have broken up.

Nick Harwell

Lou and Nick have a flirtation when they're together. He asks her out for lunch but she cancels when Scott invites her to Mustang Meadow.

Mark Rodriguez

Lou & Mark (2x10 - True Enough)

Mark and Lou develop a quick connection. Mark soon asks Lou out on a date and she accepts. They go out on a few dates she tells Amy that Mark is old school and enjoys her to be dressed up, likes paying and likes punctuality. Lou gets upset when she sees mark kissing another girl in his car. He tells her that he's confused why she's angry because they are both seeing other people. She makes it clear that she thought they were exclusive and they don't see each other again after that.

Peter Morris

Lou & Peter (2x13 - Seismic Shifts)

Lisa gives Lou's email to a friend of a friend who gives it to her son. Originally Lou's furious and refuses to have any part of it, until he sends her a nice email. After the wedding of Mackenzie and Ian, she receives some inspiration and decides to reply. They start messaging online and agree to meet at Maggie's. Before they meet Lou holds a meeting to fight against Bedford Oil for testing at the local ranches, owner P.W. attends to talk to them, rubbing up Lou the wrong way. Lou later goes to her date and is shocked when it turns out to be, none other than, P.W. - Peter. She blows off the date but later kisses him anyway. After a difficult start they agree to have a date where they just talk, despite everything that could keep them apart. After they spend time together, when Peter rents out the whole Dude Ranch, Lou learns he has an ex-wife and shares custody of their dog Max. He then asks to meet her family, she promises to tell them about him soon. When Lou pretends not to see Peter in town with Tim, he gets upset and starts to doubt their relationship. She tells him that she'll tell her family about him and go straight to Heartland. Jack takes a bit of time coming around to Peter, when he helps bring Amy and Ty back safely he starts to make headway. Lou and Peter decide to go away for the weekend.

Lou & Peter (3x12 - The Reckoning)

Lou struggles with missing Peter while he's away, she tries to find the balance of a long distance relationship. When Peter does visit, Lou tries to plan lots of things to do together rather than just enjoying being together. When they try to work together out of the office, it soon becomes clear that Peter has some annoying habits and quickly moves out. Lou admits to him that she's worried if they moved in together he would be quick to throw in the towel, he assures her he wouldn't as she's extraordinary and they make up. After Lou tries to help Peter make connections with fellow oil businessman, Richard Chenoweth, Lou finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when she declines his advances and he later sues her for negligence after the cougar incident. Peter stands by her side and supports her later declaring his love for her. When Lou starts to think she might be pregnant, she worries that hers and Peter's plans for the future aren't the same. She eventually talks to him and tells him that she thought she was pregnant but isn't. He tells her that she's definitely part of his plans and wants to talk about having kids one day. Lou starts to get fed up of Peter always being gone, telling Amy that although she loves him she's had enough of missing him. Peter invites Lou to Paris for 3 days, unbeknownst to her it's a business trip. When she changes her mind due to Marion's memorial, she's left shocked when he too decides to stay with her. He later finds a perfect spot by the Dude Ranch and proposes to her there, rather than in Paris. She says yes! When they start planning the wedding, she starts to get worried that Peter's having second thoughts but he soon reassures her that he wants a big wedding.


Financial Adviser

Lou originally is busy in New York City working for Strickland and Cooke as a financial advisor. After she returns home, she constantly tells her boss that she will not be returning yet but refuses to give a date. She is given work to complete and is included in meetings. However, in The Best Laid Plans she receives a phone call telling her she has been fired. When Carl arrives for a visit she tells him that she received an letter offering her an interview at Griffin and Sharpe. However when he admits he orchestrated it she doesn't attend. At the end of season 1 Lou announces she's been offered an interview at an investment company in New York which she isn't sure about taking. In the season 1 finale, she gets offered the job and must decide if she wants to go or stay. She decides to stay and goes into business with Tim.

Runs Heartland Ranch

When Lou arrives back from New York, she tries to pick up where her mother left off and takes over the financials and ordering and organizing of the business. She later moves into the barn office to help her run the business better. She starts to get an idea for a corporate equine retreat to help business people team build and have a break to help them find themselves. She is the organizer and is often telling the others how to do things more efficiently and tries to take over most aspects of the business, to her family's annoyance.

Corporate Equine Retreat (Dude Ranch)

Lou and Tim decide to go into business together to build a corporate equine retreat a "Dude Ranch" at the Heartland property. Jack makes them agree to put the cabins somewhere he can't see it. They again, but heads with Jack when he puts up a fight of where the cabins should be built. He eventually gives in and tells Lou she can re-build his grandfather old bunkhouses to use as the cabins. Lou and Tim have some teething problems at the start, they both have a difference of opinion and are eventually able to agree and move forward with ideas for the Dude Ranch. When Tim starts to think about expanding and using motor homes, he and Lou start to clash. When he admits that he wanted to expand because he doesn't know how much longer he can stick around with his money situation she tells him she'll cover him because she doesn't want him to leave again.

In Season 3, Lou starts to get ideas about expansion and creates a model to demonstrate her plans for a new dining lodge, where she plans to hold her wedding reception.

Waitress at Maggie's Diner

When the family are dead set against the Dude Ranch, Lou gets a job at Maggie's. She proves to be a terrible waitress and seems to get fired after only two days, being described as under qualified.