Season 4, Episode 7
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Written by Leila Basen
David Preston
Directed by TW Peacocke
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Win, Place or Show
One Day
Jackpot! is the seventh episode in season four of Heartland. It aired November 14, 2010.


Caleb turns to his old friend Kit to partner with him so they can win the prize money in a team roping jackpot. This sets in motion a series of strange events, which results in some unusual team pairings. Tim is concerned that Lightning Dexter is starting to cost him a lot of money but is not able to race. When the opportunity comes up to possibly sell the recuperating horse, he plots a way to get the maximum amount of cash. Jack finds himself in a bidding 'war' with Lisa against her ex-husband Dan. Mallory and Badger's relationship starts to heat up again, but Mallory wonders if she's picked the right guy when she watches Jake and Jamie.