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"I miss Lyndy sometimes, but I love you all the time. "
— Jack to Lisa

Jackson "Jack" Bartlett is the head of the whole Bartlett-Fleming-Morris-Borden clan. He has lived at Heartland Ranch for his whole life, although he took a break when he was a legend in the rodeo.


Jack was born and raised at Heartland, back when it was a working cattle ranch. He would help his grandfather around the ranch as much as he could. promised to his grandfather to hold onto Heartland, all 600 acres. He spent years on the rodeo circuit, getting dozens of buckles and is considered a legend.

Season 1


Jack meets Lou at the hospital and updates her on Amy's current condition after the accident. Jack attends Marion's funeral with Lou. Jack gets an update from Scott about Spartan who recommends having him put down but ultimately it's his decision, so he helps Scott bring Spartan to Heartland. Jack shows Ty up to the Loft where he'll be staying. Ty asks about the "babes" and Jack warns him off his granddaughters stating that he must remain 10 feet away and he'll remove any body part that doesn't. Jack shows Ty the ropes around the farm. He goes over to Briar Ridge to see Val and offload about becoming a parent again and the loan issues. When Ty shirks his responsibilities to go to the Briar Ridge party Jack tells him he can pack his things and leave the next morning. The next morning he tells Ty to get back to work. (Coming Home) When Lou gets upset about how she's been failing at things recently he helps to comfort her and advises her to enjoy the things she has at the moment. He continues to get frustrated when Ty keeps taking off and leaving him to do the work. When Clint Riley shows up, Jack must decide if he wants to continue sponsoring Ty with his probation. When he goes to run errands in town Maggie informs him of what Val has been saying recently. So he pays her a visit and tells her to stop and give the girls a chance. While there he bumps into Mrs Roche and suggests he give Amy another chance. Ty arrives while he's looking over the sponsorship paper, Ty gets nervous and starts to apologise, he reassures him that he has already signed them. He's even amazed when he see's the jumping course he built for Amy. (After the Storm)


Jack is frustrated at all the jobs Lou gives him for the open house. He goes to Briar Ridge to pick up the tent and gets frustrated when Ty takes of to take a ride on a motorcycle. When Val goads Amy into fixing her new jumper he gives her a nod of support. After the open house Lisa compliments Jack on his burgers and the way he is with Amy and Lou. He thanks her for supporting Amy and offers help when she tells him about her nephew coming to live with her. (Breaking Free) Lou talks to Jack about the letter she found that Tim wrote to Marion asking for forgiveness and to come back home. He tells her that he never actually came home so his words didn't mean that much. He finds Amy and asks how it's going with Ben, she asks him if Lou talked to him about the letter. She's shocked that Marion never told her because they could have been a family, Jack insists they are a family. Tim goes to find jack to yell at him for not telling Lou that he was at the Open house, he also tells him he's going to tell the girls about what happened years ago. Back in the barn, Mallory rushes in and tells jack about the accident with Amy and he rushes off with Lou to go and find her. He sees Tim in the river and he shouts to him and tells him where Amy is, Jack and Lou find her and take her to the hospital. When he overhears Amy and Lou arguing about keeping secrets he decides to tell them the truth about him kicking Tim out years ago after his accident when he starts taking pills and drinking. Ty asks Jack to call Clint Riley about his probation as he's considering taking a job at Briar Ridge. Amy talks to Jack about how he kept the secret from them and they make up. (Taking Chances)


Jack isn't very impressed with Lou's idea about a video for Heartland. He goes to see Ty at Briar Ridge to tell him Val needs to sign his sponsorship papers now he works here. Jerry likes the look of him and how he's a genuine ranch farmer and asks him to MC the video. He doesn't like the idea at first but then accepts. He takes Amy with him to Briar Ridge to talk to Ty. He gives Val Ty's papers and she is furious as she didn't know that Ty was a criminal so fires him. He delivers the intro to the video and later see's it on TV. He's happy with how it came out and compliments Lou. When she admits to him that she lost her job he tries to comfort her and cheer her up. (The Best Laid Plans) Jack meets Carl. Lou suggests putting Carl in Ben's room while he's there, he's adamant he's not sleeping in the room next to hers so puts him in the loft with Ty. When Lou and he are in Maggie's to pick up the feed order she tries to show him shirts he might like for his birthday. He tells her he just wants a piece of cake with his family after dinner. That night Carl wants to talk with him, he asks for his permission to propose to Lou, he tells him it's her choice. Jack goes to see Scott at Maggie's to invite him to dinner, he declines because Carl is there. He gives Jack a leaflet for Red Rodeos Cowboy Girls and a trick riding saddle for Pirate. He enjoys his birthday dinner and awaits his cake when Carl makes a speech and proposes to Lou. After he leaves, he tries to cheer Lou up. (One Trick Pony)


Jack is telling Lou that he accepted the pregnant mare because he agreed to go on a cattle drive for Ray Philips. He invites Ty to come with him, but teases him about his hat and the fact he doesn't look like a cowboy. When they get there Ray introduces him to the trail boss, Tim. He isn't happy that Tim is there and it's made worse when Tim winds him up by giving him an easy path to take. Jack and Ty take their own path and find a few cows, he tells Ty to stay with them while he gets another one that strayed. When he returns Ty is gone, he finds him at the bottom of a cliff by a river. Since Ty's horse took off and it's getting late they make a camp in the woods. Ty's started to get scared of all the wild noises when Tim wonders in with their horse. Tim offers them sandwiches but because it's from him, he declines. Tim continues to wind jack up by saying that whenever he's around he helps like when Ty and Amy got hurt. This leads to a physical fight between the pair and Tim telling Ty who he is. After they get the cows back, in the morning, Jack let's Ty keep the hat as he believes he earned it. While he waits for Lou to cook him pancakes he sits outside, Lisa arrives and he tells her how generous she is for giving Ben the new jumps and invites her for breakfast. (Come What May) Jack is reading the newspaper about Gallant Prince at Maggie's, Maggie suggests Amy should work with him. Mallory is sure that Jack and Lisa were flirting and encourages him to tell her how he feels. Jack starts to worry that Prince will be too much pressure for Amy what with her heading back to school and taking on a stallion. Dan Hartfield drops off Prince and puts Jack's nose out of joint when he describes his 600 acre operation as "small potatoes". Lisa comes over and visits Prince, while she's there she invites Jack to go and look at a horse that she's thinking of buying and he accepts. When they head out Jack insists on driving his truck which consequently breaks down on the way there. Lisa pulls out a picnic she had packed and offers him turkey and swiss sandwiches. They finally make it to the stable when Dan is there and slips in that he's married to Lisa. Dan and Lisa come to check on Prince's progress, when Dan tries to throw his weight around Jack sticks up for Amy praising the work she's done. Lisa pulls him to the side and informs him that she and Dan were married but are now divorced. This cheers up Jack. (Out of the Darkness)


Mallory pesters Jack, after the shock of Mrs. Bell's heart attack, telling him to stop drinking coffee, to wear sunscreen and gives him a caffeine alternative - the drink that Mrs Bell gives Sugarfoot to keep him regular. Ty later finds him to ask if he can be around for Clint's visit to put a good word in for him. Jack can't find his glasses so asks Mallory if she knows where they are. She starts to panic about his forgetfulness, Jack calms her down and reassures her that he looks after himself. Mallory pulls his glasses out of his top pocket. He later sees Ty shoot off on his motorcycle as Clint is due to arrive. When he does he tries his best to stretch out Clint's visit to give Ty more time to get back. He arrives just in time. (Ghost from the Past) Scott invites Jack to help out with the mustangs at Big River, he agrees and brings Ty along. When Ty mentions how impressed he is that Jack is helping Tim after all their history, he says he just wants to help the mustangs. When they're helping with the mustangs Wes turns up and Ty isn't happy when he starts beating the horses. He steps in and starts a fight which Jack has to break up. Back at Heartland, Jack is complaining that none of the jobs were completed, Ty takes the blame because he was out with Jack all day. Jack advices Ty to work on his temper but when he admits he couldn't help standing by when someone innocent is being hurt Jack learns there's more to it. They are interrupted when Amy calls for they're help with the mustangs at the feed lot. They arrive and a fight breaks out, only stopped when Lou fires a shot into the air. (Born to Run)


Lou tells Jack that Tim is coming for lunch, he doesn't react as expected and says it's perfect. It turns out he's headed to the Fishing Cabin with Lisa so he won't be there. He starts teaching Lisa how to fish and they start getting closer and Lisa catches a fish. They go back tot he cabin to eat and talk. Lisa asks about Lyndy and he tells her about how they met. As they drive back to Heartland they are about to kiss when they realize everyone is out on the porch watching. Val pays a visit to Heartland the next day and is surprised to learn that he's dating Lisa, ultimately she tells Jack that she's sad he didn't tell her because they've been friends for so long. (Thicker Than Water) Val announces her plans to expand Briar Ridge so offers to buy some of his land and leaves to let him think about it. Jack is stunned when he see's a truck parked up on the road by Heartland he tells Ty that's seen it there for a few days. He goes into the barn and sees Mallory with an electric heater, he tells her off and claims it's not cold enough to warrant the expense and it's dangerous. When Amy and Lou go out for the evening Jack has fallen asleep on the sofa, he wakes when he hears the horses. He goes out to check on them and see's Wes running away, at that moment he smells smoke and runs to the burning barn to get the horses out. He is rushed to hospital after hitting his head and is checked over. He's adamant he's fine and demands to go home, as he arrives back to Heartland he gives Lou the job of calling the insurance company. The next morning, he goes out tot he porch and sees a flash back of himself and his grandfather when he was younger. Val comes over and tells him about the problem with the insurance and ensures the offer is still available to buy dome of his land. He sees another flash back of himself and his grandfather when Mallory runs over relieved he's OK. She admits that Ty asked her if she used the heater and said she didn't but she had and unplugged it. He reassures her that she wasn't to blame. Jack later hears Lou and Amy discussing the money issue and he reassures them they will fix it. He pulls out the contract with Val for the land and sees another flashback of himself and his Grandfather sitting by the fire, his younger self promises that he will keep the Ranch. He then collapses unconscious. His family is very concerned when he ends up back in hospital with a subdural hematoma and lies unconscious. Tim offers Lou the money for the repairs, right as Jack awakes and tells him he won't accept his money to buy his way back into the family. As he's leaving the hospital he sees Wes arriving and remembers what happened at the barn and Wes is arrested. When he arrives back home he's amazed to see his friends and neighbors re-building the barn, he tells Val that he can't sell after he made his promise. (Rising from Ashes)


Jack attends Amy's show and is proud of her when she comes in 2nd. After dinner, he's looking out the window as if looking for something and everyone mocks him when he plays it off as checking the weather. Lisa arrives and they continue to mock him. Lou tells him and Amy that she got offered the job in New York and he tells her that he's happy for her. Clint comes to Heartland to tell Ty his probation is over and wishes him luck, Jack gives him moral support. After he walks in on Ty and Amy kissing, he tells Ty he wants to talk to him. He tells Ty that since his probation is over he can go anywhere but he says he can stay and he wants him to think of Heartland as home. Ty shows him the letter he got from his dad, he admits he's thinking about seeing him. (Coming Together)

Season 2


Amy tells Jack about what she saw with Ghost. Mallory tells Jack that her dad has got a new job and is going singing on the rodeo circuit and her mum is acting as his agent. She tells him the worst part - She's being sent to summer camp. She asks Jack if she can stay at Heartland for the summer instead, he said he'll think about it. He walks in on Lou and Tim talking about the retreat and he tells them he's against it. He finds Tim and tells him he's mad that they went behind his back. Ms Adams calls Jack to tell him about Amy missing her study session. Lou tries to tell Jack about the retreat again, she shows him others online to show him the prices they can charge on theirs. He tells Amy off about missing the study session and asks about Ghost, she tells him of her plans to gentle him. Jack meets Lisa at Maggie's and she tells him she thinks he should let Lou go for it with the retreat. He tells Lou and Tim that he has two conditions; 1. They build the cabins somewhere he can't see them 2. Lou never asks him to take people on a trail ride. At Amy's party Mallory gives him a contract of all the things she promises not to do if he agrees she can stay, he agrees. Mallory's parent's thank Jack for letting her stay and he realizes she already told them he said she could stay. The phone rings and Jack leaves to answer it, he writes down an address and shoots off. He drives around town and finds Ty's car, he hears some commotion and helps Ty when he's getting beaten up. He drives him back to Heartland and tells him that his job and the loft are still there for him. (Ghost Horse) Lou shows the family the plans for the Dude Ranch but no one takes an interest in it. Lou takes Jack to the site she found to build the Dude Ranch, he's not happy when she tells him of her plans to knock down his grandfather's old bunkhouses, which are falling down already, and refuses to let her build there. Jack goes to see Tim about trying to make up for all the missed years with Amy by giving her Storm. When they talk about Tim's boss Ray Jack realizes Tim is still in his will. Mallory finds him reviewing his will and finds it hilarious when she learns his real name is Jackson. He later gives Ty back his cowboy hat telling him he found it in the rubbish. He goes to meet his lawyer in Maggie's and sees Lou working there and is dumbfounded. He bumps into Tim again and Tim tells him he knows why he's so resistant, because he's involved and tells Jack he'll be a silent partner. He gets back to Heartland and overhears Mallory telling Ty that she's seen his will, which she's not in, but doesn't understand why Lou can't build when he's going to give her the ranch anyway. When he's later asking for Caleb Ty tells him that he let Ghost go and he and Amy were out looking for him. jack explains why that was a bad idea, because ranchers would shoot at him and he has to get far away before he's safe. They go after Ghost shooting to move him on. He takes Lou to the site and tells her that she can re-build the bunkhouses as cabins and puts Mallory to work. (Letting Go)


Jack helps Mallory move into the Ranch while her parents are away. After Lou and Tim has a disagreement about the horses for the Dude Ranch, Lou comes to him to ask his advice. He tells her what she already knows that they don't need high end horses they need good trail ride horses. He also sympathizes that she wants to impress and make her dad happy but she needs to tell him what she really thinks. When Amy fails an exam at school it lays it all out that she has too much on her plate and needs to priorities. He thinks that she has become more stressed since Tim bought her Storm and she started jumping again. He sees Amy and Tim arguing when she admits that she doesn't have time for jumping and can't handle doing everything, Tim storms off telling her to sell the horse. Jack isn't happy and goes to pay Tim a visit. He tells him that he's the one who missed 10 years of his daughter's lives and he can't just walk in now and control what they do with their future. Tim realizes that he was pushing but only because he wants them to be the best and he wanted someone to push him when he was younger. When Mallory hasn't been acting herself he goes to check on her. She admits that she feels like she has no family and homesick. He explains that her parents have been calling but she hasn't talked to them and she'd feel more at home if she unpacked like he's been telling her. Jack goes with the family to officially open the Dude Ranch. (Gift Horse) Lisa arrives ready for the cattle drive and gifts Jack a new saddle, soft and recommended for arthritis. Jack doesn't seem to be to pleased with his gift. He delivers a speech at the start of the cattle drive, declaring it the first annual Ray Philips Memorial Cattle Drive. While out riding, he tells Lisa that he isn't too happy with his saddle, likening it to sitting on a couch. When Tim rides up to them he introduces him to Callie Philips, Ray's daughter to get rid of him. In the evening, Lisa suggests going to bed early and Jack thinks she's treating him like an old man. She confesses her love for him and tells him that when she loves someone she wants to take care of them. They kiss and begin dancing. When he notices the cows are out he helps round them back up. He asks Ty and Caleb what happened, they fob him off with excuses. In return, Jack gives them the job of making sure they don't get out again and staying up with them all night, much to their horror. When they arrive back at Heartland Tim swings by to deliver the good news, Callie has sold Tim Big River. (Dancing in the Dark)


Jack congratulates Lou on a good first day with her guests from New York. She confesses that she thinks she made a mistake leaving New York. At dinner, he starts talking about the history of the bunkhouses and the Ranch and tells them about the rumor that he was born out there on a table. They invite him on the trail ride but he declines. The next morning, Caleb calls in sick and Lou tries to get Jack to go with them. Eventually he reluctantly agrees to go. He starts talking to Nicole and asks about her love life, she tells him that she doesn't have a boyfriend because she wants to focus on her career. He tells her that they don't have to be mutually exclusive. When Nicole, Lauren and Mackenzie head back to New York, he asks Lou if she wants to be going with them, she says she's right where she should be. (Corporate Cowgirls) Jack reads the newspaper article about Mark and Amy helping the boy at Sheep River. At dinner, Lou shows everyone the tickets for the polo match, Lisa is excited but Jack isn't as keen. Mallory asks for Jack's advice when Jake becomes to over-bearing. He tells her to be honest but she doesn't like that idea. When Jack tells her of a girl who always made excuses to avoid him Mallory takes that as advice and hurries off. When Lou is on the phone with Lisa and she doesn't speak with Jack he starts to get the idea that she's avoiding him. Mallory blames Jack for her situation with Jake and that he still doesn't get the hint. Jack sees Lisa in town and tells her straight that if she wants to stop seeing him she should tell him not avoid him. Instead she surprises him with a new shirt, he tells her that he still isn't going to the polo. He later decides to go to the polo and surprises Lisa. Mallory complains to Jack again about his advice with Jake and tells him that she didn't want him gone just less of him. When Jake arrives with the cover of looking for his army knife, Jack lays it all out and explains that Jake just wants to see Mallory and Mallory misses Jake and they leave together. (Holding Fast)


Jack gets annoyed when Tim isn't taking his responsibilities seriously for the rodeo committee. He sees Amy practicing roping and gives her some tips, he tells her that he'll get her a good roping horse from his friend. He tells off Caleb that he hasn't signed Amy up for the team roping event when he asks why Caleb tells him it's because of Tim. At the rodeo Jack starts to worry when Ty has a go at riding a bull. After, he tells Ty how stupid he was and shakes his hand. The next morning, he asks them all what happened with Ashley's car. Amy is about to tell him the truth when Ty jumps in and takes the blame. He later see's Amy and Caleb roping and decides to give Ty one of his old buckles, from William's Lake Stampede. he tells him that he earned it because he was brave but also that after that rodeo his dad and Lyndy started to take him seriously after that one, giving him hope. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Jack gets called out when Ty's dad, Brad arrives with a cattle truck of horses. The horses are unloaded apart from one who's lying down and bleeding. Jack decides to put it out of it's misery so gets his gun and shoots it, to the horror of the family. Jack checks in with Ty and asks him if he wants him to get rid of Brad, he thanks him but tells him this is something he has to do. Jack goes inside to find Mallory standing at the freezer. he tells her off and she demands he get air conditioner. he tells her to go in the pond if she's hot, just be careful of leeches. Jack finds Brad in the barn in the middle of the night on the phone, he threatens him and reminds him that his problems are not Ty's problems. After everything that happens with Ashley and Val and offers to put her up in one of the cabins for a few nights, in return she offers to work at the Dude Ranch. Mallory goes inside to see Jack standing at the freezer, she tells him off and he starts to cave on the idea of AC. She tells him she doesn't want to. The heat wave is suppose to break tonight anyway. He supports Ty after his dad leaves and tells him he has plenty of people that care about him there. (Summer's End)


After one of Stumpy's cows get into Heartland's field he takes Caleb to check the fences that are down. He greets Jess and Charlie when they arrive to pick up Mallory. He later see's Mallory in her new outfit, she tells them that her parents are sending her to boarding school. She asks jack to talk to them to convince them to let her stay at Heartland, he admits he already tried but he believes she needs to give it a try. He attends the meeting of ranchers in Maggie's, Mark tells them that branding and paperwork is important to easily trace the cattle. He also says that due to low man power of the RCMP, they should band together and help each other out. He ensures them to not get in between rustlers and the cattle just to call the police, when a cattle rancher brings a cow into Maggie's causing chaos. After the meeting, Jack tells Tim that he's worried about Caleb and Ty watching his cattle in case rustlers show up. When Ashley sees the rustlers truck parked nearby, she goes to get jack to show him. By the time she does the truck has gone. He takes the opportunity to talk to her about Val and convinces her to call her. Jack meets up with Tim, worried about the boys, Tim worried about his cows, they head to Big River. They pull guns out with the rustlers, who steal Jack's keys and pull guns on them. When Amy runs across the field to get to Tim one of the rustlers points his shotgun at her but Tim jumps in the way getting himself shot. (Showdown!) Jack is getting frustrated at Tim being in the house and constantly asking for things to be brought to him., so goes out to try and avoid him for a while. When Callie is there early Lou tells him that she never left. Amy tells him that she's annoyed that Jack never told her about Boxer being her teacher's horse as she already hates her and now hates her even more. Hank comes for a visit and tells jack that they've met before. Jack tries to recall and finally figures out where. He sits playing guitar to one of Lyndy's records, she tells Amy that he was one of her lead guitarists. Tim calls jack in, and surprises him by thanking him for letting him stay and tells him he's going back to Big River with Callie. When Hank comes by Heartland he plays him the record and he starts to play along. (True Enough)


When Lou takes a new booking for the Dude Ranch, Jack hears screaming so rushes to find out what's going on. She tells her she can't tell him, then proceeds to hand out confidentiality agreements for the new guest, famous actress - Mindy Fanshaw. When Mallory turns up jack calls her school to let them know she's safe. He asks her what she's doing there and how she got there. She tells him that she didn't like the rules there; lights out at 9 pm, pizza was frozen so she snuck out caught a bus and got back to Heartland. Mindy goes to Heartland and sees Jack with Pegasus, she starts talking to him and he tells her all about Pegasus. She starts to develop a connection with him and becomes insistent on riding him after that. Mallory looks for Mindy's water bottle she took but Jack threw it away. He tells her that he has spoken to her Dad and she is going to live at Heartland again and go back to her old school. Jack talks to Mallory, later on, and clarifies why she left as all the reasons she gave are the same rules at Heartland. She tells him that she knew she'd miss everyone but she didn't know how much she was going to miss Jake, he paid for her ticket and had horses waiting in Hudson for her. (Starstruck!) Jack helps Lisa prepare Diva Girl at Heartland for Amy to work with. Lisa asks jack about Lou and tells him that she has a friend of a friend with a guy they want to set up with Lou. Mallory asks Jack if he believes in curses, she tells him that her Mum does and then she calls, spooking her. When Mallory tells Jack that she's decided to start being pro-active and Jack tells her she's over-reacting. Mackenzie cancels the wedding and Lou starts to argue with Lisa and tells her that she doesn't want her help upsetting her, Jack tells her he's never been more disappointed in her. When the wedding is back on jack gives Mackenzie away. After, he tells Lisa that it was a nice wedding but there was only one thing missing form it, her. Lou later talks to Jack and tells him that she can't apologize to Lisa. (Divorce Horse)


When everyone hears nearby explosions Jack tells them that it's Bedford oil testing the nearby land. They are all furious that they haven't received notification first. Mallory realizes that she has the letter but thought it was junk mail so used it as a bookmark. Lou is determined to gather all ranchers to fight against Bedford, Jack is exasperated after trying to call them navigating all their automated systems. Lisa arrives to deliver her chili for the meeting, Lou rebuffs her leaving her angry. Jack tries to get them to stop arguing, to no avail. Jack attends Lou's meeting and is happy when she knocks P.W. down a peg. Lou tells everyone that she has lots of signatures of support, Jack tells her she has more support and takes her for a drive. They arrive at a truck road block of ranchers stopping the Bedford Oil guys from getting through. (Seismic Shifts) When Amy and Ty discover Tara and Badger have stolen Ty's truck, Amy calls jack who goes with Clint to stop them. Jack goes to meet Val at Maggie's who asks him to drive her to an appointment on Monday as she has no one else to ask. She tells her she has to have some tests and doesn't want to worry Ashley. When Badger releases the horses Ty and Tara try to calm him down, with him wielding a hook and swinging at Ty. Jack arrives and asks what's going on but Ty tells him he has it under control. Back inside, Jack asks Ty again what happened and he tells him that it'll all be better when they leave. jack confesses that he felt the same way when he arrived but he proved a lot of people wrong, so suggests giving them a chance. After Ty finds Badger after he went missing he tells Clint that he went for a smoke and got lost. Clint tells them how happy he is that it was a success so will bring more in the future, to Ty's horror Jack accepts. Jack's driving Val when they pull over to join Ashley, he tells he that although it wasn't his place he called her. He apologizes but Val seems grateful. (Do or Die)


When Lou brings up the Hudson Derby, Jack is instantly reminded about how Tim cheated the last time they raced he and Tim argue about the event. Tim continues to tease him and tells Jack that he won fairly but jack continues to argue he cheated and cut a corner. At dinner, Jack re-tells the story of the last Hudson derby race. Jack had the lead with Tim just behind and Scott in third, when he looked behind him Tim was gone, when he came through the trees Tim was ahead. Despite the teasing from Amy and Lou, Jack tells Ty how Tim must have cheated and cut a corner to get ahead. Finally, he tells them that this race was the reason Stumpy became "Stumpy". The next day, Lou rushes home and shows that she's on TV with her advert for the Hudson Derby. Jack is excited to be the first on to sign up, until he sees Tim's name already down and is determined that is the last time he beats him at anything. Jack tells Ty that his knee is getting stiff but he's still determined to beat Tim, he begins to tell him his strategy to train is to take it easy before the race to let him go his fastest on the day. Jack goes out for a ride and Ty stumbles across him walking his horse back towards Heartland, he tells Ty that his horse needed a break. When Ty offers to walk the horse back and he can take his car, Jack takes him up on it but continues to blame the horse. When Ty realizes the extent of Money's talents, he shares him with Jack who tries him out, he starts riding and nearly flies off the back he takes off so fast. Jack is more than happy with Money's capabilities and tells Ty they need to feed him right so he peaks on race day and not to tell anyone about him. The day of the Hudson Derby, at mile one Jack is in 4th, at halfway he's pulling ahead until Tim falls off his horse and realizes he's hurt. He stops to make sure he's OK and helps him back up onto his horse, causing him to be left behind. In the last leg heading into the last stretch, Tim's in first followed by Jack with Scott in third. Coming across the line Scott pulls ahead winning leaving Jack and Tim to cross the line simultaneously, tying in second place. The next day, Tim offers to bury the hatchet with Jack however they instead start talking about where their troubles began. Tim tells Jack that he never liked him, jack admits that he didn't know him but didn't care about him until Marion bought him home. Then he was proud of him every time he won as he was like a son, until he ruined it and broke Marion's heart. (Dark Horse) After Spartan is taken, Lou tells Jack that they need to help Amy she's not been eating or sleeping. After Amy comes back form the auction with Ty, Jack tells her that he couldn't get the identity of the seller and that Wes is out of prison on good behavior. He says he's going to make him an offer and him and Tim get riled up. Ty tells Lou and Jack that she bought Amy a colt to help get her mind off of Spartan, Jack tells him that he can't just replace him she needs time. Mallory sees Copper in his stall but he's not too happy, Jack tells her that he's probably scared of her new look, likening her to a raccoon. When Lou's leaving she says goodbye to Jack, as she's heading out she opens the door to find Peter on the other side so slams the door in his face. She tells Jack she's just looking for her keys, which were in her purse. Caleb later comes by to see Amy but she's out, he talks to Jack instead and tells him that he's had a sponsor offer but he thinks she gave it to him for the wrong reasons. Jack asks him what his gut instinct is, he says not to cash it, so he tells him to follow his gut. Caleb leaves as Jack receives a phone call from Amy telling him that Ty's been arrested so he rushes off. Jack drives Ty home, in silence, Ty asks him to say something but he admits he wouldn't like what he has to say. Jack arrives home with Ty and is furious. Amy apologizes saying she got carried away, he tells her that they both could have been arrested and Ty could go to jail with serious criminals. The next day, Amy and Ty figure out a theory as to how Wes stole and bought Spartan so tells Jack. He stops them from doing anything and tells them to leave it to the "grown ups". He and Tim go to see Wes and beat and threaten him until he tells them where Spartan is and signs a bill of sale. When they get back in the car they both admit that they are in pain and aching. Jack brings Spartan back to Heartland, Amy and Ty are thrilled. He tells them that he spoke to Rodriguez and after 2 months of community service Ty's file will "disappear", and Amy's grounded. (The Ties That Bind)


When Lou shows Jack the new poster for Heartland Winter Wonderland campaign for the Dude Ranch, she's excited but he's unconvinced. Jack arrives and sees Ty working with his new horse, Harley. Jack makes sure he's done all his jobs first and offers some help. Ty declines, he says as it's his first horse he wants to do it by himself. Amy asks Jack about Victor, he tells her that him and Marion were friends and he's a legend with horses. She asks jack if she can take Spartan to see Victor, he tries to convince her not to go but she tells him that she's tried everything to fix Spartan so needs his help. The next day, Amy and Jack are leaving she questions him about Marion and Victors friendship and why they stopped being friends. Jack drops Amy off at Victor's, and tells her he'll be back in a couple of days to pick her up. When Jack arrives back at Heartland he watches Ty working with Harley again, Ty tells him that he's still not listening to him and is disappointed he won't be broke by the time "she" gets back. Jack realises he's talking about Amy as he wants to impress her, he gives him advice about taking his time. Ty mounts Harley but then he starts to buck and is thrown. Jack goes into the house to see Lou preparing the picnic for her and Peter, she tells him that the Dude Ranch guests is one guest and wants privacy so tells him not to go down there, which makes him happy. Jack talks to Lou after she came in late the previous night, he thinks it's getting serious with the internet guy, she insists it isn't and hurries off to meet Peter at the cabin. He later sees Ty out with Harley, he tells him he's able to ride him and Jack praises him, he tells Ty that Harley trusts him but still has a lot to teach him but as long as he's clear and direct he'll be fine. (Full Circle) Ty tells Jack that there are starving horses out by the Fishing Cabin due to the heavy snow fall, Amy overhears and insists on going out there but Jack tells her no. As Amy's telling Ty that they should go to the cabin without telling Jack, he walks in and after talking to Scott agrees that they need to go out there, he tells them the tree of them will go tomorrow. Jack tells Lou that she'll need to watch Mallory and Jake as he's going to the cabin however, she tells him that she's going away with the internet guy so can't. Jack tells Amy that he needs to change the plans, she believes this means they can't go. He asks if it's about the horses or about Ty, she assures him it's about the horses. He allows them to go but wants them to take his truck as it's bigger and safer. As they're leaving he tells Amy to set up the radio when they get there so they can communicate. Jack is getting frustrated with Mallory and Jake being noisy and breaking things. As Lou is about to tell him about Peter, he takes Mallory and Jake out to Maggie's for lunch, making Lou happy they'll be gone when Peter comes by. Jack runs into Val at Maggie's and asks about any news, she tells him about thinking about buying Tim's land ,shocking Jack. Val apologises if she's causing a family feud, but assures if she buys the land she can act as a buffer. He gets angry and leaves with Mallory and Jake. Jack goes to visit Tim and is furious about him selling the land next to his to Val, he tells him if he needs to sell then should sell the other side. Lou arrives, with Peter, and introduces him to Jack. Jack isn't happy that he's in his house after the last time when he trespassed and cut fences. As Jack's telling him to leave, they're interrupted by a static noise. He realises it's the radio and Amy tells him that Ty's sick and can't drive and she's scared to. He tells her to stay put, he's adamant to go and get them but Peter tells him that the road is closed. While Peter's on the phone, Lou tries to convince Jack he's a good guy, Jack tells her that he'll need time. Peter tells them that he's got one of his guys to head out with a snow plough in the morning. In the morning, Jack's not happy they can't get through on the radio, he suggests going out and Peter is determined to go with him. As they go outside they see Amy and Ty pull up, she tells them that they followed a Bedford Oil plough. Jack thanks Peter and Lou is happy they are making headway. Jack talks to Ty, he reminds him what he said before about him going near his granddaughters, he tells him not to kiss and run this time. He later goes to see Tim again, he gives him a cheque telling him that it's better than selling to Val. Tim thanks him and assures him he'll pay him back. (Step By Step)

Season 3


Jack gets a phone call from Lisa, he's happy to hear she's coming back from France. After Amy leaves for school, jack hears on the radio about the accident involving a school bus, he and Ty rush off to make sure she's ok. Jack and Ty arrive to see Amy calming a horse, Caesar, and helping him out of the barbed wire. Jack is grateful she's alright and they go off to help others. At dinner, Jack brags to the others about what Amy did until they get a phone call from Tim checking on Amy. He starts talking to Tim and gets angry when he tells him he just bought a new herd, much to Amy and Lou's confusion. The next day, jack goes to pick up Lisa and she's telling him all about her time in France. They stop by to see Tim and she tries to warn him to go easy since he gave him the money he can't tell him how to spend it. He immediately gets angry with Tim and Tim promises a cheque by the end of the week. Jack asks Lisa not to mention any of this and she realises he hasn't told the girls about him lending Tim money. Caleb shows Jack the buckles he won on the circuit, he also asks if he can stay as Ashley kicked him out of the trailer. Jack lets him share the Loft and come back to work at Heartland. As Lisa's leaving she asks Jack if he misses her when she's away, he tells her he does but he knows she has to go for business and he has plenty to keep him busy. He later talks to Amy who has started to lose confidence under the pressure. He convinces her that she just needs to deal with what's going on in front of her and the rest will sort itself out. Jack goes to visit Val after learning Tim has offered her his land again. He apologises for her getting involved and she tells him that she's still thinking about the offer. Jack asks about her health and she tells him that the doctors have told her she's in remission and thanks him for going with her to appointments. Later, Lisa tells Jack that she misses him when she's away and is intent on dragging him with her next time. He's adamant he's not going because nowhere can be nicer than right here. (Miracle)


Jack goes to Maggie's on a supply run with Caleb, when he sees Val approaching he tells Caleb to go in and get him a coffee. He makes amends with Val and tells her that if she buys Tim's land he'll be happy to have her a neighbour on two sides. She tells him that she's not buying because of the economy at the moment no one's buying. Lou tells Jack that Tim's invited himself for dinner to talk about his expansion plans for the Dude Ranch, he tells her he'll stay out of it. The next day, Jack goes to see Tim and asks why he never told him that Val not buying his land. Tim tells him he's sure someone else will but Jack puts him straight. Jack goes to pick up more fence panels and Lou starts to complain to him about everything, a break down of her schedule, getting involved in Kate's marital problems and Peter hasn't called, Jack convinces her to call him. Later, Amy explains that Taylor caused the accident with Trooper on purpose and needs to tell her Mum, Jack comforts her assuring her she's doing the right thing. (Little Secrets)


Lou helps Jack prepare for Lisa's friend's wedding, Lisa arrives and they discuss whose car to take, eventually landing on Jack's. The truck breaks down on route and Lisa tries to call for help but has no service when she sees the time and realises they've missed it. She blames Jack for letting the car know he didn't want to go thus breaking down. Jack and Lisa are towed back to Heartland and Jack gets Ty to take a look at it despite everyone telling him to let it die. Later, Lou tells Jack that no one has a car for as long as he's had his, he tells her they do when it works. He hears the truck start and rushes out thanking Ty, he takes it for a spin to help the battery. Jack breaks down again. Lou, Amy, Lisa and Ty all try to convince Jack to get a new truck, eventually he settles on going to look. Jack and Lisa go and look at some new trucks, but he starts to be picky saying he doesn't like the colour and gets a shock when he sees the prices. Amy, Ty and Lou fawn over the new trucks in the brochure and try again to convince Jack to get a new truck, he avoids it and goes to bed. Jack goes to get a finance loan for a new truck after seeing the prices and tries again looking at trucks with Lisa. He's finally able to choose one and everyone, apart from Jack, is excited when he drives it home. After he lets Amy drive the truck he struggles with the seat settings, Ty helps him out. Jack continues to complain to about his new truck but Ty suggests he give it a chance. When Lisa suggests they take his truck for a trip to test it out he eventually opens up and admits that he doesn't like it, blaming everyone for pushing him. He storms out and goes to the Fishing Cabin to get some air. Jack arrives at the cabin and sees a photo of Lyndy, he sits and listens to one of her records. In the morning, Jack goes outside and hears Lyndy singing, he sits outside with her while she plays him her new song. She then tells him she has something for him and shows him his truck as an anniversary present, she tells him to keep it for a very long time. Jack wakes up from his dream and goes outside disappointed when there's no one there... until Lisa drives up he's happy to see her. They go back to Heartland having taken back his new truck, he arrives with a new truck very similar to his old one and with his old truck being towed to keep for spare parts. (Man's Best Friend)


Mrs. Bell thanks jack for letting her use Heartland to make some jam, he also volunteers Lou to help her. When Lou talks to Peter on the phone about travelling to Denver for a date, he's surprised that she's going all that way for one day. Amy asks Jack about going to The Hanley Place for the night to check the horses, he's not sure about her going along and is left even more unsure when she says Ty can go with her. When she explains that she's been hired to do a job, which she can't do if she doesn't go, Jack agrees to let her go. Jack sees Ty in the barn and asks about Badger after seeing him by the lake earlier. Ty tells Jack that he's Clint's problem now but jack tries to convince him that he came here for a reason. Jack gets home later and is happy to find some jam waiting for him, Lou tells him that she's seeing business potential for selling Heartland jam. He believes she too busy with things like going to Denver, which causes her to become defensive and asks about why he let Amy spend the night with Ty, he tells her that Amy's responsible. In the morning, Jack's on the phone with Amy and tells Lou he's happy she's ok. Lou's got her bags ready to catch the plane when Jack stops her and explains that if he's soft on Amy it's because she reminds him of Marion. He continues that Lou reminds him of him, stubborn and so independent that he worries she'll leave for good. He tells her that he doesn't not approve of Peter, but doesn't want him to take her away, she promises he won't and they hug. (The Haunting of Hanley Barn)


When Mallory and Amy hear a noise, Amy rushes to get Jack and sees Tim with a herd of cows to repay his cheque. At dinner, Lou's surprised that he accepted the cows, he tells them that he was reminded of his joy of cattle farming at Heartland before so wants to get back to it. After spending the morning with the cows, Jack helps Mallory and she notices he's in a good mood. Jack works out with the cattle and tries to get them in through a fence, he notices one that's disobeying, upon trying to round it up he's pulled from his horse and tries to wrangle it in. Amy finds Paint at the house and goes to find Jack, she tells him he needs someone else to help him as he can't do it alone. She offers to help but he tells her that she's too busy. Later, Jack talks to Tim and suggests they work together with the cattle, he accepts. (Glory Days)


Jack's out in the field when one of the wildlife wardens finds him, he explains that a Cougar has been reported in the area after killing one of Stumpy's colts, and suggests Jack bring his animals in for a few nights. He finds Amy and Ty talking about their shifts of feeding Merlin, Jack tells them having an orphan foal is like having a newborn, he also tells them about the cougar. The next morning, Amy finds feathers out by the chicken coop, Jack looks and believes the chicken go out of the coop in the broken fence and that the cougar got it, he offers to help Mallory fix it so the others don't escape. Jack and Mallory later fix the fence whilst overhearing Amy and Ty arguing about how to raise Merlin, he likens them to Marion and Tim when Lou was born. After Amy and Ty were nearly attacked by the cougar when out for a ride, Jack arrives and tells them that Mallory was coping... sort of, with Merlin they rush off. Jack watches as the wildlife warden takes the cougar to a wildlife reserve when he hears a squawking nearby, he follows it and finds something in amongst the bushes. He arrives back at Heartland with cougar kitten, which everyone coos over. He tells them that he's spoken to Scott and he'll be by in a couple of days to take it to the reserve. He sits with the kitten and bottle-feeds it, much to Ty's amusement. He talks to Ty about his job offer at the racetrack, he tells him about him and Lyndy and how they missed each other like crazy but when she came home from tour they loved each other more. Amy and Ty offer to help with the kitten but Jack says he'll pull his weight when Caleb, Ashley and Soraya arrive to help with all the orphans. Scott comes by in the morning and collects the kitten, Jack says his goodbyes to "Tuffy" and Merlin when Scott offers some more orphans, a box of chicks for Mallory. (Growing Pains)


Jack notices Mallory's new headphones and new tack and tells her that she should stop spending as soon as she gets money but instead save it for a rainy day. Adamant that she won't need it she takes no notice. At dinner, when Amy asks Lily where she's planning on staying, Jack offers her a cabin at the Dude Ranch. The next day, jack sees Tim with Lightning Dexter and suggests that if he managed to buy a racehorse that cheap the owner's either an idiot or a crook. Tim revels in telling him that he doesn't think Lisa is a crook, leaving Jack flummoxed. Jack talks to Lisa about the horse and she tells him he's no racehorse as he won't start but Jack slips up and tells her that he's got Amy working with him, annoyed she explains she asked Amy before selling him and she said she was too busy. Jack goes to confront Tim for not being straight with Lisa but he assures it's just business. He also tells him off for dragging Amy into it when she has enough going on. Later, Mallory tells him about Lily's card being declined and agrees that he was right and wants to start saving her money. Jack's fishing at the lake when Lily comes to talk to him. He asks why she hasn't seen him in so long and she admits most of it was a haze but also that Wade is the jealous kind and would get angry if he thought she was seeing Ty. She thought it was for the best to let him be taken away. Jack explains how his daughter dies and that he can't believe that Lou or Amy are any better off. Jack goes to talk to Amy and she admits she knows that Lisa is mad at her, Jack doesn't blame her but instead Tim for putting her in the middle. The next day, Jack tells Amy that Lisa called him about sneaking into her trailer. She tries to explain that Liam was buzzing Dexter and that Dexter is the evidence he's doing something. Jack leaves to think on it. He later goes to see Lisa and admits that he believes what Amy's saying. They both confront Liam and Lisa fires him having found buzzers in his Fairfield locker.(The Starting Gate)


Jack, Lou and Amy return to Heartland, they're nearly run off the road by Wade screeching past. After Ty tells Amy he's leaving with his mum, Jack goes to talk to him. He tells him she'll be safer here with all of them. Ty tries to take responsibility for her but Jack is adamant he's family therefore she's all of their responsibility. He even tells him he's locking the gate so he can't leave. The next day, Lou is trying to convince Jack to let her expand for the jam making and tells her her planned to put in a dining hall at the Dude Ranch. He tells her there's no space but if she finds some she should show it to him. Lou, Lily, Mallory and Jack look through the Quonset Hut, Lou tries to throw away his "junk" but he's determined to keep hold of it all. Lisa goes to complain to Jack about Tim gloating about Lightning Dexter beating Alberta Comet at the practice run. He tells her not to worry since it's Tim, he'll probably mess up. Amy convinces Jack to talk to Clay when she realises Cody doesn't want to rope but instead play piano. Clay comes over and Jack talks to him, temporarily upsetting him that he doesn't know what he's talking about. When Lily returns from seeing Wade, Jack tells her that they're trying to help her so she should co-operate. Jack and Clay are in awe watching Cody play, Lou passes by and tells him to give him the piano as it's just taking up space at the moment anyway. Tim and Lou join Jack and Lisa at the track. They cheer on the horses and he and Lisa are happy when her horse, Alberta Comet, wins. After the race, Wade breaks into Heartland and starts to goad Ty into fighting him. Lily runs inside and gets everyone out. After Ty and Wade start to fight he soon stops telling him he's not worth it. Jack kicks Wade off the property. Lou later, shows him the finished Quonset Hut, his stuff has been put back re-organised on one side. Lou says she's willing to share the space with him. (The Fix)


Jack gets riled up when Caleb doesn't turn up for work on time, again. Later, Amy notices a Briar Ridge vehicle arrive and Jack tells her that he thought she could use the distraction. Val jumps out and asks Amy to work with Apollo as Ashley says he's not jumping like he used to. Caleb finally arrives at work, trying to show him that he needs him to get a raise from Jack, Jack fires him on the spot for having an inflates sense of self-worth and always being late. Val later complains to Jack about Amy, she walked off during working with Apollo to see Ty. Jack defends her telling Val that she's dealing with Ty leaving. He manages to get Val to give Amy a second chance. Once Amy gets back, she complains to him about Val, standing on the side-lines with her "help" distracting her. He defends Val, telling Amy that she does know a lot about jumping. Jack's in the office when Caleb returns, he begs for his job back, Jack agrees with some negotiations. After Amy's finished working with Apollo, Val sees her rushing off. She tells Jack she's happy they worked things out and fills him in on how Ashley feels about jumping again. She asks where Amy's going and he assumes that it's something to do with Ty. She manages to coax out of him that he too will miss Ty when he leaves. Inside, Peter offers Jack a beer, claiming they're also his favourite, he caves and tells Jack that Lou told him which ones to get. Mallory calls them both over and they watch her photo montage she's made of Ty.(Broken Arrow)


Jack and Peter happily watch Mallory's montage of Ty when Amy calls to tell them about the plane going missing. He tries to reassure her before the police arrive and tell them they are looking into it and are trying to find them. They haven't got any information from the transponder so there's too big an area to search on ground until they can narrow it down. After Amy gets upset, Jack goes to find her and consoles her as she worries their fight will be the last conversation she and Ty shared. Later, Amy and Jack check a map and try to locate the area they could search, but tries to assure her things will be ok and that they have to wait for the police. Jack gets a phone call from Lisa but tells her to stay in France rather than rushing back. The next morning, Amy tells everyone of her plan to drive to the nearest road and then take Harley into the forest to search, Jack originally against it but when people start to agree to going he reluctantly does too. When they arrive, Peter starts splitting up into groups and showing people where they should be searching on the map, Tim starts to argue with him about who's in charge until Jack reins them in. Jack and Tim have gone one direction and Jack asks him about his argument with Peter, Tim admits he makes him feel useless because he can't help like Peter can. He also gets Jack to admit that he see's Ty as a son when he starts to worry about his well-being. When Amy, Peter and Lou return with Ty, Jack rushes to hug him relieved he's ok and tell him he looks like hell.(Eye of the Wolf)


Jack hears Ty up in the middle of the night again, he goes to check on him but he just says he's thirsty. He tries to convince Ty to think about coming fishing with him this weekend as a change of scenery could be good for him. Jack's preparing flies for his fishing trip when Lou suggests that Tim go with him. Jack goes to Maggie's before heading out and runs into Peter. He tells Jack he's been meaning to talk to him but he claims he doesn't have the time. Peter starts to talk about fishing and tells him he too has the weekend off. Tim's adamant on a new fishing spot that Stumpy has recommended, leaving Jack annoyed in the instance that they won't actually catch any fish. They find a nice spot, once Jack approves of it everyone starts to set up camp. Jack tells Tim that he promised Lou he would make an effort with him this weekend so suggests that he bunk with Ty but Tim refuses to bunk up with Peter. Ty fishes with Jack, who's giving him some pointers. He tells Ty that fishing isn't about fishing it's about perspective and can be about talking too, Ty just wants to fish. Later, Peter approaches Jack and says he wants to talk to him. He nervously waffles before asking for his blessing to propose to Lou. Jack tells him that it doesn't matter what he thinks but if Lou says yes and thinks he's the one then she could do a lot worse than him, leaving Peter perplexed. Later, when Tim finds out that Peter asked Jack instead of him he starts to get riled up. He tries to defuse the situation but Tim's adamant on having it out with Peter. Instead Jack and Tim end up fighting, when Peter tries to break it up Tim elbows him in the eye. Later that night, Ty's sitting by the fire when he hears a growling and noises coming from within the trees, he grabs Jack's gun and points it when Jack emerges from the forest. He manages to calm him down and get the gun from him. In the morning, Jack tries to talk to Ty about what happened. He finally admits he's been having dreams, Jack understands that he wouldn't have gone through what he did without it effecting him. He tries to convince him to talk to Scott, since he went through it too, but Ty doesn't want to be reminded of the accident. Later, Tim and Jack make up and Tim declares that if Peter still wants to marry Lou after this trip then he might be crazy enough to join the family. When they return to Heartland, after having caught no fish, they tell the girls that Tim's split lip if from a fish and Peter's eye from a branch. Later Lou tries again to get the real story from jack, but he again tells her a tall tale. (Catch and Release)


Amy tells Jack that she was up at Marion's grave and saw some flowers had already been laid and that she saw Victor, he heads out to help Tim. Jack arrives to help Tim with the fence, he tests the water and asks how much Tim remembers of Victor - Not much, just him helping Marion with Pegasus and then they lost touch. At dinner, Jack's made uncomfortable when Victor arrives unannounced and joins them. The next day fixing the fence, Tim asks why he wasn't himself at dinner and asks about how Amy knows him. Jack deflects and gets back to building the fence. Later, Amy tells Jack of her plans for a memorial for Marion, thinking Victor is behind it he says it's not a good idea and doesn't want him telling him how to remember his own daughter. She assures him it was her idea. When Jack and Tim go for more wood, they both agree that they'll be happy to see the back of Victor. When Jack brings up the memorial Tim questions why it's anything to do with Victor and Jack leaves with out replying. Lou goes to shout at Tim when she learns he told Victor to leave. After she leaves, Jack asks what happened. He tells Tim that after he kicked him out hoping to realise what he could lose and come back, he didn't. So what Marion got up to after that was none of his business. Getting ready for the memorial, Jack admits to Amy that it was a good idea, they ride out to a nice spot. After, Tim and Jack check out their handy work, and hate to admit that the fence does look better Lou's way. Tim asks why he was down on Victor, Jack admits that after Tim broke her heart, he was probably over protective. (The Reckoning)


Mallory tries to butter Jack up to wrangle the weekend off to go to an art show. Jack tells her he'll try talking to Lou to make it happen. Scott calls jack to confirm the case of strangles and place them under quarantine. Jack suggests isolating Daisy and disinfecting everything she's come into contact with. Jack and Mallory clean out the Quonset Hut to make room for isolation stalls, she asks him if he can give her a ride to the art show tomorrow since her dad's busy. He later suggests to Lou that she's honest with her clients about the quarantine so that they are being open about it. Tim gets annoyed when Ty says he put Pegasus out with Daisy, jack defends him saying that it makes sense as he's been close with Daisy. Jack finds Tim with Pegasus and tells him that he's shocked with his concern since he hasn't been to visit Pegasus in so long. Mallory continues about the art show but Jack has to let her down gently by telling her he needs to stick around Heartland and help, and so should she. After Scott checks out Pegasus and suggests putting him down, Jack agrees to help stop him suffering but Tim refuses to give up on him. That evening, Jack finds Ty researching and tries to stop him blaming himself for the state of Pegasus. he tells him that he put the animal's best interest first and that's what a good vet would do. The next morning, when Copper gets sick, Jack calls Mallory to let her know but realises she's gone to the art show. He goes and catches up with her re-calling Marion, Lou and Amy when their attention started to split between horses and boys. She realises Copper is ill and immediately returns to Heartland. Everyone rallies around when Pegasus starts to get worse, Jack watches on as Lou, Amy and Tim comfort him as he passes. Jack later finds Tim and gives him back his saddle he won with Pegasus. He joins everyone on the memorial to say goodbye to Pegasus. (Quarantine)


Ty convinces Jack to go and see a motorcycle with him that he wants to buy. Jack tells him how he used to have a Triumph but a Norton's not bad and agrees to go with him after he's seen Val Val comes over to Heartland and tells Jack that she's been given the all clear by the doctors. She starts to explain her happy list and number one is to become a show jumper again. Jack and Ty go to see the motorcycle and Ty buys it from him. They drive back with it in the truck both singing along to "Born to be wild". They get home an unload it, Jack tells Ty Stumpy used to be a Norton fan, before he lost his leg, so may have parts in his garage they could use. Later that evening, Amy, isn't happy about the bike, and asks jack how he could go along with it. Jack justifies it by saying Ty's been through a lot lately and this is his way of dealing with it. The next day Jack goes to watch Val practice, she tries to show him what she can do but gets thrown when she tries to jump. When he goes back the next day, Val's improved and is ale to make the jumps, she excitedly tells Jack that he's on her happy list, leaving both him and Amy uncomfortable. Jack joins the others to watch Caleb at his rodeo, on tv, and watches in horror as he gets slammed into the fences and falls to the ground unconscious. (The Happy List)

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Jack and Lisa call it "quits" after his heart attack when she buys him a hospital bed for his convalescence and he hates it. Chastened, Lisa walks out of his life and returns to France, seemingly permanently. This incident is revealed only several months after it occurred, with Jack having morose flashbacks to their happier times, leaving viewers wondering about the status of their relationship in the meantime.

When Lisa returns in Episode 713 to ostensibly sell Fairfield and move to France for good, they have a few awkward meetings (one orchestrated by Tim).

After a road trip to Montana to deliver a horse to a new owner results in Jack and Lisa getting lost in the woods, the two find a way to reconcile.

They elope in the last episode of the season. When Tim shows up before the wedding, he is forced to keep it a secret until they choose to reveal this to the rest of the family.

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Amy Fleming

Amy see's Jack as a father figure, since Tim wasn't around. He also acts a lot as peace maker between Lou and Amy when they start arguing. He supports Amy through her work and tries to help advice her when he can. Jack always stands up for Amy when he needs to and supports her work, however is also willing to tell her when enough is enough if it puts her in danger. Whenever Amy needs someone to be there for her, Jack is the one that will console and comfort her through whatever it is.

Lou Fleming

He acts as a confidant with Lou, she is able to open up to him about how she's feeling and chooses him to talk to. Lou and Jack often have differing opinions but they are always able to come through it. He doesn't like seeing her upset and will always try to cheer her up and make it better. Although he wants to be happy for Lou, when she has the opportunity to leave for New York he's disappointed at the idea.

Ty Borden

He starts off by not liking Ty too much or trusting him too much. He enjoys bossing him around the ranch and giving him jobs to do. He later takes over his sponsorship and allows him to continue working at Heartland. When he invites Ty to the round-up he starts to soften towards him, Jack let's him keep the hat Amy gave him. When he starts to learn more about Ty such as; his anger problem originating from trying to protect innocent people, he starts to develop a relationship with him and stands up for him. When Ty's probation is over he tells him that he can think of Heartland as his home and his job and the loft will be there for him as long as he needs. After he goes back to help Ty, he brings him back to Heartland and promises that his job and the loft is still there for him. After Ty's mum, Lily, shows up it's clear that Jack sees Ty as a part of the family and tries his best to help and support him. When Ty's preparing to leave for university he finally admits to Val that he is going to miss him when he leaves. After the plane crash Jack eventually admits to Tim that he sees Ty as a son when he starts to worry about him.

Tim Fleming

Jack is very hostile with Tim, they have a difficult past; Jack kicked Tim out after his accident when he got addicted to pills and booze. He has never forgiven Tim for what he put his daughter and family through. When Tim is the trail boss at a round-up they argue the whole time and leads to a physical fight. When Tim starts to do right by the girls, Jack tries to be amicable. Old feelings are stirred up when the Hudson Derby is resurrected, Tim and Jack admit some feelings about each other. Jack admits that after Marion bought him home he was proud of him when he won buckles and thought of him like a son until he broke her heart. They begin to put things behind them, when Tim repays Jack's money in cows the pair agree to work together with the cattle.

Tim remains angry with Jack when he feels that despite all the work he's done to try and be a part of his daughter's lives they still go to Jack rather than him. This is seen when Peter asks for Jack's blessing to propose to Lou before asking Tim. He takes it personally and takes it out on Jack, causing the pair to fight.


Lisa Stillman

Jack & Lisa (1x11 - Thicker Than Water)

Lisa and Jack are friendly together, whenever they are together there is always a little more to it than friendship. Lisa invites Jack to check out a horse she wants to buy, this leads to their first date when they break down on the way there and have a picnic of turkey and Swiss. Jack takes Lisa up to his fishing cabin, the first person since Lyndy died. They have a great time and Jack teaches Lisa to fish. They become a lot closer and have a better understanding of each other.

At the cattle drive for Ray Philips, Lisa pesters Jack by giving him a new saddle for arthritis and making suggestions like going to bed early. He finally talks to her about it and she declares her love for him, knowing he won't say it back. Instead they kiss and begin dancing.

Jack and Lisa admit that they miss each other when she goes to France. She's intent on taking him but he put his foot down and tells her he doesn't think there's anywhere nicer than Heartland.


Cattle Rancher

Jack grew up on the Heartland Ranch, after his father died he took on the farm and continued to run it as a cattle ranch. He likes thinks as they are, and can be resistant about change. When Lou wants to knock down his grandfather's old bunkhouses, which are falling apart. to build her cabins he refuses. He later changes his mind and lets her re-build the bunkhouses instead.

Partner of Heartland Beef

After Tim repays his money in cattle, he happily accepts wanting to relive the old days of working with the cattle on the ranch. After trying and not succeeding to work alone he and Tim agree to work together with the herd.


  • Jack used to own a Triumph motorcycle.