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Main Horses Edit

Name Location Owner/Information Seasons
Pegasus Deceased at Heartland because of strangles Tim's horse; cared for by Marion (Amy's mother) 1 - 3 (Ep 13.)
Spartan Heartland Amy's horse 1-
Copper Heartland Mallory's horse, part owned by the Bartlett-Fleming family 1-
Paint Deceased at heartland Jack's horse 1 (Ep. 7) - 9 (Ep. 4)
Champ Big River Tim's cutting Horse 1-
Checkers Heartland Georgie's trick riding Horse
Phoenix Rising Heartland Georgie's horse, previously named Skye's the Limit. Rescued from 6 (Ep. 1)-
Buddy Heartland Jack's new horse 9 (Ep. 1) -
Sugar Foot Mrs Bells' Owned by Mrs Bell. Lou learnt to ride on him 1 (Ep. 7) -
Storm Sold to nick Harwell Tm bought for Amy for her 16th birthday, a pro jumping horse. 2 (Ep. 2) - 2 (Ep. 3)
Shorty wherever Caleb goes Caleb's Rodeo Horse 2 (Ep. 2)-
Slick Dude Ranch One of Lou's horses for the dude ranch 2 (Ep. 3)-
Betty Dude Ranch A blind horse, Slick's best friend, another one of Lou's horses for the dude ranch 2 (Ep. 3)-
Harley Heartland Ty's Horse, Bought him as a colt 2 (Ep. 16)-
Trooper Heartland Taylor’s horse- staying at heartland until Taylor gets her life back on track 3 (Ep. 2)-
Lightning Dexter Heartland Retired race horse of Amy. Used to belong to Tim and was bred by Lisa Stillman. Now used for Jumping
Pal Big River Shane's pony, the only rescue that returned to Heartland after being re-homed when Tim traded his Rodeo Saddle for her. 4 (Ep. 18)-
Memphis Heartland One of the Horses used at Heartland, rode by Badger when he fell down the well with Malory 4 (Ep. 5)-
Pogey Big River and Heartland Katie's Miniature Horse given to her By Tim named after her favorite toy
Gypsy heartland Presence jumping horse, given to Amy by Prince Ahmed
Unamed black and White Paint Dude Ranch one of Lou's Dude ranch trail riding Horses 2 (Ep. 3)-
Unamed black Dude Ranch one of Lou's dude Ranch trail riding horses 2 (Ep. 3)
Unamed Chestnut Dude Ranch Lou's Dude ranch trail riding Horses 2 (Ep. 3)-
Archie Dude Ranch Pack Horse at Lou's Dude ranch, sold to her by Caleb O'Dell
Trouble Heartland Was a rescue that Georgie trained to do roman riding with Pheonix
Cowboy unkown roping horse Jack got for Amy 2 (Ep. 7)-
Daisy Kit's horse that Amy worked with at Heartland.
Daisy's foal died at birth
Buckingham Jumping horse that went lame and was killed by his owner
Zeus Professional jumping horse owned by Prince Ahmed, responsible for Amy's accident

Horses Amy has RescuedEdit

Name Location owner/Information Episodes
Lou Re-Homed Young Wild colt, Berto Poskey found it in his yard Season 1, Ep. 5
Pirate Re-homed Trick Riding Horse. Used to be apart of the red cowgirls Season 1, Ep. 6
Apollo Briar Ridge Ashley Stanton's Horse; Was sold to a meat truck by Val Stanton when Ashley refused to show jump anymore. Rescued and given back to Ashley by Amy. (Season 1 Ep. 3) Season 2, Ep. 8-
Alcatraz Run Re-homed Rescued by Caleb and Amy, now one of Amy's liberty horses Season 5-
Lily Re-homed Named after Ty's mum. Was in the same meat truck as Apollo when Ty's dad brought it to Heartland Season 2, Ep. 8-
+4 more Horses that Ty's dad brought in the meat truck to Heartland Re-homed Was in the Same Meat truck as Apollo when Ty's dad brought it to Heartland Season 2, Ep. 8-
+1 Horse that had to be put down when Ty's dad brought the meat Truck to Heartland. Deceased Was in the Same Meat truck as Apollo when Ty's dad brought it to Heartland season 2, Ep. 8-
Tennessee Walking Horse Re-homed Found abandoned on a farm
Tennessee Walking Horse Re-homed Amy pretended to be interested in Buying Him so she could find out who was Abusing the Tennessee Walking Horses
+3 more Tenassee Walking Horses Re-homed Other Three Tennessee Walking Horses Amy Rescued
Bear in police horse training Buddy's best friend, got attacked by a bear and survived hence the name. Led Georgie and Amy to Buddy in an abandoned ranch. Helping Amy rescue Ty from a cliff. Then qualified to be a police Horse.

Horses Amy has worked with Edit

Name Living at Information Episodes
Spartan Home The horse Marion died rescuing season 1, epp.1


Home May Roach’s horse, sent home before

he was ready, rears and spooks a lot.

season 1, Ep. 2
Star Home Nick Hartwell's horse; scared of dogs. season 1, Ep. 2
Promise Fairfield Stables Lisa Stillman’s horse, cant be ridden season 1, Ep. 3
Melody Big River, then sold after Ray died Ray Philips’s pregnant mare  season 1, Ep. 7
Day Break Big River, then sold after Ray died Melody's Foal, Born at Heartland Season 1, Ep. 7
Gallant Prince Brookland Stables Bred by Lisa Stillman, Owned by Dan Heartfield Season 1, Ep. 8
Payback Big River then sold after ray died 3 year old cutting horse but he has no cow sense. Tim's horse season 1, Ep. 11
Ghost Wild Mustang that was injured and Amy treated. re-appears in many episodes season 2 Ep. 1, Ep. 18
Venture Home RCMP constable Mark Rodrigeuz, both scared of water season 2 Ep. 6
Boxer Re-Homed Ms Adams Horse, she wanted it to be re-homed but her father Hank wanted to keep him. Season 2 Ep. 10
Diva Girl Given to Mackenzie Huten as a Wedding present from Lisa Sometimes known as "the divorce Horse", Diva Girl is owned by Lisa Stillman and is hard to handle. She likes to bite and can be moody Season 2, Ep.12
Acorn Needs de-sensitizing Season 2 Ep. 13
Your so money Re-homed Belongs to Kit's uncle, raced by Jack in the Hudson Derby Season 2 Ep. 15
Cracker Jack Re-homed Was Amy's Ring Of Fire draw Season 3 Ep. 17
Abbie Belongs to a medieval jouster Spooky