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All Horses from heartlandEdit

  • Pegasus
  • Copper
  • Champ
  • Spartan
  • Phoenix
  • Checkers
  • Paint
  • Buddy
  • Sugarfoot
  • Storm
  • Harley
  • Apollo
  • Alcatraz
  • Bear
  • Ghost
  • Cisco
  • Lightning Dexter
  • Trooper

Main Horses Edit

Name Location Owner/Information Seasons
Pegasus Heartland Tim's horse; cared for by Marion (Amy's mother). Deceased due to contracting Strangles. 1 - 3 (Ep 13.)
Spartan Heartland Amy's horse. Rescued by Amy and her mom. It is all Amy has left of her. Spartan fractures his leg during a jump show where Mallory is riding. 1-
Copper Heartland Mallory's horse, part owned by the Bartlett-Fleming family. 1-
Paint Heartland Jack's longtime horse; gifted to him on the occasion of his retirement from the professional rodeo circuit. Deceased. 1 (Ep. 7) - 9 (Ep. 4)
Champ Big River Tim's all time favourite horse. The only horse he has ever had in the program. 1-
Checkers Heartland Georgie's trick riding Horse.
Phoenix Rising Heartland Georgie's horse; previously named Sky's the Limit. 6 (Ep. 1)-
Buddy Heartland Jack's new horse. Rescued by Amy and Georgie. 9 (Ep. 1) -
Sugarfoot Mrs. Bell's Property / Heartland Owned by Mrs. Sally Bell. Lou learnt to ride on him. 1 (Ep. 7) -
Storm Sold to Nick Harwell Tim bought for Amy for her 16th birthday, a pro jumping horse. 2 (Ep. 2) - 2 (Ep. 3)
Shorty Wherever Caleb goes Caleb's rodeo horse. 2 (Ep. 2)-
Slick Dude Ranch One of Lou's horses for the Dude Ranch. 2 (Ep. 3)-
Betty Dude Ranch A blind horse, Slick's best friend, another one of Lou's horses for the Dude Ranch. Also a metaphor. 2 (Ep. 3)-
Harley Heartland Ty's horse; bought him as a colt. 2 (Ep. 16)-
Venus Heartland Lou's horse that Mitch bought. Lou assumed he bought Venus for her; turns out he bought her for the Dude Ranch. 10 (Ep. 7)-
Trooper Heartland Taylor’s horse—staying at Heartland until Taylor gets her life back on track. 3 (Ep. 2)-
Lightning Dexter Heartland Retired racehorse. Used to belong to Tim and was bred by Lisa Stillman. Now used for jumping.
Pal Big River Shane's pony, the only rescue that returned to Heartland after being re-homed when Tim traded his rodeo saddle for her. 4 (Ep. 18)-
Memphis Heartland One of the horses used at Heartland, ridden by Badger when he fell down the well with Mallory. 4 (Ep. 5)-
Pogey Big River and Heartland Katie's miniature horse given to her by Tim; named after her favorite toy.
Gypsy Heartland Puissance jumping horse, given to Amy by Prince Ahmed.
Zypher A liberty horse given to Amy to peform
Archie Dude Ranch Pack Horse at Lou's Dude Ranch, sold to her by Caleb Odell.
Trouble Heartland Was a rescue that Georgie trained to do roman riding with Pheonix.
Cowboy unkown Roping horse Jack got for Amy. 2 (Ep. 7)-
Daisy Kit's horse that Amy worked with at Heartland.
Daisy's foal Died at birth.
Buckingham Hillhurst Jumping horse that went lame and was killed by his owner Jeremy Hughes.
Zeus Hillhurst Professional jumping horse owned by Prince Ahmed, responsible for Amy's accident.

Horses Amy has RescuedEdit

Name Location owner/Information Episodes
Lou Re-Homed Young Wild colt, Berto Poskey found it in his yard Season 1, Ep. 5
Pirate Re-homed Trick Riding Horse. Used to be a part of the red cowgirls Season 1, Ep. 6
Apollo Briar Ridge Ashley Stanton's Horse; Was sold to a meat truck by Val Stanton when Ashley refused to show jump anymore. Rescued and given back to Ashley by Amy. (Season 1 Ep. 3) Season 2, Ep. 8-
Alcatraz Run Re-homed Rescued by Caleb and Amy. Given to Caleb's friend Bryce, the paralyzed military vet and ex-rodeo star, who is now a para-equestrian rider. Season 5-
Lily Re-homed Named after Ty's mom. Was in the same meat truck as Apollo when Ty's dad brought it to Heartland Season 2, Ep. 8-
Minnie oxen Bought at auction by Georgie and Mitch. Has two twin foals named Theo (Theodore) and Boo (Boone). Had a tear in the abdominal wall, but treated and healthy.
Theodore (Theo) Unknown Mother Minnie bought at auction, Theo and Boo born at night, delivered by Amy and Ty.
Boone (Boo) Unknown Mother Minnie bought at auction, Theo and Boo born at night, delivered by Amy and Ty.
Zeus Hillhurst Amy worked with Zeus after Prince Ahmed complained about Zeus not working the way he should. Zeus was also the horse who hurt Amy.
Emir Hillhurst Prince Ahmed's jumping horse. It was from his father. 7. ep 1
Bear in police horse training Buddy's best friend, got attacked by a bear and survived hence the name. Led Georgie and Amy to Buddy in an abandoned ranch. Helping Amy rescue Ty from a cliff. Then qualified to be a police Horse.

Horses Amy has worked with Edit

name living at info
Spartan Heartland The horse Marion died rescuing. Amy's main horse. season 1, epp.1


Home May Roach’s horse, sent home before

he was ready, rears and spooks a lot.

season 1, Ep. 2
Star Home Nick Hartwell's horse; scared of dogs. season 1, Ep. 2
Promise Fairfield Stables Lisa Stillman’s horse. Promise can't be ridden as she refuses to be saddled. Gets more aggressive the more harshly she is treated. season 1, Ep. 3
Melody Big River, then sold after Ray died Ray Philips’s pregnant mare  season 1, Ep. 7
Day Break Big River, then sold after Ray died Melody's Foal, Born at Heartland Season 1, Ep. 7
Gallant Prince Brookland Stables Bred by Lisa Stillman, Owned by Dan Heartfield Season 1, Ep. 8
Payback Big River then sold after ray died 3-year-old cutting horse but he has no cow sense. Tim's horse season 1, Ep. 11
Ghost Wild Mustang that was injured and Amy treated. re-appears in many episodes. This horse is also a metaphor. season 2 Ep. 1, Ep. 18
Venture RCMP constable Mark Rodrigeuz, both scared of water season 2 Ep. 6
Boxer Re-Homed Ms. Adams' horse; she wanted it to be re-homed but her father Hank wanted to keep him. Season 2 Ep. 10
Diva Girl Given to Mackenzie Hutton as a Wedding present from Lisa Sometimes known as the "Divorce Horse", Diva Girl is owned by Lisa Stillman and is hard to handle. She has a habit of biting and can be moody. Season 2, Ep.12
Acorn Needs de-sensitizing Season 2 Ep. 13
You're so Money Re-homed Belongs to Kit's uncle, raced by Jack in the Hudson Derby Season 2 Ep. 15
Cracker Jack Re-homed Was Amy's Ring Of Fire draw Season 3 Ep. 17
Abby Belongs to a medieval jouster Spooky Season 9

Ep. 7

Doc Belongs to a mounted archer. Would not cooperate with owner during rides. Season 10

Ep. 6

Atilla Mongolia Mongolian horse transported from Calgary to Mongolia. Afraid to leave his family. Season 10

Ep. 4

Simcoe Chase Powers Belongs to Chase Powers, was very jumpy and skittish when people made sudden movements Season 4, Ep. 1
Shooting Star (aka Star) Fairfield Lisa Stillman—Professional racehorse that suffered a fractured leg in Season 12. Amy is tasked by Lisa to retrain Star as a hunter/jumper in Season 13. Seasons 12 and 13.


(aka Cisco Kid) A racehorse given to Tim by Janice. Tim eventually gave Cisco back to Janice.

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