Heartland is located outside the town of Hudson, Alberta in the Alberta Rockies. It has been in the Bartlett Family for six generations. It was originally a working cattle ranch but Marion had other other ideas after Tim got in his rodeo accident. She transformed into a haven for abused and frightened horses.

The Bartlett/Fleming house is where Jack Bartlett lives with his granddaughters Amy Fleming and Lou Fleming and later Peter Morris and Katherine Fleming Morris. Tim moves in after he has an accident that leaves him injured. Mallory stays with the family whenever she can.

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The barn is where Amy and Ty take care of the horses, keeping them fed, cleaned and watered. They have several extra stall available so Amy can work on helping horses who need her. 

The loft above the barn is where the stable hand lives. The first known person to stay there was Scott Cardinal who Marion helped get his life straightened out. In the first episode Ty Borden moves into the loft and takes the job of stablehand the work is harder than he thought but he gets it done. Later Caleb O'Dell moves in and replaces Ty after he leaves.

The Traning Pen is where Marion and Amy and eventually Ty work with the horses in their care. Getting them used to working with people, saddles and getting over specific problems such as trailers.