Corporate Cowgirls
Season 2, Episode 5
205 repeat
Written by Heather Conkie
Directed by Tim Southam
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Corporate Cowgirls is the fifth episode in season two of Heartland. It aired November 2, 2008.


Lou doubts her choice to live and work at Heartland when a group of corporate career women arrives for a weekend retreat.


Lou puts a brave face on lingering insecurities when former coworkers from the high-powered career she gave up become customers at her corporate equine retreat. Caleb bails on leading the trail ride, and Amy helps Lou, despite her planned dinner with Ty, and takes Copper, despite Mallory's protests. When Amy is gone, Mallory decides to take Spartan on a ride, but loses him for a few minutes and finds him eating poisoned grass, and Ty has to save his life before Amy gets back. One of Lou's friends kisses Tim, and she gets mad.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Laura Regan as Lauren
  • Cara Pifko as Mackenzie Hutton
  • Vinessa Antoine as Nicole


  • Dreamer - Jenn Grant (theme)
  • Fleetwood - Sports the Band
  • Girls with Attitude - Marryanne Morgan
  • What about Us - Ladies of the Canyon
  • Never Again - F. Palmieri