"Basically, it's Cowboy up, or go sit in the truck."

Caleb Odell (established that Odell name is never spelled with an apostrophe) is an Irish Canadian ranch hand, very much in love with his American Quarter Horse Shorty and the rodeo, hired by Jack after Ty leaves for four months at the end of season 1. Once Ty returns a rivalry ensues between them for Amy's affection. After kissing Amy they start to date, but their relationship is short-lived after Amy finds out Ashley is living with him. Although Ashley and Caleb's living situation is platonic they develop feelings for each other. Their feelings continue even when Caleb joins the rodeo circuit at the end of season 2 leaving Ashley to live in his trailer, but after Ashley finds out her mom sponsored Caleb's trip she doesn't want anything to do with him.

Unbeknownst to his friends, Caleb got severely injured while in the rodeo which is the catalyst to his battle with pain pills and alcohol, much like Tim's, he manages to come out okay, but much thinner.

Ashley's rough feelings for him soften again and they get married. Sadly, after a short-lived difficult marriage, Caleb files for divorce. Afterward, he becomes depressed for a brief period of time.

He eventually meets a girl named Cassandra that works with Ty at the vet clinic. They share a kiss which leads them to become very close. Caleb and Cassandra marry on the same day Amy goes into labour with Lyndy; the new parents ask Caleb and Cass to be the godparents.

In Season 12, Caleb confesses to Jack he and Cass have been trying to conceive, but have not been successful. Jack reveals he and his first wife, Lyndy, had wanted to have lots of kids, but also dealt with fertility issues. He calls Marion their miracle baby.

In the Season 13 episode The Art of Trust, Cassandra announces to Caleb she is pregnant while they are at a weekend Art Retreat with Jack and Lisa.

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