"Basically it's "cowboy up or go sit in the truck"."

Caleb O'Dell is an Irish Canadian ranch hand hired by Jack after Ty leaves for four months. In the beginning, he is rather husky, has feelings for Amy and develops a strong rivalry with Ty over Amy. He and Amy are a couple for a short period, but Amy soon goes back to Ty. He grows close to and falls in love with Ashley; eventually getting married. Before they were married, Caleb goes to a rodeo and gets injured severely. After a battle with pills and alcohol, much like Tim's, he manages to come out okay, but much thinner. After a difficult marriage, he gets a divorce with Ashley. Afterwards, he becomes depressed for a brief period of time. Caleb loves his American Quarter Horse Shorty.

He eventually meets a girl named Cassandra that works with Ty at the vet clinic. They share a kiss which leads them to becoming very close. He proposes to Cassandra in season 10 and they are soon to get married. Caleb and Cassandra are baby Lyndy's godparents