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R10-1112 R10-1112 30 December 2020

What do you think of Mallory

I personally think Mallory is a spoilt brat and I don't like her at all, but what do you think?

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Micahdazet Micahdazet 28 July 2019

Heartland Relationships

Hello, Heartland fans! So, I want to create several Heartland Relationship pages. The pages of Amy and Ty, Lou and Mitch, and Caleb and Ashley have already been created. Feel free to add to them. 

What I want is to decide which two characters have enough interactions to have a page for them. I want you guys to comment down below and choose your favorite relationship from the ones below! The top three will get a relationship page. Even if your favorite relationship doesn't get picked the first time, there will still be a chance for that to be made!

Jack and Lisa                                       Amy and Soraya                                  Amy and Lou

Georgie and Wyatt                                Caleb and Ty                         …

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Athena Rhodes Athena Rhodes 7 February 2018

Heartland Update

  • 1 ​​​​Hello!
  • 2 My name is Athena and welcome!  I am new to this site.  This is my first blog.
  • 3 In this blog I will give recent updates on Heartland.  A telivistion show that is available on Netflix and C.B.C.  If you watch Heartland on C.B.C than you cannot watch it outside Canada.
  • 4 In the first episode of Heartland - Coming Home - the main charecter, Amelia Fleming is involved in a serious car crash, trying to save a horse with her mother, and gets in a coma.  Her mother, Marion Fleming unfortunately passes away.  Amelia's sister who lives in New York City has to rush right away back you the home she was raised in.  
  • 5 Thank you, yours friend always, Athena!​​​​​​​  

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Robert bartholmey Robert bartholmey 30 July 2017

peter bartholmey

boyfriend peter

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Maylee san Maylee san 26 July 2016

I sell my Heartland's book collection

I possess all the collection of deliver but I do not read them any more

That is why I sell them to you gladly for cursed sum of 1€/ one book !!

I have volumes 1 - 10 + 2  bonus books " The guide of Laura " and " remember you Laura "

 If you are interested write in comments down ^^ I would contact you by PrivateMessage

Tanks o/ 

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