Ashley in Season 1 was known to be the mean girl in town often referring to Amy as serious competition in jumping shows. The two girl later become friends when Ashley relies on Amy's help to fix her horse, Apollo. She, Amy, and Soraya become very close friends and hung out often especially when she was working at Maggie's. In season 2, Ashley falls for Caleb and eventually starts a serious relationship with him. They get married in season 4. Her mother Val seriously disapproved of her relationship and tried to split them up. Val later accepted her daughters choices. The couple lived in a trailer for a while before going on their honeymoon. Things started to look rocky when Caleb returned without her. She later goes to British Columbia for college and it is revealed that she and Caleb got a divorce. She comes back in season 7 where we find out that she graduated from college and went to law school. She and Caleb share a kiss, but Caleb rejects her after realizing she was using him to see if she should accept her new boyfriend's marriage proposal.