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Apollo is Ashley Stanton's horse that she uses for Show Jumping.

Season 1[]

Ashley is bragging to Amy about the new $100,000 jumper that Val has just bought her. (Coming Home) When Ashley and Apollo come 3rd at the Hudson Show, Val berates her and tells her if she doesn't improve she's going to sell Apollo. Ben convinces Ashley to get Amy's help with Apollo. When she says she can't help Ashley blackmails her, telling her that if she doesn't help Ben will take back his jumps. Amy watches them on a flawless run and says she can't see anything wrong. Val arrives and tells her to go round again, knocking rails off. Amy deduces that Val is the problem because Ashley gets tense and is transferring her stress into Apollo. She suggests that Val not watch Ashley anymore is she wants her to win. When Val can't help herself but watch her and Apollo at the Fall Finale Ashley walks off the course, disqualifying herself. (Coming Together)

Season 2[]

Val takes Apollo away when she see's Ashley barrel racing. (Corporate Cowgirls) It is later to be revealed that Val has sold Apollo, much to the disappointment of Ashley, who proceeds to get drunk to cope with the news. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Apollo appears on the back of a meat truck, that Ty's dad was driving. Amy helps to rescue him and calls Ashley when she realizes one of the horses is Apollo. Lou goes to the auction house and tells them that she wants to buy all the horses and is told she needs to pay $2,000 in cash. She manages to get the money and stores it in the barn office. Brad later steals the money before disappearing in the middle of the night. The manager comes to collect all the horses and Mark comes to help. He has spoken to one of the employees who told him all about his mistreatment of the employees and horses so is arrested. This paves the way for Apollo, and the other horses, to stay at Heartland. (Summer's End)

Season 3[]

Val brings Apollo to Heartland after Ashley tells her that he's not jumping like he used to. Amy works with him, but has a problem with Val trying to train her to jump. She tries again to work with him, but Ashley arrives and tells her that Val's pushing her to enter shows again. Not wanting to ruin their relationship again she blamed Apollo instead. They come up with a plan and get Val there to see Ashley riding Apollo beautifully, she then comes clean and says she doesn't want to do shows anymore. Amy and Ashley later are with Apollo when Amy gets a text from Ty saying he's on his way home so Ashley convinces her to go and meet him. (Broken Arrow)