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"We don’t whisper things to horses - we just let them speak to us."
—Amy Fleming

Amy Fleming is the main protagonist of Heartland. She is Lou Fleming's sister, youngest daughter of Tim Fleming and Marion Fleming, grand-daughter of Jack and Lyndy Bartlett, mother to Lyndy, and the half-sister of Shane Grenier. She was married to Ty Borden up until his death.

In the pilot, Amy was devastated by the death of her mother, Marion, who was killed in a car accident while trying to rescue Spartan. The devastation was increased due to the fact that Amy couldn't attend the funeral as a result of injuries incurred in the accident. Amy eventually realizes that she has the same gift of helping horses that her mother had.


Season 1

1x01 Amy


We first see Amy helping Marion (her mother) rescue an abused horse (Spartan) from Mr. Mallen in the middle of a storm. On the way home the car drives off the road and crashes. Due to her injuries Amy's unable to attend Marion's funeral. Some time has past and Amy is still in hospital, she comes around with Jack and Lou with her. She asks where her mum is and Jack has to tell her that she was killed. Once she arrives back home she asks what happened to the horse. Amy's online messaging Soraya when she overhears Jack and Scott bringing Spartan into the round pen, she goes out and tells Jack he shouldn't have brought him here. Amy goes out for a trail ride with a friend, Jen, when Ty screeches close by in his car. She chases him down to berate him for driving that way around horses. He tells her that he's there because Marion hired him. Amy talks to Jack about the night she saw Spartan, that she saw a storm coming and it was getting late so cut through Mallen's farm and Spartan called to her. She blames herself for her mother's death since she went to get Marion to help her rescue Spartan. Amy later returns to school and has to face Ashley and Jesse for the first time. Amy gets upset when Lou suggests the idea of selling off land to help with re-payments. She starts working with Spartan, trying join up to get him to trust her. This acts as therapy for Amy as she starts to work through her issues of guilt, then Spartan joins up. At a party at Briar Ridge Jesse gifts her a mobile phone. He soon starts to drink and show off when Ty arrives. Ty defends her and punches him and Amy leaves and starts walking home. Ty picks her up on the way back and they start to bond. The next morning she's able to work more with Spartan and rides him out to the cemetery to visit Marion's grave. (Coming Home) Lou asks Amy about the progress of one of her client horses Swallow, when Amy says he's fine Lou takes this to mean he's ready to go so calls the owner to have him picked up. When out on a trail ride with Soraya, she suggests Amy get back to show jumping if anything it will annoy Ashley. When Ty is having a hard day and struggling to get everything done, Amy is short with him but quickly apologizes until she realizes Swallow has gone. She goes to have a go at Lou for the misunderstanding and tells her he wasn't ready to go. When Mrs Roche returns to Heartland to tell her that Briar Ridge will be working with Swallow now, Amy gets more infuriated with Lou. She becomes more irritated by Lou when she tries to take over running the business, she has some teething issues causing friction between the pair. When working in the barn she and Ty start chatting about show jumping and she reveals that she's worried about doing it without her Mom. Ty convinces her to give it a try with Spartan. When trying to trailer Spartan he begins to buck and act out of the idea of being in the trailer again. She starts working with him but is disappointed that they won't be able to train for the jumping show. Lou reaches out and they both apologize to each other for the miscommunication. However, when Lou inadvertently makes Amy think she doesn't believe in her, she gets upset all over again. Ty takes her out to the new jumping course he built and loves it. Amy later has a nightmare about herself being trapped in the trailer, she gets an idea of how to help Spartan, so goes to Ty for help. They move the trailer between the barn and the paddock so that he has to use it as a bridge to get to his favorite place. Her and Lou finally make up and forgive each other. (After the Storm)

1x03 Amy


Amy finds Pegasus late at night, he doesn't look very well so calls Scott over to check him out. She looks after him and believes he's just depressed. When Scott comes by in the morning he tells her that Nick passed her name on to Lisa Stillman at Fairfield Stables who has a horse she wants Amy to look at. Amy starts working with Promise and brings out her old owner Brian who tells her that he only rode bareback and since he's blind she was like his seeing-eye horse, it was like he had to ask permission to ride her. Amy then slowly gains Promise's trust and is able to gently upgrade her to a saddle. She rides her as an example at the open house until Val suggests the horse is drugged and Amy is a fraud. Lisa sticks up for her so Val propositions Amy into fixing her $100,000 jumping horse that refuses to jump. She reluctantly agrees and quickly works out that he's not scared of the jump it's the people stood around because of Val's training methods. Once everyone moves away she's able to jump him. Lou and Amy finally compliment each other on their work. When Ty approaches she asks him why he went on the motorcycle ride with Ashley if he doesn't like her, but he tells her it was his favorite bike so of course he would ride it. (Breaking Free) Amy and Lou are trying to put off sorting out Marion's room. They admit to each other and themselves that they need to get it done. They start sorting through her things and find some pictures of them, a buckle from Tim's last stampede and a letter from Tim to Marion asking for forgiveness and to come back home. She later talks to Jack about Ben's lack of work ethic and about Tim's letter. Ty talks to Amy about Ben as he's not happy with how he treats his horse and wants her to intervene. When Ashley arrives and tells Ty he should get a job at Briar Ridge as it'll pay better than Heartland, Amy accidentally lets slip about his probation which upsets Ty. Amy convinces Ben to go on a trail ride with her, she sees that Red is scared of water and doesn't like how Ben treats him. She marches to Lou to tell her to get rid of Ben as she's not happy with how he treats his horse and he doesn't do any work, she also admits that Ty might leave for Briar Ridge if he doesn't leave. When Ben is bucked off of Red Mallory goes to get Amy to help and they realize Red is missing. They go looking for him and finds Red by the creek, when trying to cross he spooks and pulls Amy off her horse knocking her unconscious. She is taken to the hospital, when she arrives back she asks Lou how Spartan got home and she tells her that Tim brought him back as he's working at Big River now. Amy's upset with Lou for keeping secrets from her, this leads to Jack telling them about how, after Tim's accident, he started taking pills and drinking so Jack told him to leave in the hope that he would get clean and come home but never did. She later talks with Jack about keeping the secret from her as she's no longer a child and they make up. (Taking Chances)

1x05 Amy


Amy and Lou go to Maggie's and she gets jealous when she sees Ty sitting with Ashley. She watches the new Briar Ridge commercial play which causes Lou to become inspired to film their own video. Amy tells Soraya that she's going to stay out of it because she knows how Lou can get. Scott brings her a horse to work with, a wild horse abandoned by his herd that needs gentling. He tells Amy that she can give him a name. Jack takes her with him to Briar Ridge to get her and Ty to talk. Ashley invites her and Ben to a field party that weekend. Amy is working with the horse when Lou insist on Jerry filming it for the video. She tries to get her to stop but Lou takes over and gets herself chased out of the round pen. Soraya persuades her to go to Ashley's party, so she can spend time with Ben. When there she convinces her to talk to Ty. Amy asks him why he really left and he confesses it's because she told him to. When Ty returns to Heartland to collect his helmet, Amy manages to convince him to stay. She is finally able to ride the horse and tells Jack, Lou and Scott since he's stubborn and has no people skills she has decided to name him Lou. (The Best Laid Plans) Amy is working with a client horse, Pirate. He doesn't respond to any cues when a car drives into Heartland she thinks its a tourist but turns out to be Carl, Lou's boyfriend. Lou persuades her to take Carl on a trail ride while he's there, even though she doesn't want to. Mallory tells her that she believes Lou is moving to Chicago with Carl and Amy gets upset at the idea. Mallory also finds Carl's engagement ring and shows it to Amy. She gets horses ready for Carl's trail ride but he doesn't like the horse she gave him. He wants to ride Pirate. She refuses, then Jack wants a word with her and gives her the leaflet for Red Rodeo Cowboy Girls and a trick riding saddle from Scott, Pirate used to be a trick riding horse. As Carl takes off on Pirate by making him gallop shouting "Yeehaw!". She chases after him just as he says "Whoa" causing him to be thrown landing in a mud puddle. She walks back with him and talks about him and Lou. She works some more with Pirate and is about to attempt standing on him when Lou comes over shouting at her for letting Carl get hurt and riding Pirate. She's annoyed that Lou would think she would purposely let someone get hurt and tells her to go to Chicago. Carl proposes to Lou at dinner and Amy starts to get nervous, when he opens the ring box and it's empty she ushers Mallory outside. She asks Mallory where the ring is, she thinks it's still in her pocket... going through the wash. She continues to work with Pirate and eventually manages to stand on him going around the round pen. (One Trick Pony)

1x07 Amy


Amy is preparing for the arrival of a pregnant mare, Melody, when Ray gets her out of the trailer she spooks and knocks into a jump. Amy checks on her and finds she's bleeding so asks someone to call Scott. He advises her to give Melody antibiotics, Amy also suggests Mrs. Bell's herbs. Amy wakes in the middle of the night worried and goes to check on Melody, she finds Ty there already. He suggests taking turns on staying with her but then Amy stays with him anyway. When she learns Ty is going on the round-up with Jack she tells Ben she can't go to his jumping show. She finds and gives Ty one of Jack's hats to help him fit in at the round-up. Amy is talking to Lou about Ben and tells her that Soraya has gone with him and that Ben doesn't like her, which Soraya overhears. She apologizes and invites Soraya to a jumping show next weekend which she accepts. In the house, Amy answers another call from Lisa, when Lou interrupts to tell her Melody is in labor she quickly tells Lisa that Ben thinks she's buying him off she hangs up and rushes to the barn. It looks like Melody is in a lot of pain, Amy thinks the foal is stuck so asks Lou to get Mrs. Bell to help since Scott is too far away. She delivers the foal with the help of Lou and Mrs. Bell and names the new horse Daybreak. She tells Ty about the foal and he talks to her about her dad being just up the road. (Come What May) Amy and Spartan are out on a trail ride when she comes across Tim it's awkward and Tim leaves. Jack reads about Gallant Prince in the paper and Maggie suggests Amy work with him. She starts working with him but he's very spooky and unpredictable and gets worse in a storm and in the dark. Tim finds Amy at Maggie's and talks to her, they end up arranging a lunch date. Amy tries to find out more about Prince so goes to see his old trainer Ryan Bailey. She's shocked by his behavior, sitting in the dark not talking to anyone. She leaves and tries working with Prince some more, when he sees a mare in the next field he charges Ty to get through. Amy helps clean him up and he mentions her dad and tells her she should go. Amy tries again with Ryan and takes the DVD of him and Prince, when he doesn't watch it his wife Bev Bailey, watches it and it coaxes him out of his room. He tells them the story of what happened and blames himself for it. Amy tells him the story of what happened to her mum to empathize with him and convince him he and Prince need each other. She heads back to Ty's truck to go home and is upset, she admits to Ty that talking about Marion brought back all the memories and she cries. Ty comforts her and they almost kiss. Amy pulls away saying she doesn't want anything to change between them. The next day when she's working with Prince, Ryan arrives and helps her with the horse. Ryan is upset about a much he's changed but Amy tells him sometimes things change and they can be for the better. Ty overhears and advises her to take her own advice, he also reminds her of the time as she's missed her lunch date with Tim. She calls him to apologize and they re-arrange a trail ride. When Dan Hartfield arrives to pick up Prince, he wasn't happy that Ryan was working with him, he learns the truth about what happened. Sam caused the fire and offers Ryan the new job. Lou happily reads out the article from the newspaper singing Heartland's praises for the work with Gallant Prince. Amy heads off to meet Tim for their ride and they both admit they're nervous about it. (Out of the Darkness)

1x09 Amy


Mallory and Amy take some shopping over to Mrs. Bell. When they get there, there's no answer Amy goes in to find Mrs Bell unconscious. she gives Sugarfoot to Mallory to look after while she calls an ambulance.Lou tells Amy that Sugarfoot needs to go somewhere else as he takes too much work to look after, Amy is adamant that he's staying at Heartland. Ty shows Amy the letter about Clint's visit, She tries to calm him down and assures him it's just a routine visit. Amy's upset when Kerry-Anne shows up and declares she's Ty's girlfriend. Mallory is also upset but projects onto Amy saying that she's the one who's upset. At dinner Amy and Ty enjoy joking about Lou's cooking, from a box, when Kerry-Anne tries to stir the pot. She tells them all about how she and Ty lived together, in a group home, so Amy leaves to check on Sugarfoot. Kerry-Anne follows her and winds her up more by telling her that Ty will never stick around. Ty overhears and tells her to leave and drives her back to Briar Ridge. Amy see's him return and heads over to the barn when she overhears Lou singing to Sugarfoot. She sits with her while Lou confesses she used to love horses too, she even learnt to ride on Sugarfoot. After Tim's accident she tried to convince herself she was scared of horses. She talks about how much she misses Marion and Amy comforts her. Soraya calls Amy, the next morning, to tell her about the rumors Kerry-Anne is spreading at Maggie's. She finds Ty and talks to him about Kerry-Ann, he tells her that everything is a lie, the only thing she said that was true was that they lived in the same group home. Later, she goes to the barn to find Lou moving into the office. Ashley skids into Heartland demanding to see Ty as Kerry-Anne has stolen her necklace just as Clint arrives. She and Mallory mess with his car to try and keep him there for long enough for Ty to return. He arrives just in time. (Ghost from the Past) She and Ty go out looking for the mustangs that have recently wondered too far to Big River when they bump into Wes who kicks them off the property. After dinner, Lou tells Amy about Nick's offer to buy Spartan. She's adamant she would never sell him, Lou understands but suggests she start jumping him. Amy tells her that she doesn't have the time with school and client horses. However, she continues to think about it and nearly enters in the Fall Finale when Mallory tries to talk to her about Copper being re-homed. Amy talks to Ty about jumping Spartan but confesses it's a lot of pressure when everyone knows about the accident, he reassures her that if anyone can do it she can, so starts practicing. At Maggie's Ben is bragging to her and Soraya that he got Nick to coach him, when Ashley arrives and overhears. She starts to wind up Amy by telling her she hasn't seen her name on the entry list for the jumping show because her horse is "washed up". Amy retorts that he's not as Nick wants to buy him so must be good. When Nick is coaching Ben Amy walks by and Nick asks her opinion, she realizes that he never changes or moves his jumps giving Nick food for thought. Ben gets frustrated and begins to blame Red so Amy rides him with higher jumps and proves him wrong. After Mallory calls Lou they rush off to help her with the horses at the feed lot. Amy quickly realizes they're the mustangs she saw and calls Jack for back-up. When a truck starts arriving she releases the horses and the truck smashes through the gate nearly running her over. Wes gets out and starts shouting at her shoving her to the ground, just as Jack and Ty arrive to defend her. Lou breaks up the fight by firing a shotgun into the air. At Maggie's the next day, Amy goes to tell Soraya that when they got back last night Ben had moved out and gone back to Fairfield Stables. She bumps into Tim outside and gets cornered into arranging another meet up with him, she invites him to the Ranch on Saturday. (Born to Run)

1x11 Amy


Amy makes a deal with Lou, Lou has to tell Jack about Tim coming for lunch and Amy will give Lou a crash course with horses to help re-build her confidence. She starts out having her muck out a stall then grooming one. When she is Soraya calls Amy to tell her that she just witnessed Lisa buying fishing gear at Maggie's. Her and Lou rush to find Jack to tell him they know he's taking Lisa to the Fishing Cabin. Amy then takes Lou out to the round pen to lunge a horse, but has to step in when she starts getting dizzy. When Tim arrives Amy reminds Lou that she has to do the talking because she's too nervous and awkward. Tim brings out a horse, Payback a cutting horse afraid of cows, for her to work with. Tim starts asking Amy about Spartan and her jumping, Lou starts to get frustrated that all they talk about it horses. After lunch they head to the arena and Amy shows him some jumps. They talk about how Marion would just show her how to do things and Tim goads Lou into jumping, amazing Amy. When they arrive back at Heartland they see Payback tied up with a cow that Ty stole. Amy goes and sits with him and says they should do the same and just get used to being around each other, not talking. She also teases him about the cow and tells him to take it back. She manages to get Jack to agree to get some cows properly for her to work with. Tim comes out to check on Amy's progress and gets her to cut some cows. He starts pushing and leads to her taking a spill. Lou rushes out and tells him off for it as that's what he always does with people. Amy and Lou chat and Amy convinces her to finish the crash course, going for a trail ride. (Thicker Than Water) Amy and Spartan are delighted to be practicing their jumping. She tells Ashley that she's entered in the Fall Finale and the Hudson show to get the points. Ashley invites her to an after party at hers after the school formal. Amy asks Lou to her show when Scott arrives to give Lou her ticket for his college reunion and mentions her going to New York, surprising Amy. She admits to Ty that she doesn't want Lou to go, surprising herself. Lou comes in and reminds them to stick to the schedule as they've been jumping a lot and not getting everything done. Amy instantly regrets that she said she didn't want Lou to leave. Lou is going through her wardrobe to find a dress for the reunion, Amy finds her and borrows a dress for the formal. Lou asks her if something is going on between her and Ty, she tries to deny it but Lou isn't convinced. After the formal, she, Ty and Soraya go to Ashley's. They talk about jumping and Ty tells Ben that he is her coach. They leave and Amy agrees for him to coach her jumping. They all end up at Maggie's until Maggie gets a phone call about the fire at Heartland. They rush back to see Jack being rushed to hospital. After he's been checked over they take him back home. Lou tells Amy that the barn isn't insured and they discuss what to do, Jack reassures them that they will fix it. He then collapses unconscious and is rushed back to hospital. Amy is terrified of what could happen to Jack and Ty ties to comfort her. They receive a phone call that Jack is going to be OK and she is very relieved. She goes with Lou and Tim to bring Jack home when he notices Wes and remembers what happened. As they're driving back into Heartland they are amazed to see their friends and neighbors helping to re-build the burnt down barn. (Rising from Ashes)

1x13 Amy


Amy and Spartan are competing in the Hudson Show, coming in 2nd but disappointed that Tim didn't come. Ashley surprisingly arrives at Heartland for Amy's help with Apollo. When Amy tells her that she's not sure she can help Ashley blackmails her and says that if she doesn't Ben will take his jumps away. Against Ty's advise she goes to help Ashley at Briar Ridge. She tells her she can't see a problem and is about to leave when Val arrives and tells Ashley to go again, knocking rails. Amy determines that Val's the problem because she makes Ashley tense up, she advises if she wants Ashley to win she won't watch her at shows. Amy tells Ty about what happened with Ashley and her thanks, Ashley telling her she's going to beat her at the Fall Finale. They both get frustrated with each other which leads to an intimate moment between the pair. Tim turns up at apologizes for missing the show and gives her Marion's schooling ring on a chain that she had given him when he was on the circuit for good luck. Lou tells them that she got the job in New York and Amy looks devastated. She finally admits that she doesn't want Lou to leave and that Scott would agree since he's in love with her. Amy is preparing Spartan for the show the next day, she tells Ty she's happy for him now he's a free man, his probation is over. She tells him she's nervous with the pressure of winning. He takes her to the old jumping course he built for her and reminds her how she felt when jumping it's not about the winning. Amy and Spartan jump at the Fall Finale with no faults as they're preparing for the jump-off Mr. Mallen turns up and demands Spartan back. Lou manages to by some time for Amy to finish the jump. Ty helps to calm her down as she heads out for the jump-off, when Spartan starts to get spooked and refuses to enter the course. She manages to talk him down and they complete a flawless run, winning the competition. She and Lou go back to talk to Mr. Mallen, ,Lou gives him a bill for his stay at Heartland vet bill, rehab, Amy's training racking up the bill he's furious and leaves. Amy and Ty celebrate in the barn that she still has Spartan and winning the Fall finale, Ty tries to talk to her but they both agree talking's overrated and they kiss passionately. Jack interrupts to talk to Ty. Amy later goes back to find Ty to see his loft completely empty with his cowboy hat and a letter left for Amy, she's heartbroken he's gone. (Coming Together)

Season 2

2x01 Amy


Amy goes for a trail ride with Spartan and see's Ghost he gets into a fight with another stallion until they hear gunshots and Ghost runs away. She heads back home and starts hinting about getting a car for her birthday. At school, Soraya tells Amy her plans to be a rodeo queen. Ms Adams interrupts and tells Amy that she needs to join an extra study session to improve her grade. On the bus ride home she calls out to stop and gets off when she sees Ghost in a nearby field. She tries to approach him when he gets spooked by a car. Amy goes to Heartland and hears Lou and Jack arguing about Lou's new Dude Ranch idea. Caleb asks Amy out on Saturday when she sees Ghost again near Heartland, she tells him about him and gets his help to rope him and put him in the pen. Jack gets a phone call from Amy's teacher that she missed her session and tells her off, he asks about Ghost and she tells him of her plans to gentle him. Amy sees Ty's training on the blackboard and starts to think about him. She hears a noise in the Loft and thinks it could be Ty. She goes up to find Mallory trying to find somewhere to stay for the summer. She starts working with Ghost and Caleb tells her women can't gentle mustangs only men can because of their dominant size and smell. She gets ready to go out with Caleb and sees Ty's cowboy hat, she thinks about him again. She eats with Caleb at Maggie's when he realizes he left his wallet so they go back to the Ranch. Mallory rushes to get Amy and says there's a problem. She goes in to see... her surprise party. Tim thanks her for giving him a second chance and tells her he's going to make up for the lost years. Amy and Caleb are dancing outside when she realizes Lou put him up to asking her out when Jack's truck pulls up and Ty steps out. She has no words for him and goes back inside, she watches him from her window with Ghost. (Ghost Horse) Amy continues to try to work with Ghost she also continues to give Ty the cold shoulder. Tim arrives to deliver her late birthday present, Storm. She finally starts talking to Ty again, about Ghost when he mentions he can hear another horse out there that seems to be his mate. Amy studies in Maggie's with Soraya when Ashley arrives and asks about her and Ty and then leaves to flirt with Caleb. Amy goes to talk to Tim and tells him she's not sure if she can jump Storm because she doesn't have the time, he convinces her she can and he'll help her. She tries again with Ghost who charges her knocking her over, Ty helps her and tells her that they need to do what's best for Ghost and let him go. The next day Caleb tells her Ghost is gone and she goes after him to find him. They eventually find him, with his mate, when they start to hear gunshots. She goes to get them to stop and finds Jack and Ty. He reassures her they're shooting to move them on not to kill them and tells her to go home. When Ty returns she asks about Ghost and he assures her they got far enough away. She finally asks why he never called her while he was away but he can't give a reason. She starts jumping with Storm again with Tim coaching her. (Letting Go)

2x03 Amy


Amy jumps Storm in the Spring Schooling and comes in 3rd, she's elated and Tim persuades her to join the A-Circuit and jump at the next level jumping every weekend, she agrees but seems unsure. Caleb is star struck and admits to Amy that he had pictures of Tim on his wall. She soon has things piling up and not enough time to do them, Lou asks for her help looking at some trail ride horses but she says she can't At school, Ms Adams asks her to attend an after school study session but she says she can't. She jumps with Tim who wants to keep going but she says the horse needs a break, Caleb instead asks for some pointers. They watch Caleb and Shorty when the horse whinnies in pain. She sits with Shorty, when he's put on stall rest, until Caleb relieves her so she can study. Mallory wakes her from on top of her books when she's late for school, Amy rushes in for her exam. Amy has another jump practice with Tim who wants to raise the jumps. She stops at a high jump telling him that she's never jumped that high. He seems annoyed but tells her they'll work on it slowly and can add extra practices. She tells him she has school, and chores and jumping. Jack finds out Amy failed her exam, he lays it all out and says she must choose what to stop. She can't fail in school and needs to choose between helping problem horses and jumping. She and Storm jump again and win, Tim is over the moon, Amy doesn't look happy and leaves. When they get back to Heartland Tim talks to her about Ashley, he's in disbelief that she quit just because Val was pushing her. Amy finally admits that she understand because he is pushing her. She tells him that she can't jump anymore because she has too much to do and doesn't have the time. Tim snaps and tells her that if she doesn't want to jump then she can sell the horse and storms off. She finds Lou to talk and tells her what happened with Tim, she confesses that she doesn't know hoe to handle telling Tim things as she doesn't want to disappoint him. The next day, she and Caleb talk and she tells him that she's not jumping but will continue to jump Storm for fun. He's not happy, he tells her that if Storm cant jump he will be miserable, giving her food for thought. She talks with Ty and tells him that she called Nick about jumping Storm for her. She gets upset and admits it would hurt too much to see someone else jump him so sells him to Nick instead. She goes to see Tim and tell him he sold Storm and give him back the money, he tells her as the horse was a gift the money's hers. She decides to give it to Lou as an investment in the Dude Ranch. (Gift Horse) Amy helps on the Ray Philips Memorial Cattle Drive, taking the new trail horses for a test drive for the Dude Ranch. She spends some time with Caleb with him teaching her to rope. When they notice Ty having some trouble crossing the river she circles back to help him out. She gets him across then realizes his horse, Betty, is blind. They decide to stick together, since Betty is more comfortable when with Slick. Ty tells her she can catch up with Caleb if she wants, inadvertently making her feel bad for spending time with him after he left for 4 months without talking to her, she goes off ahead. Tim later finds her and they talk about him and Callie which proves to be an awkward conversation for them both. She sits enjoying watching Jack and Lisa dancing together, when Ty comes over and they finally talk about what happened while he was gone. He tells her that his dad was in and out of prison while he was growing up, but he would teach him magic tricks which he enjoyed. Brad told him he got a new job in Vancouver, which turned out to be a lie. They moved to Calgary and Ty got a job and brad spent all his money on a poker game. Amy is upset that he was so close and didn't say anything, he tells her that the one thing he wanted to say she didn't want to hear. She kisses him. When they get back to Heartland they tell Lou that they had a great time. (Dancing in the Dark)

Amy 2x05


When Lou's equine self-esteem trainer cancels she drags Amy in to help out. Mallory gets annoyed because she wanted Amy's help to learn to jump, she tells her she'll help when she's done with Lou. She tells her she'll jump without her but asks if she can use Spartan instead because Copper doesn't get it, she says no. Amy talks to Ty about having the place to themselves tomorrow, he offers to make them dinner when Caleb interrupts them. At Maggie's Amy tells Soraya about her dinner with Ty but gets nervous. She gets a call from Lou telling her that Caleb is ill so can't go on the trail ride. Soraya tells her that she saw Caleb at Briar Ridge this morning ad isn't ill. They Head over to talk to him and see him helping Ashley she tells him that she'd fire him. She calls Lou and reluctantly tells her she'll go on the trail ride. She prepares Copper and Mallory is annoyed because she wants to jump, Amy tells her again that she will help when she gets back. Ty's disappointed that they won't have time together. When she gets back from the trail ride Mallory apologizes about Spartan and she gets jealous when she sees Ty and Kit together. She enjoys looking over the pictures of the trip with everyone. (Corporate Cowgirls) Amy is out for a ride with Spartan when she hears someone crying out for help, she goes down to Sheep River and sees Mark helping a boy who's stuck in the river so goes to get help. She helps Ty exercise the horses and asks about Kit, he tells her she's just a friend of Caleb's. Mark arrives at Heartland for help with his horse Venture, he doesn't believe in what she does but he was told to bring him here. He seems to not care about Venture but when he's leaving Amy sees him getting upset in his truck. She and Ty start working with Venture and try to build up his resistance with water. Mrs. Bell brings her herb delivery to Heartland and Sugarfoot develops a friendship with Venture, so Amy asks to borrow him. She starts using food to get Sugarfoot where she wants him so that Venture follows him. Caleb tries to push him further and manages to saddle him up, they take him to the stream and use Sugarfoot to cross to entice Venture across. Amy calls Mark to show him their progress but when he tries to saddle him and he refuses he leaves annoyed that he's not any better. At Maggie's, Soraya tells Amy that she should pull out of the running for rodeo queen because Ashley will win. She also tells Amy that her mum told her about Mark and what happened to his brother. Amy returns to Heartland and shows Ty the article that Mark's brother dying at Sheep River 6 years ago. She takes mark and venture to Sheep River but he's furious when she mentions his brother and fires her and leaves. When mark arrives to pick up Venture, Amy apologizes but tells him she wants to try one more thing. She gets mark to try join up which eventually works and re-builds their bond. After mark leaves she thanks Ty for his help and he suggests they go out to see a movie to celebrate, she tells him she can't because she has plans to see a horse with Caleb, but she doesn't tell him that. (Holding Fast)

Amy 2x07


Amy overhears Caleb saying he needs a new roping partner for the rodeo. She offers to do it but Caleb doesn't want to, he's never roped with a girl before. She ropes him, pulling him over thus convincing him to let her rope. Ty teaches Amy to drive and she tells him that she's roping with Caleb at the rodeo. Mrs. Bell runs into Amy in town and asks her if she's competing for rodeo queen, she tells her she isn't and Mrs. Bell thinks that's for the best after what happened with Lou when she entered the Little Miss Rodeo competition when she was younger. In Maggie's Soraya is complaining to Amy about Lou when they notice Ty trying out the mechanical bull. Amy goes out to watch him and is impressed, Caleb spots them getting closer and interrupts to invite Amy for a roping practice. Amy's annoyed when Caleb tells her that he didn't sign her up for the team roping competition. On the next driving lesson she tells Ty that Caleb ditched her and he tells her he knows she has a plan, so she asks for his help. They practice roping and Tim arrives angry that Amy wants to rope when she said she didn't have time to jump. He admits he's upset that she wants to rope, one of his events, and she didn't ask him for help. Amy is out practicing and Jack gives her some advice and tells her he'll get her a roping horse. Lou complains to Amy about the money for the sponsorship and she suggests Lou compete for rodeo queen herself. At first she thinks it's a bad idea after what happened when she competed for little miss rodeo, she then changes her mind and is determined to compete. Caleb finally goes to find Amy and tells her he's changed his mind and they leave to sign her up. At the rodeo Amy and Caleb are warming up and Tim apologizes for bringing up Storm and tells her that she should ask him for tips if she wants to try something else. She and Caleb come 3rd in team roping. Amy is shocked when Ty is announced as riding a bull, she begins to worry that he's going to get hurt. After, she tells him off and that he could have got injured. At the party, she talks to Ty and tells him that he doesn't have to ride a bull to impress her and they laugh. She gets annoyed when Kit interrupts them and drags Ty away. She goes to leave and sees Ashley crying by her car, she tells Amy that Val has sold Apollo. She tries to drive home but Amy stops her and offers to drive. They swerve in the road and Ashley grabs the wheel causing them to crash. Ty and Kit show up and help them out. The next morning, Jack asks what happened and Amy is about to tell him when Ty jumps in and says he was driving. (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) Everyone is suffering with the heatwave and can't sleep at 2am, they are surprised when a truck pulls in to Heartland. It's Ty's dad, Brad with a cattle truck of horses. Amy is shocked and rushes to help them. They manage to unload most of them but one is lying down and bleeding, Jack shoots it to put it out of it's misery. The next morning, Amy is brushing the horses and realises that one looks familiar, it's Apollo. Amy talks to Ty and asks how it's going with Brad, he tells her that Brad wants him to believe that he's changed but he doesn't. Amy is happy when Lou tells them she's buying all the horses as trail ride horses for the Dude Ranch. Ty and Amy talk about what a weird day it is, with Amy owning Ashley's horse, Ty tells her that his day was weird too. he spent all day with his dad and it wasn't bad. When Brad steals the money and disappears in the night, Amy tries talking to Ty about it but he refuses because he was sure he wouldn't change and storms off. When Lou can't pay, Ed shows up to take back the horses. Mark arrives to help, after talking to Ed's employees and heard how he treats them and the horses he arrests him leaving the horses with Heartland. Amy finds Ty and tells him that she doesn't pity him, she cares for him. he admits that he's worried about about being like his dad, she convinces him he's not because he came back. They hear the rain pouring outside and hurry out to enjoy it, they kiss and Ty tells her he doesn't want to hurt her. (Summer's End)

Amy 2x09


Mallory complains to Amy about her parents, they're coming to pick her up but also have some news to tell her that they can't tell her over the phone. Amy moans that she doesn't have time to listen to her she has a lot of work to do with all the new horses. They find a cow in the front yard, Jack tells her it's Stumpy's brand so she takes it back to his field. Ty offers to help but she refuses. He goes anyway and finds her struggling so helps take the cow back. He tries to apologize but she doesn't want to hear it. Amy works on a schedule for Ty and Caleb for work on the Ranch with her going back to school. She joins the others to wave off Mallory when she heads off to boarding school. After the first day back at school, she and Soraya complain getting off the bus. Kit catches up to her and gives her forms for Ty to sign up to finish his diploma online. Shocking Amy that she didn't know he wanted to finish High School but told Kit, Amy assures her that there's nothing going on between her and Ty.Lou is surprised to see Amy still doing night check as the boys were supposed to be taking more responsibility to give her more time. They end up talking about Lou and she tells Amy that she feels more like herself after breaking up with Scott. She's busy trying on outfits for her date with Mark. Amy sees Caleb and is annoyed that he's spending all his time checking Tim's cattle when he should be working on the ranch, he kisses her. She questions him and he tells her she thinks too much. Ty saw this exchange but remains unseen by Amy and Caleb. Tim arrives at Heartland to see Amy but she becomes annoyed at him taking Caleb and Ty away from their work at the ranch, she admits that she's upset he moved in next door and still doesn't know what's happening in her life. She comes back to school to find the barn in a state, annoyed she goes out for a ride with Spartan. She hears the rustlers and one of them spooks Spartan causing him to bolt while he points a gun at Amy. He marches her through the woods when Ty and Caleb try to help her after seeing Spartan. They distract him and get her free telling her to run. She run's across the field towards Jack and Tim as they see her the rustlers aim a shotgun at her but Tim jumps in the way getting himself shot. (Showdown!) After recent events, Amy goes for a ride trying to clear her head, on her way back to Heartland she sees Callie arriving and tells Amy she's a "friends" of Tim's. Amy is panicking about Callie, she tells Lou that they must be together, Lou tries to get her to calm down but Ty interrupts to tell her that the new horse has arrived to be re-homed. She goes to see Boxer and Ty suggests talking to Caleb to see if he knows someone who wants a horse, and he's acting weird and she should talk to him. After dinner, Callie starts getting ready to leave and Tim suggests she stay at the Dude Ranch, when Lou tries to persuade her to not stay Tim misinterprets that Lou is letting her stay in her room. Amy tells Lou that as she never meant to give up her room she can stay with her in her room. In the morning, Lou and Amy both had a poor night sleep and are blaming each other. Amy complains to Ty, in the barn, about Callie staying uninvited when she arrives and overhears wanting to take a horse out. Ty tells Amy that Boxer doesn't seem to be fitting in very well as he hasn't eaten, she calls the owner and he agrees to visit. Hank is more than happy to see Boxer, he starts to give Amy and Ty cause for concern when he starts to get confused and think that Amy is his daughter, Ruth Amy's teacher, who arrives yelling at Amy for kidnapping her father. She tries to defend herself but Ms Adams tells her that Hank has Alzheimer's and drags him home. When Amy is out she drives past Caleb's and decides to go and talk to him. She asks why he hasn't been in work and when he's coming back. He tells her he's not quitting but can't face Tim since he blames himself for him getting hurt. Amy starts to well up and confess that she's to blames and leaves. She finds Jack playing guitar to one of Lyndy's records, he tells her that he remembers Hank, he was one of her lead guitarists. Amy talks to Lou, she confesses that she blames herself for Tim getting shot, Lou tries to get her to realize that whether she was there or not it was a bad situation and tries to convince her to talk to Tim. Amy goes looking for Boxer when he goes missing, from letting himself out of his stall, and finds him with the cattle. Amy wakes Lou up in the middle of the night she admits she can't breathe around Tim because of the guilt. Lou tries to get her to understand that it wasn't her fault. Amy tells her that she feels as though when she gets close to anyone she loses them and is confused because Caleb kissed her. Lou tells Amy about Mark kissing another girl right when she was starting to like him. The next morning, Ms Adams comes by to apologize to Amy, she tells her that she devoted her life to Hank and she will bring Hank by to visit Boxer when he wants to. Amy finally talks to Tim and tells him to call Callie since she made him happy. She also apologizes for her part in what happened but he tells her it wasn't her fault. Amy goes to see Caleb again and tells her that she doesn't like mixed messages and they kiss again. (True Enough)

Amy 2x11


Amy goes to Maggie's and sees the new BB Simon belt but is shocked to see it costs $1,000. Caleb tells her that when he wins his next rodeo he'll buy it for her, thus making Ty jealous. Lou asks Amy to deliver riding lessons for the new Dude Ranch guest, she reluctantly agrees. Amy asks who the guest is and Lou proceeds to hand out confidentiality agreements to everyone, the guest being famous actress, Mindy Fanshaw. Amy proceeds to give Mindy her first lesson, she's not very good and pulls her reins too high and kicks the horse too much making him run. Mindy tells Amy about her new role, a rider like her, but she can't ride. Amy suggests she get doubled instead and Mindy suggests Amy do it. Amy sees Ashley and Soraya at Maggie's and they tell her all about seeing Mindy before, Amy pretends like she hasn't seen her keeping to her confidentiality agreement. Mindy overhears Amy and Ty both pretending to be fine with him going off to see Kit. She tells Amy that she's impressed with her acting because she obviously really likes him. Scott comes over to check Pegasus and suggests feeding him separately as the younger horses are beating him to the hay. Ty isn't happy that Amy talked to Mindy about them, and tries to warn her of her. Soraya and Ashley are talking about Mindy again, Amy tells them not to believe everything they read and gets off the bus. Soraya and Ashley follow her telling her they know she's lying as they see Mindy. Amy tries to apologize to Soraya for lying but she doesn't want to hear it. Mindy talks to Amy and asks to ride Pegasus, she tells her she can't as he's old and needs to get better. Mindy winds her up by telling her that she kissed her boyfriend, Amy isn't sure if she means Caleb or Ty. The next day, Amy arrives back home after school and asks where Pegasus is, Ty tells her Mindy and Caleb took him out. She's furious and goes after them. She finds them out in the field and tells Mindy off when paparazzi arrive and start taking photos. This causes Pegasus to spook and starts to bolt, Mindy finds it hilarious and loves the attention. Scott tells Amy that Pegasus has a stone bruise and chipped bone, which at his age can be serious, he might need surgery. Amy tells Mindy off about hurting Pegasus but she's blase and dismisses her. As she's leaving she tells Amy that she'll make it up to her and leaves. Amy goes to Maggie's and Ashley shows her the pictures in the magazine, she gives her a gift box from Mindy, it's the belt. Amy gives it to Soraya as an apology. (Starstruck!) Amy and Lou set up the Dude Ranch cabin for Mackenzie and her fiance to have their wedding at Heartland. Lisa brings a horse to Heartland for Amy to work with, Diva Girl. Lisa tells her that she looks beautiful but has sold and had her returned three times because she acts fine then her behavior changes daily and will act up. She tells her that they call her Divorce Horse as she's split up every couple that's owned her. Mackenzie takes an immediate liking to Diva Girl and wants to pet her. Amy rides her and tells Lisa that she rides fine, Lisa asks her to keep her in the stables because if she turns her out she'll get dirty and won't be able to sell her. Amy sees Caleb and invites him to the wedding, he says he'll think about it leaving Amy disappointed. Amy and Ty work with Diva Girl and are happy with her progress until they start arguing and she seems to enjoy it. Caleb arrives and tells Amy he'll go with her tot he wedding, while Ty goes with Kit. Amy brings Diva Girl into the barn, when Kit drops Ty off Amy becomes jealous and Diva bites Amy. Ty helps treat her wound and she makes him promise not to tell anyone. The next time Amy works with Diva Caleb suggests she's just spoiled and needs to be turned out to just be a horse, when they turn her out she seems happier. Caleb invites Amy to Maggie's with him Ty and Kit. At Maggie's they talk about Diva and Caleb brags about him making the difference. He takes a call from Ashley who calls 10 times a day. Lisa joins Amy out in the paddock and asks why Diva's out there, she explains that she needed to be a horse and is calmer now that she's not locked up all day. Amy attends Mackenzie and Ian's wedding. The next day, Amy goes to Caleb's Trailer and see's Ashley's car so leaves without seeing him. (Divorce Horse)

Amy 2x13


Amy and Ty work with a client horse, Acorn, that spooks at noises. Mallory likes seeing the two happy together. There's an explosion nearby causing Acorn to spook again. Mallory sits in Amy's room reading, sighing very loudly. She tells Amy that she's annoyed at the couple in her book because they can't see that they should be together, hinting towards Amy and Ty. Lou kicks Mallory out to talk to Amy, she tells her about what Lisa did, giving her information to a guy and they have been messaging and isn't sure whether to meet him or not. She tells Lou that she might always wonder what could have been and regret not going. Amy and Ty work with Acorn when Caleb arrives and drags her away to explain that Ashley slept at his last night but nothing is happening, which Amy doesn't believe. Lou tells everyone that she's organizing a meeting at Heartland to try and get enough people to fight against Bedford Oil. She starts dishing out jobs and tells Amy and Ty to sort flyers. That evening, Amy's in the bathroom and Mallory stands at the doorway, she tells Amy that she needs to tell the person she likes how she feels or risks living a miserable life like the character in her book. Amy ignores her and leaves. Caleb constantly texts apologies to Amy, eventually she caves and goes to visit Caleb's Trailer. He sees her arriving and ushers Ashley inside and tells her to pretend she's not there. Amy tells Caleb she got all 23 messages and he invites her on a ride. When Ashley makes a noise from inside the trailer he hurries off with Amy. On their ride Caleb reiterates that Ashley is just a friend and they agree that they have a lot of fun together. Mallory's at Heartland when Amy arrives back, she tells her she's been talking to the person she wanted her to talk to. Mallory tells Amy about finding the Dude Ranch guys' fishing gear and Bedford Oil paperwork. Amy, Ty and Mallory go out to the field and find the oil company testing and having had cut a fence. Caleb texts Amy and tells her to call him, instead she rides out to Caleb's trailer and finds Ashley. In shock, she leaves and tells Caleb not to talk to her. Amy and Ty finish working with Acorn and Amy tells Ty about Caleb, he comforts her and Mallory's happy to witness them hugging. Mallory talks to Amy and tells her she's happy they worked out, Amy tells her it's over and clarifies she was talking about Caleb. Mallory tells her she's supposed to be with Ty, not Caleb. (Seismic Shifts) Amy helps Ty and Kit fix Ty's truck when Clint arrives. Kit asks who he is and Ty covers not telling her about his probation. Amy and Ty drive down to the Dude Ranch to pick up the kids for breakfast and see a chair on fire. They put it out but there's no sign of the kids, until they steal Ty's truck. Amy calls Jack who stops them. Caleb comes by and tries to invite Amy on a trail ride, he apologises and tells her she got the wrong idea. Amy tells him she's not happy that he lied and doesn't trust Ashley. Lou gets Amy to help with the kids while Clint is gone, next on the schedule is riding lessons but Amy has a better idea and lets Mallory deliver the lesson. Tara talks to Ty and Amy and isn't happy upon meeting Mallory, she tells them she's not riding and walks off, Badger following. Ty sees Badger smoking by the barn and tells him off, when he flicks his butt at Ty he grabs him and holds him up against the door. Amy arrives and breaks it up. She follows him and asks what's going on, he tells her that just because he had problems when he was younger doesn't make him an expert. Amy finds Tara watching TV, she tells her that it's time for her lesson but refuses. Amy tries to goad her into admitting she's scared of horses but doesn't. When Amy and Ty see the horses running out Amy rushes off to round them up. She brings them back into the barn and asks what Badger's problem is. Tara tells them that he gets wound up sometimes because of his stepdad. Amy rides over to Caleb's Trailer for dinner, but when she see's Ashley and Caleb together she decides to eave. Caleb tries talking to her and Amy admits that she thought she trusted him but doesn't. Amy prepares for he night at the cabin with Tara when Mallory arrives saying Lou said she can sleep over. Amy goes outside and chats with Ty, he finally confesses that Clint sees him as the poster boy. Amy justifies by telling him Clint is proud of him. Ty's not so sure he's changed and tells her that he ended up on probation by beating up and nearly killing his stepdad to pay him back for everything he did when he was growing up. He tells her that he would do it again so hasn't changed that much. When they hear things breaking and carnage from the cabins Amy goes back inside. In the morning Amy hears Ty shouting and goes out to help, Badger has taken off with a horse so they go to find him. Later, Amy finds Lou with another present from Peter and asks Lou what he's like just as they see Mallory dressed up all goth. Amy finds Ty up in the Loft watching Tara and Badger, she asks why he never told her about his stepdad and he confesses he's never told anyone. They hug. (Do or Die)

Amy 2x15


Ty shows Amy the horse that he told Kit they would re-home, You're so Money. Caleb's out in the yard running the mechanical ATM steer and when Amy comes out he asks her to partner with him for a team roping event this weekend for him to get his pro rodeo card, she agrees. When Jack is telling Ty about the Hudson Derby race from years ago, Amy and Lou tease him about the story they've grown up hearing. Lou rushes home and shows everyone her advert on TV for the Hudson Derby she plans to run to gain money for Mrs. Bell's lawyer. At Maggie's, Tim asks for Amy's help to train his horse ready for the derby, she agrees. Later that evening, Amy goes to Lou for advice saying that she's agreed to do the rodeo, help Tim's horse, has a report due and isn't keen on spending 4 hours in a truck with Kit and Ty. Lou tells her to ditch the rodeo, do her homework, help Tim and don't spend time with Ty and Kit if it makes her miserable. Amy tells Caleb that she can't go the rodeo as she made a promise to Tim, he gets annoyed as she had already promised him. Amy takes Tim's horse to the barn and Jack realizes she's helping Tim. Amy later, sees Ty feeding Money and teases him about using the feed for Tim's horse and realizes that neither her or Ty are going to the rodeo. The day of the Derby, Amy checks in with Tim that he's OK to race and gives him some pre-race advice - go fast. Lou makes Amy a spotter for the halfway mark but Jack's against it as she's been working with Tim so both she and Ty go to keep each other honest. As they get to the halfway marker they lose reach of the radio, Ty tells her that Lou is the most competitive and it runs in the family. They start play fighting and are about to kiss when the rumble of hooves makes them aware of where they are and they quickly jump out of the way of the race. (Dark Horse) Amy takes Spartan out for a ride and is left uneasy when she feels as though someone is following her. She takes him back to the barn, inadvertently interrupting Kit and Ty, he offers to turn out Spartan but she is determined to keep him inside. At night, Amy's asleep but dreaming of Spartan and the night her and Marion rescued him, she wakes with a fright and rushes out to the barn to check on him. She's devastated to see Spartan's gone and shouts to wake Ty to tell him. Amy and Ty go to another auction, he's starting to feel like they should stop but Amy's adamant he'll come home. When Amy spots a horse that could be him, they go to take a closer look. It's not Spartan and Ty starts trying to convince her that she should buy another horse, she refuses to think about it because she has Spartan. Amy and Ty watch the auction, when Harley is brought out Ty starts bidding. Amy tries to convince him to stop as he'd saved the money for a motorcycle - although he's sorta like a motorcycle, his name's Harley and Ty buys him. Amy goes to leave but the next horse up is Spartan, Ty calls her back and confirms, they realize that he was bought by Wes. Ty goes to the stall when Wes arrives and tries to fight him. Amy brings the brand inspector over and tells him that he's bought her stolen horse. When he realizes she doesn't have a bill of sale he tells her there's nothing he can do and Wes takes Spartan. Amy and Ty arrive back home, Jack tells her that he called but couldn't find out the identity of the seller, getting him and Tim riled up. He tells them that Wes is out now on good behavior so will try to make him an offer. Amy starts to get upset but Jack reminds her that they didn't buy Spartan from Mr. Mallen and Amy leaves upset. Ty tells Jack and Lou that he bought her a colt to help take her mind off it, Jack understands he was trying to do a nice thing but he can't just replace her horse, she needs time. Amy is in the barn upset, she tells Ty that Spartan was the last link she had to her Mum and now it feels like he's dead too. She cries into Ty's arms as he comforts her. Later, Amy is in the barn gathering tools, when Ty comes in, she lies and tells him she's planning on fixing fences. He manages to grab her bag and finds binoculars and flashlight and realizes what she's doing he tries to talk her out of it but she's so determined she agrees to let him go with her, planning to leave at 9:30pm. Amy's anxiously waiting in her bedroom when she hears a truck leave, she realizes Ty's gone without her. She sneaks out and grabs Jack's keys to follow him. Amy finds Ty at the auction house and is angry he left without her, when he realizes she's not leaving they agree to go together. Ty and Amy manage to pick the lock and get into the barn, they struggle to get Spartan out as he spooked when someone comes in, they jump out the way and hide. They overhear Wes and Dutch talking and try to load some horses. When they leave they jump up and try to get Spartan out, they realize the flashlights are spooking him so turn them off and are able to halter him. As they go to leave they realize the door s bolted, Ty tells Amy to go around and open it as he stays with Spartan, leading to him being caught by Wes and being arrested as Amy stands by in shock. Amy paces nervously waiting at home when Lou arrives complaining about her feet Amy breaks the news that Ty's been arrested. Jack finally arrives back with Ty and is furious, Amy apologizes but Jack shouts at her that they both could have been arrested and Ty could go to jail with serious criminals. Amy finds Ty in the barn and apologizes for getting him wrapped up in everything, he tells her that she's just passionate and he'd do it again, he'd do anything for her. Later, Amy and Ty talk and realize that Wes stole Spartan and bought him back so that he legitimately owns him, they tell Jack but he believes it's just a theory. He demands they leave it to the "grown-ups". Amy and Ty are thrilled when Jack arrives with Spartan back at Heartland, he tells them that he spoke to Rodriguez and after 2 months of community service Ty's file will "disappear". (The Ties That Bind)

Amy 2x17


Amy takes Spartan out for a ride and is shocked when he tries to jump a branch and Spartan stops throwing Amy. She limps back into the barn with Spartan and Ty asks what happened, she tells him and he tells her about a new client horse coming in tomorrow. Amy's annoyed as she can't fix her own horse and now has to deal with someone else's, he tells her that she needs to work on herself not Spartan as she was previously jerking her reins and leaning back. Amy's adamant she wasn't, Spartan's traumatised by being stolen in the middle of the night. Amy reads her Mom's journals for advice, she comes across a picture of Victor Whitetail and reads that he helped Marion a lot in the past. She goes to ask Jack about Victor and Marion, he tells her that they were friends and he's a legend with horses. She finds his website claiming him to be a world renowned horse trainer. Amy goes to find jack and asks if she can take Spartan to visit Victor, he tries to convince her not to. She tells him that she's done everything she can think of to fix Spartan and needs the help. At dinner, Lou tells her she can't go as she needs her for trail rides for the Dude Ranch guests, Jack agrees that she should go and get away from things. As Amy and jack are leaving, she questions him about Victor and Marion's friendship. Amy and Jack arrives at Victor's, he tells her he'll pick her up in a couple of days and heads off to find Victor. She finds him golfing and convinces her to try, she's no good. Amy shows Victor Spartan's attempt at jumping, stopping again before the jump. He suggests they go for a walk but she's not too keen, but he convinces her to walk in Spartan's shoes. Amy and Victor walk and tries to talk to her about Spartan and Marion, she tells him about Spartan and their jumping. She wants to know what his plan is and he tells her that he doesn't have one, much like a river flowing it doesn't think about where it's going. That night, Amy calls Jack telling him that she's confused why Marion would come here as all her does is golf and walk, after seeing a picture of him and Marion she decides to give him a chance. Victor's out golfing when Amy appears and starts asking what the relationship was between him and Marion, he tells her that they were more than friends once. Victor takes Amy to a spirit of life, he explains some people call it a medicine wheel, there are 4 directions which represent the four aspects of self; emotions, body, mind and spirit. Keeping balance is important and finding balance in the centre means you can connect with other people and horses. He directs her to the east doorway and when she stands in the centre, Victor's disappeared. Victor tells Amy about the last time Marion visited, she had lost her way and needed guidance. He gives her a letter she wrote to him, she reads it: My Dear Victor. How can I ever thank you for helping me find my way back to my heart, my gift and my girls. I know what I have to do: face my fears of being a single Mom and move onto the next chapter of my life. I love you. Yours, Marion. Amy has a dream that Spartan is lost in the woods, she finds him but can't find her way out. She gives Spartan control and he leads her out, waking Amy with a startle. She later rides Spartan over the jumps without the reins, pleasing Victor. Ty arrives to bring her home and she takes him to the medicine circle. He tries to tell her that he can't just be friends with her anymore when she cuts him off and tells him something has changed and she know they'll be ok. (Full Circle) When Ty tells Jack about the wild horses starving up near the Fishing Cabin, Amy overhears and insists they go up to help. Jack's sure they don't need to as it will make them reliant. Amy tells Ty that they should go to the cabin this weekend without telling Jack, he agrees. At dinner, Mallory teases Ty saying she's got a secret to spill, and tells everyone that Ty's got his High School diploma and was in the top 10%. When everyone leaves the table, Amy asks Ty why he was secretive and just tells her that Mallory beat him to it. Mallory returns and asks if she knows about Kit, she says she does the whole school's talking about it. She tells Amy that she needs to make her move as he's at a crossroads. As Amy and Ty are preparing to leave, jack arrives and tells them that he's spoken to Scott who agrees that they need to feed the wild horses. Amy's happy with this but is quickly snapped back to reality when Jack announces he's going too. At Maggie's, Amy vents to Soraya that she wanted this weekend with Ty because he hasn't told her about Kit yet. Ashley arrives and Amy asks if Caleb has called her, Ashley pretends he has, as says he's always texting and calling. She then tries to stick her nose in and gather information about Ty and Kit. Jack tells Amy that there's a change of plans, he can't go to the fishing cabin as he needs to stay with Mallory and Jake. She understands that they can't go but Jack asks if it's all about the horses or Ty, when She tells him it's about helping horses he says they can go. As Amy and Ty are leaving jack reminds them to be careful driving and to use the radio when they get there to communicate as there's no service. Amy and Ty arrive at the fishing cabin and start unloading hay. Amy asks if he was going to tell her about Kit but he assures her there's nothing to tell. Ty asks about Caleb and Amy tells him that she's heard nothing , but Ashley has. Ty starts to look unwell but continues unloading hay. Amy and Ty celebrate his diploma over dinner, Amy brings up what he said at Victor's about not wanting to be friends. He tells her that he has decisions to make and now he has his diploma it means he has choices for the first time. He tells her that he's been talking to Scott and he's going to intern/apprentice with him. Amy asks about them and he tells her it's up to her. They hear horses and go out to see them. They stand nearby watching and Ty starts to feel unwell, he tells her he can see Ghost before becoming disorientated and passes out. Amy manages to get him inside and convinces him he's not well enough to drive. She has no service so hooks up the radio. Amy gets through to jack and tells him that Ty's sick and can't drive and she's afraid to. He advises her to stay put and tells her the highway's closed. She tells him they'll be ok and they'll stay there. Amy nurses Ty and lies beside him, thinking about memories of moments of the two of them, before falling asleep. In the morning she wakes up next to an awake Ty, she tells him he looks better and his fever has broken. As she goes to maintain the fire, he watches endeared and tells her she's beautiful. They go out to see the horses and see Ghost with his mare and foal. As they watch, Amy tells Ty that they could be friends but she wants to be more because she loves him, he declares he loves her too and the pair share a kiss. Amy and Ty arrive back at Heartland, to the surprise of Jack and Lou, she tells them they followed a Bedford Oil plough. Amy joins Ty on the sofa, as they are about to kiss Mallory and Jake interrupt and are shooed away. They clarify that Ty wasn't delirious and they declare their love for each other again, sharing a kiss in front of the fire. (Step By Step)

Season 3

Amy 3x01


Amy and Ty both wake up happy, she watches him from her bedroom window with Harley. She goes into the kitchen and Lou complains about not hearing from Peter she teases Amy about her and Ty being so close when her and Peter are so far apart. Amy finds Ty, she's worried she'll miss the bus so starts running, Ty catches up to her and gives her a ride on Harley. On the bus, Soraya and Ashley tease her about how loved up they are. On the ride, a truck pulls out in front of a coach causing a pile-up, the school bus has to slam on the breaks in order to prevent being involved. The driver orders everyone to stay on the bus, but when Amy spots a horse, Caesar getting tangled in barbed wire she runs out to help. She manages to calm him down giving the trainer, Stewart Forrest a chance to cut the wires, he thanks her for her help. Ty and Jack arrives grateful that she's ok, Ty goes to help other horses with Scott and Amy and Jack follow closely behind. At dinner, Jack brags about what Amy did when Mallory runs in disappointed that she's moved back home and her Mom insists on driving her to school. Amy and Ty got to do night check and she notices Ty's upset and he confesses he's shaken by what he saw today, she convinces him that it makes him human but his confidence is shaken that he has what it takes. They agree to wait and see if he gets into a college before making any final decisions. After Amy and Ty go for a picnic, they return to Mallory showing her a video titled "Miracle Girl" online, of her helping Caesar. Amy's working when Scott and Ty arrive, they tell her they were just at Stewart's and Caesar's physically better but no one can get near him and Stewart would like Amy to work with him. She goes to the stables and tells her that he's an Olympic hopeful, at the moment no one can get near him, she manages to approach him. She agrees to work with him if they take him to Heartland, when they struggle to trailer him Amy tells them she'll ride over and pony him back. That evening, Amy starts to doubt herself and worries about all the pressure to fix Caesar, Lou tried to comfort her. They flip and Amy begins comforting her about her still not hearing from Peter, until he calls. At Maggie's Amy tells Soraya that he's being difficult and is till hard to get close to. Ashley thinks she's talking about Ty, she corrects her she was talking about Caesar. After Val arrives she tells Amy that she saw her in the newspaper and adds more pressure by telling her how much potential Caesar has. Amy starts working with Caesar and slowly manages to gain his confidence around people, Ty helps out giving him water therapy. He later tells Amy about a new water therapy place nearby and Amy wants to read her Mom's journals. Ty suggests she start writing her own journals, when Caleb arrives. When Jack tells him he can share the Loft with Ty he starts complaining to Amy about it. Amy tries to get Caesar used to the trailer, she enlists help to hold up tarps representing the enclosed space of the trailer, he eventually successfully goes through the trailer. Stewart and Carson come by to see the progress he's made, and works with Carson to gain his trust more. Later Amy looks upset in the office and Ty asks her what's wrong, she tells him that she's overwhelmed by emails for new clients also that she's scared of him leaving. Ty gifts her some blank journals for her to write in. They both agree to get rid of Caleb and maybe set him up with Ashley to get him out of the loft. (Miracle)

Amy 3x02


Amy is very busy with all her new client horses, she tells Caleb that he needs to go with Jack to Maggie's for a supply run. Amy and Ty go for a ride and they celebrate getting Caleb to see Ashley, Lou calls Amy and demands her back at Heartland. She tells Lou she's fully booked but Lou tells her that Tim got involved and told them they could stay. Kate Kennedy tells Amy that when her daughter, Taylor was riding her horse, Trooper, he bolted and she ended up in the hospital for a month. Tim gets him out of the trailer and he instantly charges Taylor, Ty manages to grab her before she gets hurt. Amy later works with Trooper and is happy that he's well-broke, Ty asks about the charging and she tells him she's seen it in abused horses. Mallory is enlisted to get to know Taylor and get more information. After Taylor sneaks out to see Trooper and starts spooking him, Mallory tells Amy that there's more going on than they think. While Amy goes to school, she tells Taylor to sit with her horse and take notes, draw pictures to get to know him. She meets Soraya and Ashley at Maggie's, Ashley catches on that they are trying to set up her and Caleb to get rid of him. Mallory tells Amy about Taylor, she friended her on facebook and she has 216 horsey friends has been in competitions and doesn't have much information about her accident. Although, she tells Amy that the only picture, her in a full body cast, is the only one where she looks happy. Amy takes Taylor to see Trooper, she talks to her about whether or not she actually wants to ride again. After giving it some thought she tells her she does. They both brush Trooper in the barn, Amy tries to re-build the bond between them, Taylor tells her about a song she used to sing to him and they both sing while brushing. Kate hears them singing and comes to watch, changing her mind she decides to stay for a few more days. Ty complains to Amy about how much worse Caleb is now he's playing handyman, Amy admits that they have to stop because Ashley's realised what they're doing and started to feel bad. Amy's working with Taylor and tells her that they'll go for a trail ride tomorrow. Mallory tries to give Amy a fax that came through but she tells her to give it to Ty. The next day, Amy and Taylor prepare for a trail ride when Lou calls and asks her about the fax, she asks Mallory and tells her that she gave it to Ty. When she leaves the barn to check with Ty they hear Trooper spook and charge out the barn with Taylor riding him. Amy manages to get Roxie and chases after her, she calls to her to pull him up as there's a cliff at the end. Amy just catches her in time to stop but Taylor jumps off Trooper and starts running away, Amy catches her and asks her what's wrong. Amy and Taylor sit by he stream and talk, she tells Taylor that she saw the riding drop in the barn and knows she made him charge on purpose. She eventually breaks and admits she caused the first accident too because her parents weren't getting along and after the accident she had them both back together, Amy comforts her. She later explains to Jack what Taylor had done and that Taylor didn't want her to tell her Mum but she feels that she has to. Amy and Ty watch as Taylor and Kate leave, she tells Ty that she told Kate they would keep Trooper at Heartland until someone who could care for him can take him. (Little Secrets)

Amy 3x03


Amy's working with Duke, when Mallory and Jake arrive asking if she's seen Kramer. She tells them she's busy with Duke so instead, they enlist Caleb to help. Lou tells Amy about all her plans for her and Peter, for when he gets in, Amy tries to convince her not to plan every minute and just enjoy being together. Amy tells Lou she's excited about the school formal and that she's taking Ty, he arrives and seems to have forgotten all about it. Lou helps Amy try on a dress for the formal then see Jack and Lisa arrive back early, Lisa admires her dress. As Ty works on Jack's Truck Amy asks him honestly if he wants to go to the dance, he tells her that she should go and tells her that he does want to go but still doesn't look sure. Mallory urges Jake to ask Amy for help, he asks if she would work with Kramer to stop him jumping fences. She takes a look at him and he quickly befriends Duke, she agrees to help him as he's helping with Duke. Amy and Mallory are later working with Duke and Kramer when Ty arrives hurrying out, Amy asks where's he's going but he just says he'll be back soon. She asks Mallory if she knows what's going on with Ty as she usually knows everything. Mallory tells her she doesn't but she knows Ashley is going with a private school frat boy as Caleb arrives and overhears. Amy, Ty and Lou all fawn over the new trucks in the brochure trying to convince Jack to get a new truck, he goes to bed to avoid them. Amy asks Ty if he wants to watch a film but he makes an excuse to leave and says he wants to get to bed early, Lou heads out shortly after to lock up the Dude Ranch. A few days later, Amy tells Ty that Jack has finally let her drive the new truck and suggests he ask to borrow it for the formal. When he starts to tell her it's not a good idea she jumps in thinking he's talking about the truck, he quickly makes another excuse to go out and tells her he's picking up his suit. Amy tells Mallory and Jake that she's separated Duke and Kramer as Duke's now starting to socialise again. Jake asks about Kramer's jumping but she tells him she hasn't seen it so it could be a phase, he then jumps the fence to be with Duke. She tells him he's a natural jumper and jumps fences because he loves to jump he should bring him to Heartland and Mallory could learn to jump him and get his energy out. Amy finds Ty and asks to see his suit, he tells her that he needs to go out and Amy starts to become suspicious, she tells him she believes he doesn't want to go to the dance as he's always avoiding her. After Ty goes out and Jack goes to the Fishing Cabin, Amy and Lisa both sit complaining about their men and come to the same conclusion - their stubborn. Lisa tries to convince Amy to still go to the formal, she gives her a dress she bought her for her birthday. The next day, Amy finds Ty and tells him she hoped to see him last night but he tells her he went to bed early as he's excited for the dance. Caleb comes down from the Loft and asks where Ty was last night as he didn't get in until 2am waking him up. Amy leaves upset that he lied to her telling him not to come to the dance. Amy is surprised to see Ty ready and dressed for the dance and they leave together, but not before Lou manages to get some pictures of them both first. Amy's annoyed when Ty's Truck breaks down believing he willed it to happen as he didn't want to go. He admits he didn't want to go but not because he didn't want to be with her, he lifts her into the back of the truck and they dance. He gifts her a promise ring and they dance happily in Ty's truck.

Amy 3x04


(Man's Best Friend) Amy and Mallory go to The Hanley Place, Mallory's spooked after hearing the ghost stories and tries to persuade Amy not to go in. Amy tells her she doesn't believe the stories and goes in anyway, unknown to her she's being watched. In the barn Amy calls out to Mr. Hanley he eerily appears from nowhere, and tells her he's glad she came. He explains that there's a problem with the horses, they're getting spooked at night and nearly break down the stalls banging their hooves. When Amy agrees to help Hanley disappears, she shouts to him that she'll come back tomorrow, she goes looking in a stall and is scared when Mallory jumps out demanding to leave. At Maggie's, Ashley tells everyone that she heard Mr. Hanley went crazy murdered his wife and her body is stored upstairs, Amy defends him and tells them that he's eccentric but isn't a murderer. Ty asks who Mr. Hanley is, Amy, Mallory, Soraya and Ashley tell him the ghost story of The Hanley Place. When it was owned before Hanley's father bought he farm, the farmer's daughter was dating the stable hand and didn't approve, he burned down the barn and all the horses and the stable hand died. When the Hanley's took over they re-built the barn on the exact spot the old one stood, and it's now haunted by the stable hand, he wears a long black coat and when his hood is removed his face is burned off. A hooded figure enters the Diner and they all watch in fear as Caleb removes his hood and tells them about the bad weather blowing in. Amy's at Hanley's and hears some noises in the barn, she tries to convince herself its a squirrel. She later, tries to bring a horse into the barn but refusing to go in, she overhears Brent arguing with Mr. Hanley trying to get him out of the farm. After Brent leaves Mr. Hanley asks Amy how it's going and she suggests it's the food which he knows it's not after going through that with a vet. He suggests she needs to see them at night to get a better idea of what's going on and tells her the loft is off limits. Amy asks Jack about working at Hanley's place, he's not keen on her going along and when she says Ty can go with her he's even more unsure. She tells him that she's been hired for a job and she needs to go so she can do the job, he agrees. Lou is shocked that Jack's letting her go to a haunted barn with her delinquent stable hand/boyfriend overnight but when she even brings up Peter Jack basically reaches for his shotgun. Mrs. Bell tells them that her father didn't approve of her first boyfriend, when she gave him a jar of her jam he returned it empty with a butterfly inside. Later, Mallory runs into the house and tells Amy that she can't go to the Hanley Barn because the fire was real, Amy tells her that she's heard the stories and doesn't believe it. They ask Mrs. bell if she believes it's haunted and she tells them that places aren't haunted but the people inside. Amy and Ty go to Maggie's to buy torches for going to Hanley's, Soraya and Caleb are surprised that they're spending the night there since Mr. Hanley seems crazy. Amy and Ty are happy spending time together at Hanley's when they hear a noise they go towards the door to check it out when Caleb jumps out with an axe to scare them, he and Soraya are in stitches while Amy and Ty berate them for scaring them. They suddenly stop when they turn and see a hooded figure walking towards them, unsure what to do the figure walks slowly towards them branding a hook. Caleb protects them clutching onto his axe when Ashley reveals herself pulling her hood down laughing at them all. Amy tells them all to leave because if Mr. Hanley sees them she'll be fired, they head out. A few hours later, Amy starts to think maybe Mr. Hanley is crazy because nothing seems wrong with the horses. The lights suddenly go out and Ty goes to check the breaker box while Amy looks around outside. She finds some graves nearby and stands reading the headstones when Ty spots a hooded figure approaching her, he tries to shout to warn her but she doesn't hear him. When he rushes out she shows him the graves of the horses and stable hand that died, with no sign of the hooded figure. Amy starts to believe the story and they head back into the barn as the storm starts to get worse. In the barn, Ty asks Amy if she's ok and she tells him she feels silly for letting the place get to her. They hear a creaking in the loft and go up to check it out. They search around and see there's something behind a sheet they pull it off to reveal... Mallory, they ask why she's there and she glances to something else. Ty slowly walks towards it when Badger jumps out and starts running off. Ty manages to catch him and orders Mallory and badger to get in the car when another figure appears, Mr. Hanley pulls down his hood demanding to know what's going on. Amy apologises and tells him it's her friends, he tells them he saw their lights in the loft and told them not to go up there, there's dry rot and isn't safe. After he leaves they see something in the hay, as Ty walks towards it Brent jumps out and the pair fight. The lights come back on and Amy finds a tub of glycogen loader, a sugar bomb used to energise racehorses, she realises this is what's causing the horses to get worked up as he wants to push Mr. Hanley out. The next day, Amy talks to Mr. Hanley and tells him that she's going to put his information on their website to help him because he cares about horses when she spots Mrs. Bell. Mr. Hanley tells her that she comes by every year as her family used to own the farm she must come to see a loved one. When she places a butterfly in a jar on the grave she realises she's the farmer's daughter from the story. (The Haunting of Hanley Barn)

Amy 3x05


Ty tells Amy about his day with Scott and mentions he was at Kit's place, she's surprised he didn't tell her but he comes back saying that she works with Caleb everyday. The next day, Amy asks Jack where Ty is and he tells her that he went to the Bailey farm early, Mallory tries to convince her not to worry but she's not convinced. Amy helps out when Tim teaches Caleb bulldogging, when Caleb misses a few times he berates him and is determined to show him how to do it. Amy gets nervous and Tim has a flawless run, reigniting his passion for it. Later, Tim talks to Amy and Lou and tells them that he plans on taking up bulldogging again, leaving them both worried. Ty gets a call and has to rush off as Kit's mare's in foal, Amy's excited for his first birth and encourages him but is left saddened when he leaves. When Tim and Caleb practice for a local bulldogging rodeo, Caleb's disappointed when Tim wants him to haze for him instead of bulldog. As Tim misses time after time Amy starts to get more nervous, when he seems hurt she rushes over to him and he complains about Caleb not doing things right. She tells him that from what she saw he also wasn't pulling his weight which doesn't go down well. Amy helps Caleb with Shorty after practice, when Ty calls to tell her about Kit's foal. She tells Caleb that the foal died and he tries to reassure her that she has nothing to worry about with Ty and Kit. Amy offers to help Caleb practice bulldogging, he accepts. The next day, Amy helps Caleb practice and he's doing well when Tim arrives seeing them but leaves annoyed without talking to either of them. Amy arrives home to see Paint in the front garden, she goes out to the field and finds Jack wrangling a cow through a fence. She suggests he get some help with the cows and offers to help, he thanks her but tells her she's too busy to help him as she receives a call from Ty to help with Kit's mare and orphaned foal. Amy tells Kit how sorry she is about her foal, she suggests rubbing the new foal with the blanket from the dead foal to get the scent on him so Daisy will accept him. After a while, Daisy still hasn't accepted him but with a bit more time she finally lets him nurse, Amy and Kit are happy and try to put the Ty awkwardness behind them when Kit accidentally tells Amy about Ty's two college acceptances. Amy and Ty talk about the last couple of days and she admits she knows about his college acceptance letters, he tells her that it was easy tot ell Kit as nothing changes but he's going to miss not working and seeing Amy everyday, they agree to make it work. (Glory Days)

Amy 3x06


Amy and Ty are happy to hear that Caleb's moving out of the Loft when they run into him, they tell him they'll miss him which he doesn't believe but doesn't mind. Scott pulls in and gets Merlin out, he tells them that Daisy rejected him and want them to look after him until he can find a new home for him. Mallory teases them about becoming parents together. They take him into the barn and Scott tells Ty about a job at the racetrack for a stable hand a few mornings, giving him something to think about. Amy and Ty agree to take shifts feeding Merlin, Amy goes into the barn through the night and sees Ty still sitting there, he tells her that he wouldn't go back to sleep. The next morning, the pair are saying how they feel fine when Jack tells them about the Cougar being reported and they need to bring the animals in at night. Ty begins to worry about Merlin but Amy tells him he'll be fine. When Amy finds Ty with Merlin again she begins to get annoyed, she tells him that since he's with him he can start getting him used to a halter but he isn't keen as he's only a baby. At night Amy convinces Ty to leave Merlin until he hears him "cry" and turns on his heels sitting with him, much to Amy's annoyance. She wakes early and heads to the barn when she finds feathers surrounding the chicken coop. Jack checks and thinks the cougar got it and finds a whole in the fence where she got out, all comforting Mallory. Later, Amy and Ty try to teach Merlin to drink from a bucket when Caleb arrives, they continue arguing with differing strategies so Caleb leaves them to it to collect more of his things from the loft. At night, Amy's in the barn when the cougar appears in the doorway growling, she calls up to Ty, who runs down, grabs a pitchfork and manages to scare it off. Ty tells her that he'll do the rest of the nights feeds since he's already there and will make sure the doors shut, she then thinks he's blaming her for leaving the doors open. He stops her from walking away and assures her he doesn't blame her they're both just tired and she forgot. The next morning, Mallory tells Amy and Ty that they can have a break and will watch Merlin, Amy goes to get Spartan ready for a ride but Ty wants to stay. Mallory tells him that in the parenting book it says they need to find time to be together or the relationship suffers, he changes his mind and joins Amy on her ride. Ty wants to call Mallory to check on Merlin but Amy convinces him not to. She tells him that when she was younger Marion and Tim would go out and would miss her and Lou loads. He tells her that his upbringing was slightly different and he promised himself that when he had kids they would get nothing but love from him, she tells him that he can love them but needs to set boundaries too. She talks about how when she was younger she would throw a tantrum and get 5 minutes in the no-no chair, they both laugh. As they turn back the cougar appears again ready to attack Amy when they hear a gunshot. The wildlife warden assures them it was only a tranquilliser and they'll take it to a wildlife reserve a few miles away. Back at Heartland, Ty comforts Amy when Mallory arrives complaining about Merlin, they tell her about what happened when Jack arrives with "Tuffy". Amy answers the phone to Richard Chenoweth for Lou, she tells her to say she's not there, she then follows Lou to her bedroom. Lou tells her what happened and explains she feels she's lost her confidence. Amy switches around and asks if it happened to her would Lou let him get away with it and she's adamant she wouldn't. Lou heads out with Peter leaving Jack annoyed as they're surrounded by orphans. Caleb, Ashley and Soraya arrive offering to help them out as they fawn over the kitten. In the morning, Amy tells them that they never woke her or Ty for their shifts and thanks them for coming. Jack tells them that Scott has found a home for Merlin and will come by tomorrow to pick up him and the kitten. Amy and Ty watch Merlin getting used to other horses when he tells her he's accepted the job at the racetrack for more money for school and gives them a bit of time away from each other, Amy supports him but is disappointed. The next day they say goodbye to Merlin and "Tuffy". (Growing Pains)

Amy 3x07


Amy is at the racetrack with Lisa watching Lightning Dexter, she tells her how he won't start and asks for her help but Amy tells her she's too busy. Amy and Ty arrive home to see Lily waiting there. Lou asks Amy about Lily but she tells her he doesn't really talk about her but it's been years since they last saw each other. Amy's working with Kabuki when Lily and Ty see her, Lily tries to make an effort with Amy but she gives her the cold shoulder. Once Lily goes to see the other horse Amy takes the chance to ask Ty why she's here, he tells her that she left Wade and has a new job. At dinner Amy continues to snub Lily and asks where she'll be staying, Jack jumps in and offers her a cabin at the Dude Ranch. After dinner, Amy and Lily wash up, Lily tells her about taking Ty to lots of zoos when he was younger, not surprised he likes the animals but is put out when Amy says he's never mentioned it. The next day Tim takes Dexter to Heartland telling her that he bought him and wants Amy to fix him. She tells him that she can't as she already told Lisa she couldn't and has client horses. He tells her the client horses come first and she can work with Dexter in between. She relents and agrees. Amy and Tim work with Dexter and are pleasantly surprised when he goes into a gate, set up like a starting gate, with no issues. Tim pushes them for them to keep working but Amy tells him she needs to work with Kabuki. The next day, they take Dexter to the racetrack, being watched by Lisa and her jockey Liam, when her phone vibrates Dexter spooks when she notices Lisa and runs after her. Amy tries to apologise but Lisa tells her that she expects this from Tim but not her, and eaves hurt. That evening She and Ty are talking about Lily and he's trying to convince himself to give her a chance while Amy tells him she can just see all the hurt she's caused him. She goes on to tell him that she's upset and thinks Lisa hates her. Amy's working with Kabuki, when Jack comes over and talks to her about Lisa. He puts all the blame on Tim for putting Amy in this position, she admits she should have said no and that she hasn't been handling anything well lately. Amy heads over to the track to see Lisa but she's not there, only her jockey Liam. Amy asks if he noticed anything and tells him about Dexter getting spooked at her phone vibrating when he tells her he would never have his phone on him when riding. Later, Amy's reading her mum's journals when Ty comes in, she says that she went to see Lisa and re-tells the story of talking with Liam. Ty tells her he's a jerk as the other day he got him with a buzzer when he shook his hand. This gives Amy food for thought and believes he was shocking Dexter at the gate, which is illegal. They head to the Fairfield trailer at the track and when they find it empty start looking around. Only to be caught by Liam. Lisa arrives and asks what they're doing, Amy explains about the theory of Liam buzzing Dexter but since she has no proof Lisa doesn't believe her. Jack isn't happy about what Amy did and talks to her, she reasons with him pointing out all the evidence that Dexter has shown them, Jack thinks on it. While Tim is adamant on doing more work Amy tells him that she shouldn't have agreed to help as she has not time and she already told Lisa no. While Tim tries to tell her she should have told him no, he starts asking about Dexter, annoying Amy. Amy's working with Dexter when Lily comes over, Amy asks for her help and has tied her phone to Dexter. She asks Lily to text her something and gives Dexter a treat when it buzzes to start to associate it as positive not negative. Lily heads off and Amy looks at the text reading "Give me a chance". Amy's at the racetrack with Dexter when she runs into Lisa, they both try and apologise and Lisa reveals that they found the buzzers in Liam's locker, they hug. Amy gets Dexter into the starting gate and races him around the track with a great time. (The Starting Gate)

Amy 3x08


Amy, Lou and Jack arrive home to nearly be run off the road by Wade screeching past them. Mallory fills them in on the confrontation between Ty and Wade and rushes off to check on him. When she goes up to the loft she hears Ty and Lily shouting and is dismissed by Ty, so storms out. Amy angrily brushes Spartan when Lily leaves and Ty comes to talk to her. He tells her about having a tree fort in Vancouver he would take his Mum to protect her. He tells her that he's leaving with her now to take her back to Vancouver. Amy tells Jack and he goes to talk to him. The next morning, Ty goes in to see Amy, who's barely awake. She reassures him that they'll look out for his Mum while he's at work. As Ty tries to sneak a kiss, they hear cars honking after Jack locked the gate. She and Ty head out and she greets Clay and Cody Dawson. Clay tells her that Cody's roping horse, Allegro is slow out of the box and they need him ready for the rodeo this weekend. After Clay heads back to the car, Cody tells her it doesn't have to be this weekend, they'll be others. When Amy starts working with Allegro, Caleb notices him as Cody's horse. He tells Amy that the Dawson brothers were beating him a lot but after Cody's brother Travis got in a wreck he started winning and Cody got slower. Later, Amy hears music playing outside and is pleased to see Cody playing the piano really well. He helps Amy and Caleb with Allegro, but claims Allegro's jumpy because of the quad. When he fails to rope the mechanical steer he says it's because of Allegro being spooked. When Cody's untacking Allegro, Amy asks about his brother's accident. He tells her that he was perfect but caught the rope around his wrist and could hear the snap from the stands. She tells him that Caleb was fine when he rode the horse and he's just as good, but Caleb is determined to win. He seems to be offended and leaves. Amy goes into town to get some food, but when she sees Wade and Lily head into a bar she rushes straight to the track to tell Ty. After he gets back she's pleased to see he has no cuts on his hands. Amy goes with the others to watch the race at the track, she tries to cheer up Tim when Lisa's horse Alberta Comet beats Dexter. Amy gets angry with Tim when he tries to blame Ty for Dexter becoming waterlogged, as he was supposed to be watching him. After helping Cody tell his Dad about wanting to play piano he thanks her, and she requests a free CD in return. (The Fix)

Amy 3x09


Amy and Ty try not to make a big deal about him leaving tomorrow for university. Although Ty's adamant Amy seems to want to do something big for their last day, Ty's instead going to work with Scott. As they kiss Mallory manages to get a snap of them before running off. Outside the barn Ty tells Amy he's going to miss her and Harley while he's away. Mallory again tries to get a picture but is told to go away. Ty tells Amy they can go for a ride when he gets back but they will then have dinner and won't be any time and he heads off with Scott. Amy later notices a Briar Ridge vehicle arriving, Jack tells her she thought she could use the distraction. Val jumps out and asks Amy to work with Apollo since Ashley has said he's not jumping well anymore. She gets to work but he appears to be jumping well, until she's distracted with all of Val's "help" from the sidelines. Ty calls her to tell her he's going to be a bit longer as he has to fly with Scott to BC for a call out. Val tells her that in her day they called it a turkey dump because she'll soon just be the old girlfriend getting dumped by thanksgiving. Determined not to make that a reality Amy goes to see ty. Unfortunately at the airport, Amy's told she just missed them, so heads back to Heartland. She tells Jack how Val was driving her mad, he defends her saying she was a great jumper and knows what she's talking about. Amy admits that she hasn't been dealing with Ty leaving very well and agrees to give it another try with Apollo. Amy complains to Lou about what Val said about Ty dumping her, Lou starts to tell her about Peter's plans and that she's worried she might be pregnant. Amy convinces her to take a test. Amy works with Apollo again, when Ashley arrives asking what happened between her and Val. She admits she wasn't very professional but she was acting like it was the Grand Prix. Ashley tells Amy that she's been pushing for her to go on the Arizona circuit but has been there and done that, she blamed the horse to get out of it. The pair come up with a plan and Val arrives at Heartland. Amy tries to apologise but Val's distracted when she sees Ashley jumping Apollo beautifully. Ashley admits that they don't work well together in shows so it's best that they do other things together and she can stop wasting her money on the horse when there's nothing wrong. Amy and Ashley wash Apollo, Ashley thanks her for getting her mum off her back. Amy receives a text from Ty saying they're on their way home. Ashley convinces her to go to Maggie's and pick up the present she bought for him and go and meet him. She rushes to Maggie's and picks up the halter she chose for Ty with Harley's name on it, and rushes out again. Amy waits expectantly at the airport, re-reading her message from Ty excited about him arriving. The airport controller comes out and tells her that they have lost contact with the plane and don't know where it is. (Broken Arrow)

Amy 3x10


In shock, Amy gets back into her truck and heads home. At Heartland she fills everyone in on what's happened, while they try to comfort and reassure her. The police arrive and tell them that they are looking into it, there were reports of wind conditions which may have altered Scott's path. They haven't been able to locate the transponder so have no definitive location so will not be sending out a ground team yet, upsetting Amy. Amy tries to call Ty but gets no answer, devastated Jack tries to comfort her, she tells him how the last conversation they had was an argument. Peter assures Amy that he has his guys on it also, and will update her if there's any news. Amy again gets upset with Peter when she overhears him saying "if" they find them, she's determined to find them and storms off to the barn. Amy goes to see Harley when Tim arrives to console her. Later, the police give them an update of a more localised area and reports of a plane going down when she receives a radio message, she regrettably informs them that it wasn't Scott's plane. Amy is determined to go out looking for them themselves but Peter reassures her that the area is still too big and the RCMP know what they're doing as they've been trained for this, so should leave it to them. Amy lies in the Loft crying, re-reading Ty's last message when she hears Harley in distress. She puts on Ty's jacket and heads down, she tries to reassure him whilst also reassuring herself that Ty's coming home. Harley starts to calm down when he smells Ty's jacket, giving Amy an idea. In the morning, Amy tells everyone her plan to drive to the nearest road to the crash then take Harley, who can smell Ty, into the forest to look for him. After some persuasion they all eventually agree leaving Mallory, Ashley and Caleb to watch the animals. In the forest, Amy, Peter and Lou head in one direction while Tim and Jack head in another. The second day, Peter receives information of reports of smoke not too far from them and they head out. A while in Peter decides it's time to head back as it will be getting dark soon, when Amy notices something tied up creating a trail so all follow it. They come across the broken parts of the plane, Peter goes in first unaware of what they might find. When Ty emerges from inside the plane him and Amy console each other in a tearful embrace. They all ride back to the others, apart from Scott who's been airlifted to hospital, Jack and Tim are pleased to see Ty back. After they arrive back at Heartland Amy and Ty finally give each other their gifts, Amy apologises for the fight while and Ty kisses her happy to be back. (Eye of the Wolf)

Amy 3x11


Amy's working with a new client horse, Neon, who's supposed to be a trail ride horse but has no interest so is always on a go slow. Ty tells her that he has a call with his student advisor since he's missed a couple of classes but hasn't changed his plans about going. When Amy puts Neon in the barn she finds Ty asleep, she gently goes to wake him up but he jumps up terrified and throws her up against the wall, stunning them both. She tries to talk to him and Ty's persistant that he's fine, she tells him that Jack told her he hasn't been sleeping. Ty plays it off as nothing, he's just worried about school. At the Dude Ranch Amy reads a list of jobs from Lou before the photographer arrives, she tells her she doesn't have enough time and gives her list to Mallory. The girls all wave off the guys as they head off for a weekend fishing trip. Lou suggests the three of them have a girl's night and head out to Maggie's for dinner. Mallory lays out some ground rules, no talking about their partners, while Amy sets out that they can order whatever they want, no salads. Suddenly Mallory starts to hide behind her menu when her friend that had cancelled their plans walks in with the popular group from school. Lou and Amy try to help her out by making it look like they're having a great time, embarrassed Mallory walks off. The next day Mallory and Amy are out riding, Mallory telling her about her conversation with Jamie when Neon suddenyl gets excited and starts chasing after some cows. Back at Heartland, Amy invites Mallory to stay over since they guys are gone, Mallory insists she doesn't want a pity invite but Amy tells her it isn't. Later, In Amy's room, she and Mallory chat. She suggests that Mallory can work with her more when Ty leaves for school as she'll need the help. Mallory's pleased and tells her it'll suck without Ty, Amy tells her how he's been distant lately but Mallory justifies it since Ty nearly died he's entitled to be a bit distant. The next day, Lou rushes into the barn and tells Amy and Mallory about the cows at the Dude Ranch, they all head out with the new cutting horse to round them up. When Ty arrives back from the fishing trip he has a quick catch up with Amy but then tells her he has to go out again and leaves. Later, they find a secluded spot in the trees, Ty throws some tobacco on the ground and tries to leave. Confused, Amy asks what they're doing there. Ty explains that Scott suggested making an offering of tobacco to help him with his fear of wolves since the accident. She helps him and encourages him to do it properly and take his time. (Catch and Release)

Amy 3x12


Amy and Spartan ride up to visit Marion's grave, when she gets there she notices someone has already laid some flowers. On her way back she spots a horse that she recognises, before finding Victor golfing nearby. At Heartland, Amy tells Jack that she found Marion's favourite flowers on the grave and that she ran into Victor, who's passing through on his way to a clinic. Amy's a bit put out when Ty brings in Daisy saying he's already told Kit she'd work with her. In the barn, Amy's short with Ty when telling him dinner's ready, he stops her and tries to talk to her. She tells him that she has a busy schedule and he could have warned her about Kit's horse. At dinner, Lou's talking about Paris when there's a knock at the door, Amy goes to answer it. Victor comes in and joins them for dinner, making Jack uncomfortable. Victor mentions being around to pay his respects to Marion with flowers and asks Amy what work she's got, she tells him about Daisy and Lou and Tim offer a Dude Ranch cabin to him. Back in the barn, Ty apologises for not asking about Daisy before bringing her, Amy admits it's not her work schedule but the time of year, two years since Marion passed. He apologises and she tells him that working with the horses makes her feel close to her. The next day, Amy starts working with Daisy, observed by Victor and Ty. Amy tells Victor her plans for Daisy but begins to doubt herself. He suggests a walk for them to talk. He asks about the video online and how she knew what to do, she explains she just reached out to him. He questions why, with Daisy, she's doubting herself. Amy and Ty work with Daisy again, when Tim arrives surprised that she went to see Victor with Spartan, he's surprised she remembered him since she was only 5. She tells him that she didn't but found his name in Marion's journals so reached out to him, she heads back to work. Amy manages to get Daisy around the barrels by changing her bit, making her more relaxed. Victor's happy to see Pegasus doing well and reminds Amy that she now needs to bring the rider in for this part of the process. When she explains about her relationship with Kit, Victor tells her that Marion always put the horse first. Amy tells him she misses her and sometimes still expects to see her in the barn. She starts to think about having a memorial to help her gain some closure. Later Lou's trying on clothes for the plane journey when Amy talks to her about Marion and Victor explaining they were more than friends. She suggests the memorial and Lou thinks it's a great idea for when she gets back, knowing Victor won't be there then she wants to do it sooner rather than later. In the morning, Amy tells Jack of her memorial idea and that it feels like the right time. Thinking Victor is behind it he tells her he doesn't think it's a good idea. Kit arrives to work with Amy but due to the glaring differences Kit takes her suggestions personally and storms off. Victor's saying goodbye to Pegasus when Amy and Mallory find him, he tells her that hers and Marion's gifts are so great because they shared them with others. He suggests she do the ring of fire competition, giving a trainer 3 days to gentle a horse, Marion was one of the first women to do it and she could too. Kit arrives to pick up Daisy but instead sees Amy running barrels with her. Amy drops the reins and allows Daisy to run the pattern herself, because she wants to not because she's told to. Kit thanks her for her help, despite their differing views. Everyone gets ready for the memorial, Amy suggests riding past three Point Creek to Bucking Horse Hill, Jack agrees it was a good idea, they head out. They have the memorial on a hill with a beautiful view, Victor burns sweet grass to mark the place as sacred. Amy and Ty make up after Amy finally talks to him about Kit and why he talked to Kit about things but won't tell her, he admits Kit just bugs him until he answers. (The Reckoning)

Amy 3x13


Amy watches her client horse, Tango weave in his stall, she tells Ty she's been tasked with finding the right diet and supplement to stop it. They instead decide to turn him out with the other horses as he's lonely, and makes friends with Daisy and Pegasus. Victoria, the owner, tells her off for turning him out stating she was only supposed to fix his diet. Ty and Amy are out with the horses, when she tries to saddle Daisy she notices that she's sweating a lot and they call Scott. He takes a swab and needs to wait for results but is sure it's strangles, meaning they are in quarantine. The next day, everyone sets to work disinfecting everything Daisy has come into contact with and separating horses when Kit arrives ready to pick her up. Amy tells her that she can't go and breaks the news about strangles. Kit's determined to stay at Heartland to be with Daisy. Amy's happy when Soraya arrives to give them a hand and tries to dismiss Kit but Ty tells her she can help too. Amy and Soraya make lunch and Amy tells her that she overheard Ty telling Kit to sleep in the Loft. Soraya defends him asking what the problem is when Ty's sleeping in the Quonset Hut. When they take a sandwich out to Ty they realise that Pegasus is sick too, and take him into the Quonset Hut. Scott checks on Pegasus and tells them that he neds to eat to avoid getting any weaker than he already is. Amy brings him Marion's jacket to try and get him calm enough to eat. Soraya comes to check on her and Amy admits she feels guilty as one of her client horses probably had the strangles, Soraya eventually divulges that barrel racers were in Maggie's talking about the Salma Valley Rodeo that Kit was at having an outbreak. Amy rushes to confront Kit, she says she was there but claims she didn't know about it and walks off. Amy becomes more affronted when Ty tries to defend Kit. Amy goes to see Linda and tells her there's been no luck with Tango's weaving, Linda admits that she doesn't think Tango is a good enough horse "mid-level" at best, when they notice him start sweating. When Pegasus can't breath Amy rushes to be with him. Scott checks him over and says the pustules are in his gut which is why he's not eating and suggests putting him down, Tim refuses. Amy's in shock about Pegasus and starts an argument with Lou when she is more focused on the business than Pegasus. Lou admits she's scared to lose him and they hug. Amy checks on Tim in the barn and he tells her about a saddle he won with Pegasus that got left at Heartland when he left. He states Pegasus was the best bulldogging horse ever. Amy asks why he never visited Pegasus, he admits he resented him after Marion spent so much of her time fixing Pegasus and not him. Amy and Ty are with Tango, he's struggling to breath when Victoria arrives. Ty notices the pustule on his windpipe so cuts it to help him breath better. Amy talks to Victoria after and tells her what her coach has said, she suggests she enjoy dressage more. Amy goes into the Quonset Hut to find Pegasus in a really bad way, they all rally around him and comfort him as he passes. Amy's outside when Kit returns and apologises for everything, after she heard about the strangles she saw the good work Amy was doing and that Daisy seemed fine so didn't say anything. Ty later apologises for taking Kit's side and tells her that she's the most important person to him and will always take her side, they hug. Amy attends Pegasus' memorial with everyone. (Quarantine)

Amy 3x14


When Amy and Ty hang out with Caleb, Soraya and Ashley, she's a bit put out when Caleb suggests Ty going with him for his next rodeo. Val tries to convince Amy to be her show jumping coach, now she's got her "happy list" to get through and wants to return to show jumping, she reluctantly agrees. In Maggie's Amy tells Soraya, Ashley and Mallory about agreeing and they all laugh it off. Kit arrives and asks if her horse is ready. She agrees to pick her up tomorrow and leaves annoyed when Amy says she's tested her out on the barrells and was great. Amy arrives back at Heartland and see's Ty's Motorcycle and walks off. Ty goes after her and tells her he misses his old bike before realising he doesn't have to defend his purchases to her. Amy begins coaching Val, but she doesn't want any of her suggestions. Later, Amy complains about her to Mallory and teases her about Jake. Later that evening, Amy asks Jack why he went along with the motorcycle since they're dangerous. He justifies it saying Ty's been through a lot and this is his way of dealing with it. In the morning, Amy is about to give Mallory jumping lessons when Jake arrives wanting Kramer back so his girlfriend Chelsea can learn to jump. Amy heads off to coach Val some more and offers suggestions, which Val doesn't take. Jack arrives to see how she's getting on and tries to show off her skills, leaving her in a heap on top of a jump. Amy goes to talk to Ty about his bike when Kit shows up to collect Daisy, when Kit gets excited by seeing the bike Amy goes to get Daisy. After Kit leaves with her horse, Ty tries to continue their conversation but Amy doesn't want to. Later, Lou goes to confide in Amy when she believes Peter is having second thoughts about getting married. Amy offloads too telling Lou she's worried about Ty getting hurt again or now he has means to leaving her. The next day, Amy coaches Val, who this time listens to her suggestions. She's doing a lot better and is able to succesfully clear the jumps. At Heartland, Val tells Amy not to let fear get in the way of what you want, giving her food for thought. Amy goes to see Ty, who's working on his bike, she admits that after the crash she's not ok even if he is as she's worried about him and doesn't want to lose him. He reassures her that he's not going anywhere and they go for a ride together on the new bike. Amy, Ty, Soraya, Mallory, Val, Jack and Lou all watch Caleb on tv at his rodeo, they all watch in horror as he's slammed into the railings and falls unconscious before collapsing to the ground. (The Happy List)

Season 4

Amy hasn't seen Ty for three months. When he finally comes back to Heartland, she is pleased, but her happiness quickly fades away. Indeed, Ty doesn't arrive alone. He is accompanied by a young woman. Amy will participate in a race and we learn that she has worked with Chase during the "Ring of Fire" tour. [401]

Nick Harwell has some problems with one of his horses and asks her to take care of him. Sugarfoot, Mrs. Bell's pony, gets hit by a truck. He is seriously injured. The pet is brought to the ranch where Ty and Amy try to cure him. Chase Powers is back in town and he wants to team up with Amy like on the "Ring of Fire" tour. [402 - 403]

When Amy agrees to go do a clinic with Chase Powers, she is reluctant, due to the fact that she and he don't agree on the same horse training methods. They end up doing really well, and at the end of the clinic, they kiss. When Amy tells Ty about the kiss, he is furious, but Amy tells him that she kissed him back and that he should be angry at her, not him. Amy doesn’t tell Ty she has feelings for Chase. Ty sees Chase in town while taking Mrs Bell to Maggie’s and punches him for running her off the road and kissing Amy.

It's almost the end of the school year and Amy is about to get her diploma. The young girl is surprised to learn that she has been accepted to a University in the United-State. Misfortune happens to Spartan before the ceremony. [404]

A young couple finds a horse in difficulty who needs care. The owner of the horse doesn't have much money to pay for the reeducation so Amy proposes a deal. If she helps with her donkey to take care of another horse, she won't charge her. [405]

With a race coming up, Tim wants Amy to mount "Lightning Dexter". After she finishes third in her first race, she wants to keep going. [406]

Amy and Kit sign up to compete together in a rodeo. This happened because Caleb had asked her to a team, but he decides against it when one of his friends comes back. With Kit, they win the team competition. [407]

Some prisoners that work in another ranch are interested in training classes. It's Amy that will teach them how to train them. Her grandfather tells her how worried he is. [408]

As they were out for a ride, Amy and Ty found the herd that had been stolen from Tim two years ago. The family decides to bring them back. [409]

Between taking care of the horses, helping her sister, working through her problems with Ty, and Ashley's wedding, Amy is overwhelmed. [410 to 412]

She accepts to take in charge three horses that she needs to re-educate so they could work for the police, but she realizes that she can't do it by herself. Therefore, she decides to call Chase so he could help her. Amy gets ask to train Ryana, but she thinks the horse isn't fitted for the confident young girl. Amy hesitates but, following Chase's advice, she decides to help her out. In the end, Amy is used for having the girl get onto the horse. After tricking her into going out for a movie with him. [413 - 414]

Amy tries not to think about her legal problems and decides to go for a hike, but fell off of her horse and loses consciousness. Her absence worries Ty and he goes to find her. Alone in nature, Amy makes a weird dream in which she sees her mother being only ten years old. [416]

Bryce, a paralyzed veterinarian having served in the army and ex-cowboy having made some rodeo, hire Amy so she could help his horse that he can't use anymore and wants to sell. Amy sees an opportunity to train both the horse and the man to give him back his confidence. [417]

A mysterious boy comes to Heartland and shares the same passion as Amy for the horses. [418]

Amy and Ty work together to fix a confidence problem between two horses, but Lou is about to give birth and she doesn't have time to go to the hospital so they have to deliver the new baby, Katie, by themselves. [419]

Season 5

In the first episode, Amy wants her riding to evolve to a new level. She is working with a professional trainer of wild horses. [Episode 501]

In episode 502, Amy remains at Heartland and tries to help Janice to prepare a young racehorse (Cisco? for his first race/maiden.

Amy was very surprised to learn that Shane is her brother, and will help to make this idea. [Episode 503]

When Amy works with a horse hitch, she discovers an obstacle that could put his life in danger. [Episode 504]

Amy helps Sandra restore confidence in her horse, so she can get back in the saddle on her own horse and compete again. [Episode 505]

In episode 506, Amy and Lou will organize a small festival for Jack and the rest of his former group because one of their friends from the past has passed away. Amy will then sing a very moving song.

In the upcoming episode, Amy does much caring for her family and friends, as in episode 508, Amy and Ty are surprised to learn that Ms. Bell moved to her house from Sugarfoot, and they will help her come back.

When the young Tim racehorse is stolen on the way to the race of the first young, Amy and Ty get help from an unexpected source: Ty's father, Wade. Amy and Ty will be hazardous or wanting to take your horse [Episode 509]

In episode 510, Amy bravely tries to heal a beaten racing horse and extremely violent, Ty and Jack think she finally bit off more than it can chew.

Amy will take care of Ty’s mother, Lily along with horses, Ty is set on pour the ashes of his father away from here with Jack, A motorcycle had an accident on the way home, his only goal is to see Amy. [Episode 511-513]

Amy was caged to help Tim to project a positive image of himself to the community, in the hope that it will advance his case for custody of Shane. [Episode 514]

When tragedy strikes, Amy must find a way to save the horses saved by Henley, but buyers only want only to kill them. [Episode 515]

Amy and Ty join Scott on his return to his old reserve to save a herd of wild horses from a dangerous EHV-1 virus. [Episode 516]

Amy's dog, Lobo, was wounded by a breeder to the gate who took as a wolf with the help Ty, they will succeed in curing the animal [Episode 517]

In episode 518 a mysterious horse arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are sent in a direction that will change their lives. Amy will give a show, she will do as her mother Marion had done in the past.

Season 6

Early in the season, Amy demands explanations from Ty about the ring she found one evening in his bag and wonders why he still has not popped the question.

Ty finally pops the question, but Amy refuses because she doesn't think Ty made it romantic enough.

Mallory's dream of knowing how to show jump finally becomes a reality with help from Amy. Georgie, ever the rule breaker, also wants to learn to jump. Amy agrees to teach her after Mallory's training is over, but that is not good enough for Georgie. Georgie takes it upon herself to take off jumping with Phoenix and jumps deep in the woods. Amy finds out and is amazed (and also mad she is being very reckless) at how well she handles the jumps and the horse.

Janice comes back to town, all the way from California, just so Amy can help her with what seems like a troubled Cisco. Cisco is not winning because he has an issue, but it turns out that Janice isn't riding Cisco well because she's not over Tim.

Ty has a run-in with a rich horse jumper named Jeremy. Jeremy's horse has swollen legs and Jeremy refuses treatment. Ty gets upset wondering why a rich kid refuses to pay to help his horse who's obviously in a lot of pain. Amy gets involved and finds out that Jeremy is poor and lives in a trailer, which causes Ty to help his horse with free medicine samples from the clinic. Georgie loses 4 horses because she left the gate open, Mallory helps her find them and also takes the rap for one horse they cannot find (Amy does find it). Jack finally tells Lisa he didn't enjoy France. She's very upset and wants a break.

Chase Powers comes back and makes advances towards Amy when he was actually married! Amy rejects him, and that's the last we see of him.

In episode 9, Amy and Ty go help a friend with fishing, but they find a wounded foal and heal it together. Then Ty proposes to Amy, and she accepts! Georgie is upset because Clint shows up and she can't go camping with everyone. Clint is doing an interview on Jack (who wants to become Georgie's foster parent), things get really crazy which ends up looking bad for Jack. When Georgie finds out that it's going bad she runs away with Phoenix to Lou's barn which catches on fire. Thankfully Georgie has Clint's phone, so she calls Jack who rescues her and Phoenix.

Unfortunately, when Amy and Ty return to Heartland, they will learn that Lou and Peter's house burned while Georgia and Phoenix were inside ... But they are both safe and sound! And Georgie gets surprising news that Lou and peter want to adopt her Ty and Amy will decide to keep the news of their engagement to themselves until things boil over, which they do by the end and they do tell everyone the news, and of course everyone is very happy.

Jeremy is back with a very sick horse. The medication didn't work as well as everyone thought it would and Jeremy's horse may need surgery, Amy is not at all happy. Amy tries to convince Jeremy to allow his horse to gets the surgery, he agrees on the condition she allows him to use Phoenix. Jeremy spikes Amy's drink so she agrees to allow him to borrow Phoenix. In her drunken state, she lashes out at Cassandra at the party, and makes out with Ty on the couch before getting interrupted by Jack. Once she slobbers up, she realizes that Phoenix is Georgie's and they have a very strong bond. Jeremy gets angry when Amy tells him she's changed her mind.

Amy and Lou will hold a jumping contest at Heartland, with Georgie and Mallory participating. On Mallory's turn, Spartan jumps an obstacle, and they fall.

Scott tells Amy that Spartan has a broken leg, and Amy has to make a difficult decision: either Spartan must be euthanized, or have an expensive operation, and it is uncertain if he will walk again.

Amy chooses the operation because she cannot bear the thought of ​​losing her horse. The operation is a success, and Amy succeeds in restoring Spartan's confidence, which was lost in the accident, but he cannot jump after the accident.

At the end of the season, Amy and Lou try to restore confidence in Georgie and Phoenix, because they're afraid to jump back after Spartan's accident... but they succeed. Georgie becomes the owner of Phoenix through her brother Jeff!

In this season, Amy restores the confidence of many people and saves a lot of horses, despite some difficulties with Ty and her family.

Season 7

Early in the season, Amy works with Prince Ahmed and his horse and succeeds after realizing that they need to have confidence in one another. Ahmed gifts Amy a saddle engraved with "Miracle Girl,". This results in an increase in Amy's reputation and the arrival of people to Heartland.

Ty and Amy finally find their dream ranch, unfortunately, someone had already brought it and although Amy is disappointed the couple is hopeful in finding another dream home.

Amy works with a man who wishes to participate in the RCMP Mus\Sarah, who turns out to have multiple sclerosis.

An outfielder who arrived in season 4, returns to Heartland with Chaplin, and Amy tries to find the problem with his horse. Georgia wants to practice aerobatics, but Lou firmly disagrees. Amy Is furious at Ty when he puts trust in a former friend of his and gave him money. But Amy forgives Ty when she understands that Ty was indebted to the man.

Ahmed will ask Amy to work for him in his stable, but a stormy night, Amy will go back, because a call told him that a horse is crazy because of the storm, and reaching all the horses are out, trying to gallop. She tries to separate two standards, but one of them, the horse Ahmed asked Amy to work with gives her a kick in the back of her head. Amy falls to the ground and then is to be taken to the hospital. Amy is unconscious initially, but wakes up okay, except she can't see. She is frightened, but the doctor said that this situation may be only temporary.

Amy returns to Heartland but is terrified of everything, as she sees nothing. After a few days, she wakes up with the view, which makes her very happy. She can finally see Ty and her family!

After that, Amy can not approach the horses, she goes to see Spartan, but will not even clean out his stall, But when Ahmed plans on putting down the horse that hurt Amy, Ty brings it to heartland so that things can be fixed.

Ahmed accepts but is still against the advice of Ty, but Ty still has faith in Amy that she can help this horse and herself. Amy conquers her fear and heals the horse and everything goes back to normal.

Amy then finds a horse hurt because of a man, for a spectacle, and tries to save him, and other horses masquerading for a buyer. Amy succeeds in returning to the team and is forced to get on the horse to escape So she overcomes this fear of riding and gets back to her work, because she could not even saddle Spartan.

Since her accident, her list of customers has decreased, but Amy still succeeds in finding horses to treat. She then holds an open house to get more clients, which Lou put together.

She gets to be angry against Ty when she learns that he bought a horse "race-barrel", and will still be when it becomes a problem during training ...

In the last episode, Amy participates in the barrel racing with horses, and won, so that Ty and Caleb win a huge check!

In the end, Ahmed and Amy go to a competition tour in Europe for several months. Ty did not agree at the beginning, but he finally accepted because Amy was very happy at the idea of ​​going there.

Season 8

As season 8 begins, Amy returns from Europe with a secret that threatens to change the course of her life forever. While Amy is trying to reintegrate into life in Heartland, she struggles to find her way and is forced to admit that things have changed and so have the people, including herself. Amy's re-entry will prove to be a difficult process for those close to her - especially Ty. When an unexpected journey brings a flood of memories, she seizes the opportunity to return to her roots and claim what she has lost. She and Ty have lot's of complications because of Ahmed and it leads to them breaking up for a little while and then getting back together. Jesse also poses a threat to their relationship, but in the end they do get married.

Season 9

As the Season opens we find Amy experiencing the joys and challenges of newly married life. Intent on creating a home of their own Amy and Ty settle into new quarters and routines and focus on making their dream of working together with reality. Amy further hones her unique abilities with horses by tackling new professional challenges while also acting as a mentor and confidante for Georgie. She steps up to support Ty as he makes strides in his professional life, and she forges a tentative new friendship with a former acquaintance. Amy and Ty make plans for their future, and as the season draws to a close, Amy finds herself poised to take on an exciting new phase of her life. Amy reveals to Ty that she's pregnant.

Season 10

As Season 10 opens we find Amy going through pregnancy and Ty helping and supporting her. She feels that her family thinks she is incapable of working with horses because she is pregnant. Due to her pregnancy, she hands the reins, so to speak, to Georgie. Georgie is given more tasks and responsibilities under Amy's supervision. During the story lines of Episodes 3-5, Ty has been given an opportunity to go to Mongolia with Bob Granger. In Episode 5, he takes the chance, and heads off to Mongolia, leaving Amy at home with Jack and Lisa. The mid-season finale story is about Amy, Georgie, and Tim. Amy has gone to a horse clinic in Montana, with her niece and father accompanying her. On the way back, the trio gets into a car crash due to a landslide. Amy experiences false contractions, Tim is knocked unconscious, and Georgie has to find him. There is also a wild horse cooped up in their trailer, injured and panicked. In Episode 16, a stranger drove up to Heartland, wanting to see Jack. Amy had suspicions about the woman but didn't want to say anything about it. Amy was there when Jack told the mysterious stranger the story of how they knew each other. The mysterious stranger thought Jack might've been her father. The mysterious woman was one of Jack's rodeo friend's daughter. When Jack's friend died, he assured him that Jack would take care of the girl. In the season finale, a trio of episodes, Ty comes home from Mongolia but is very sick. He was bitten by a tick, and had a fever. By the time he came back to Heartland, the fever set in and he almost died. In the next episode, Caleb O'Dell bailed him out of the hospital because "he needed his best man at the wedding". Ty and Amy went to Caleb and Cass' wedding, but on the way there, Amy's water broke. They hurried home as fast as they could, and Amy went into labor. Ty, Tim, and the midwife all helped deliver the baby. Ty held his child, and told his wife, "It's a girl, Amy!”

Season 11

Amy tries to mediate between Ty and his mother, who has arrived at Heartland, to visit her granddaughter, Lyndy.

Amy and Ty try to have a social life.

Amy and Ty prepare a Mongolian horse for international transport.

Amy struggles to care for the baby, Lyndy, with Ty away.

Lisa reveals that the horse Amy's working with is a clone.

Amy helps the son of old friends connect with a horse.

Amy interrupts time off to deal with a troubled jumper.

While trying to get everything at the ranch organized so she can join Ty on a work-related trip, while Amy meets some resistance from her worried father.

Arriving in Mongolia, Amy discovers that Ty is in danger.

Season 12

Healing a wild mare and her foal helps Amy and Ty face some of their parenting problems together.

Amy calls Will at Pike River to ask if they can re-home a wild mare and her foal with the wild horses there. Amy and Ty plan a romantic trip to Pike River which turns into a third-wheel situation when Jack tags along.

Amy and Ty plan a family camping trip with Lyndy. It is cut short when Amy and Ty come across an injured animal.

Amy and Ty disagree over the best course of treatment for a horse owned by the new manager at Fairfield, while Lisa is overseas.

Amy and her father put together a team penning that's meant for family members, but Tim turns it into a public event. Amy, Georgie, and XX beat Tim's team and decides to split the donation between the two causes they chose to donate to.

A drugged Fairfield racehorse proves a challenge for Amy and Ty, who must look to an unexpected source for help.

Amy and the family head to Pike River after Jack finds out that the new owners plan to have the wild horses slaughtered. Amy and Ty re-home the wild horses on their portion of the land on Heartland.

Season 13

Amy and Ty disagree over whether or not to take on a disgruntled horse owner as a new client.

Amy is hired to gentle one of the wild horses by the new owner of Big River Ranch.

Amy and Ty worry about the effect a surprise visitor, Luke's biological mother, will have on Luke.

At an art retreat, Amy is hired to work with a horse that is supposedly suffering from trauma.



Lou Fleming

Amy and Lou start off with a tense relationship, Lou has been in New York for the past few years and only visits for a few days at a time. When Lou tries to help organize the business after their mother dies Amy questions why it matter since she's never normally there for very long anyway. They suffer a few teething problems when it comes to running the business, however they eventually find themselves on even footing and are able to work together more smoothly. Lou is very protective of Amy and is worried whenever she is in danger or might be hurt. Amy initially wanted Lou to leave but when the opportunity arises for her to leave she tells her that she actually might not like it if she left. Amy and Lou will often confide in each other and support one another when they need it most. To Amy's own surprise, when Lou has the opportunity to go back to New York, she admits she doesn't want her to go.

Jack Bartlett

Amy see's Jack as a father figure, since Tim wasn't around. He also acts a lot as peace maker between Lou and Amy when they start arguing. He supports Amy through her work and tries to help advice her when he can. Jack always stands up for Amy when he needs to and supports her work, however is also willing to tell her when enough is enough if it puts her in danger. When Jack ends up in hospital after the barn fire she realizes how much Jack means to her and very relieved when he's going to be OK. Whenever Amy needs someone to be there for her, Jack is the one that will console and comfort her through whatever it is.

Tim Fleming

Amy was 5 when Tim left, after Marion died she says how little she remembers of him and is shocked when Lou says she's been in touch with him. When she learns he's close by she can't build up the nerve to see him yet. When the opportunity for Amy and Tim to spend time together comes up, she has to admit to him that she's nervous and it takes a few tries before she's able to actually meet up with him for a trail ride. When Tim first comes to the ranch Amy makes Lou promise to do all the talking because she's nervous around Tim still. As they start talking about horses and jumping they start to become more comfortable around each other. Amy has difficulty adjusting to having her dad in her life, when he gets her a professional jumping horse for her birthday she finds it hard when she has to tell him she doesn't have time to jump at the next level. She doesn't want to disappoint him and finds it hard to say no to him. Tim always tries to help Amy but doesn't always go about it in the right way, he will often shout at people to try ang sort things rather than being caring towards Amy or sympathetic.


Jesse Stanton

Amy & Jesse

Amy & Jesse (1x01- Coming Home)

Amy and Jesse have been together since before the pilot, she doesn't get in touch with him after he sends flowers and a card after her mother's death. When she goes back to school they are awkward since they having talked much recently. Jesse throws a party a few days later and invites Amy, when he gets drunk and starts to upset her she storms off and ends the relationship.

Ty Borden

Amy & Ty

Amy & Ty (1x13 - Coming Together)

Amy and Ty don't get off to the best of starts, she tells him off for driving to close to the horses. He later crashes a party she's at and when he sees Jesse upsetting her he steps in and punched him. Upsetting Amy further and causing her to walk home. He finds her on the way back and gives her a ride, they then start to bond. Amy opens up to Ty about show jumping and how she's worried about doing it again without Marion. She's also very grateful when Ty builds her a jumping course to practice at when Spartan won't be trailered. Amy becomes jealous when Ty rides on Ashley's motorcycle, but is happy when he says it's only because it was his favourite bike. When she hears Ty is going on his first round-up with jack, she gives him one of Jack's old hats to help him look the part. When Amy is upset, after seeing Ryan Bailey, Ty comforts her and they nearly kiss. Amy pulls away explaining that she doesn't want things to change between them. When Kerry-Anne shows up Amy gets jealous and starts to doubt Ty's feelings. When he actively gets rid of Kerry-Anne he makes sure Amy knows where his loyalty and feelings lie. Ty is her greatest supporter and tries to help her getting back into jumping. Amy still wants time to get to know each other before anything happens and doesn't want to talk about talking. Ty ask Amy to go with him to the formal, to which she agrees. When Lou later asks her if something is going on between them she tries to deny it but Lou isn't convinced. After the Fall Finale Ty and Amy get closer and finally kiss passionately before Ty leaves to find his dad without telling Amy, just leaving her a letter and his cowboy hat leaving her heartbroken.

Amy & Ty 2

Amy & Ty (2x04 - Dancing in the Dark)

Amy misses Ty while he's gone and when he comes back she doesn't speak to him but watches him with Ghost. At first she gives him the cold shoulder but finally tries talking to him, not getting any answers. On the Cattle drive, they finally have a chance to sit and talk about everything. Ty tells her what happened with his dad and that he wanted to call but only had one thing he wanted to say, they kiss. Both are too nervous to talk about a real relationship when Caleb turns her head. Both having different partners, they remain friends but still have a connection that is unspoken but clear to see. When they spend time together training racehorses for the Derby, they become closer again and almost kissing. After Ty helps Amy get Spartan back he confesses that he'd do anything for her. After Amy goes to Victor's Ty breaks up with Kit and tries to tell Amy how he feels, she cuts him off telling him that no matter what they'll be ok. When Amy and Ty share the weekend together at the Fishing Cabin, they both finally declare their love for each other starting a relationship.

Amy & Ty 3

Amy & Ty (3x03 - Man's Best Friend)

Amy and Ty share their delirious happiness with their new relationship. Amy starts to worry about Ty leaving when he waits to see if he's been accepted to college. Amy gets excited about her school formal and is happy about attending with Ty, who appears not to share the same enthusiasm. After a multitude of misunderstandings of Ty sneaking out, she learns that Ty's been learning to dance for her as not to embarrass her. On the way to the dance the truck breaks down and instead they dance in the back of Ty's truck and Ty gives Amy a promise ring. When Ty starts to get acceptance letters for college, the pair become nervous about the prospect of a long distance relationship but agree to make it work no matter what. When Amy and Ty become "parents" to orphaned Merlin, they begin to argue a lot about their differing strategies. After they have time away they manage to understand each other and Amy learning that Ty promised himself that if he had kids he would give them nothing but love. She has to explain to him that kids also need boundaries. Amy is further upset when Ty takes a job as a part-time stable hand at the racetrack for five mornings a week, she tries to convince him that he can do more around Heartland but he also thinks it would benefit them to have some time away from each other. When Ty's Mum, Lily, shows up Amy tries her best to support Ty but also is dubious of Lily after causing him so much pain. When Ty's preparing to leave for university, Amy knows she's going to miss him a lot and starts to worry about their relationship with the distance. She soon starts to come around and tries to make their last day special. Once Amy learns Ty is missing she is determined to do whatever it takes to find him, eventually finding him in the forest and the pair share an emotional embrace. After the accident, Amy's upset when Ty becomes distant, until Mallory tells her he's earned it after what he's been through. When Ty gets a motorcycle, Amy starts to worry about losing him, after their recent experience with the plane crash, however is soon reassured that he's not going anywhere.

Caleb Odell

Amy & Caleb

Amy & Caleb (2x10 - True Enough)

Amy and Caleb have a flirtation from his first appearance, he asks her out on a date to distract so the family can prepare for her surprise birthday party. He assures her that he would have asked her anyway. After Ty shows up, he uses his relationship with Amy to goad Ty and make him jealous. When Caleb kisses Amy it causes her to become conflicted. She finally gets Caleb to not give her mixed signals and they kiss again, starting a relationship. When Caleb lets Ashley stay at his trailer and lies to Amy they end their relationship.



From the pilot, Amy is a student at Hudson High School. In season 2, she starts to struggle with balancing time to study and all her work at the ranch. Jack talks to her and tells her that failing school isn't an option and must choose what her priorities are.

Horse Trainer

When Marion dies Amy takes over from where her mum left off. She works hard to prove herself to the community that she's old enough and has enough experience to do the job. When she takes on Gallant Prince, a horse that has been in the press, she manages to make a big difference which gains her publicity and respect for her work.

She always tries to follow in her Mum's footsteps, reading her journals to help guide her. Taking similar steps to learn and hone her skills much like Marion did, as seen when she competes in the Ring of Fire competition.